Bondara Wrapped 2023

Forget starting the New Year with a bang! At Bondara, we keep it going all year round… So, keep reading to learn about Bondara’s bestselling toys, most loved sex positions and top-read blogs from 2023!

Top Bondara Blogs of 2023

This year, our readers really had a thirst for knowledge (amongst other things 😉 ), with our top three most-read blogs being guides and informational pieces!

  1. How to Make Her Squirt
    • Our most popular subject, both on the blog and socials, squirting definitely captured people’s attention and created discussion in the comments! Including how to achieve squirting orgasms, which toys help along the way and that it is NOT PEE; this blog contains lots of information about the wet and wild act.
  2. How to Achieve All 13 Types of Orgasm
    • We partnered with Brook to make sure you knew all the ways you can bring yourself and your partner to climax! This informative article is a perfect starting point for exploring the erogenous zones and discovering what gets you going.
  3. 7 Fun Sex Facts from Around the World
    • We dazzled with some perverted history facts, and you guys couldn’t get enough! Who doesn’t want to know where the world’s oldest dildo was found? Or, what Austrian women used to do with apples to find their suitors? 👀

Honourable mentions that didn’t quite make it into the top three go out to Kinky Sex Positions for Horny Halloween, Best Sex Toys for Your Star Sign and Stretching Fetish: Heaven on Girth.

Top Bondara Sex Positions of 2023

1. The Lion Tamer

This frisky feline take on classic doggy style was our most popular sex position of 2023! Perfect for Primal Play, release your inner wild cat by taking this position outside. Get ready to roar…

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - The Lion Tamer Header

2. The Secret Handshake

We think self-care should be part of your WFH routine, and clearly, you guys agreed, making this sneaky solo position number 2 on the charts. So, take full advantage of hybrid working, and schedule in a wank between Zoom meetings.

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - The Secret Handshake Header

3. The Deep Dive

Taking 3rd place but certainly not lagging behind was this intense oral position. Ideal for girl-on-top, role reversal domination and switching up cunnilingus, this sex position allows your lover to go down and go deep… no snorkel needed.

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - The Deep Dive Header

Bestselling Bondara Products of 2023

Our customers know their sexy stuff! So, get the lowdown on their naughty knowledge and check out the most purchased sex toys, lingerie, bondage and essentials of 2023.

Sex Toys:

You can’t beat the classics, and this top 3 proves that! Versatility and multi-use are the common themes amongst our most purchased female toys this year.

Plug in and power up your collection with a massage wand or focus on your erogenous zones with targeted sex toys like rabbit vibrators and clitoral stimulators.

From Left to Right: Jessica Rabbit Vibrator, Toygasm 3-in-1 Licking Pussy Pump Vibrator and Magic Massager Powerful Wand Vibrator

  • Bondara Wrapped 2023 - Jessica Rabbit Vibrator
  • Bondara Wrapped 2023 - Toygasm 3-in-1 Licking Pussy Pump Vibrator
  • Bondara Wrapped 2023 - Magic Massager Powerful Wand Vibrator

Male Toys:

ATTENTION! Cock rings reigned supreme amongst our male toys in 2023. Penis sleeves and masturbators came in a close 2nd place but certainly not far behind. Do you use these sex toys for your own pleasure or to level up your lovemaking?

C-rings are an excellent tool for great sex! Whether you’re playing solo and want more intense orgasms or you need more stamina for partnered sessions. Boost your confidence and your cock with penis-extending sleeves for greater girth and length that’ll make your lover moan.

From Left to Right: Set of Three Cock Rings, Rock Hard Set of Three Cock Rings and Uprising Clear Cock Sleeve – 7,8 or 9 Inch

  • Bondara Wrapped 2023 - Set of Three Cock Rings
  • Bondara Wrapped 2023 - Rock Hard Set of Cock Rings
  • Bondara Wrapped 2023 - Uprising Clear Cock Sleeve

Sex Aids & Essentials:

One of the most purchased essentials in 2023 was… *drum roll* TOY CLEANER! We’re so glad that you’re looking after your Bondara sex toys properly. Keeping your toys clean is one of the best ways to take care of your sexual health and practice safe sex.

The other sex aids you loved from the past 12 months were mostly bum related, with anal lube being a big hit! Explore your back passage with ease, adding a squirt of this bestselling essential. Read our blog Anal Pleasure for a complete guide to your booty.

From Left to Right: Bondara Antibacterial Toy Cleaner, Slip N’ Slide Anal Water-Based Lubricant and Bondara Anal Relax Lubricant

  • Bondara Antibacterial Toy Cleaner
  • Slip N' Slide Anal Water-Based Lubricant
  • Bondara Anal Relax Lubricant


It seems that you all favoured restraint this year, but not when it came to your wallet! With items like rope and handcuffs in the Bondage top 3, you all enjoyed custom restraint with these kinky classics.

Others dove into sensation play and sensory deprivation, with bondage hoods also making up the most purchase list. Ideal for anonymous play parties or for robbing your submissive of their senses, gimp masks are a next-level item for your bondage box in 2024.

From Left to Right: Black Ultra Soft Bondage Rope – 10m, Bondara Metal Handcuffs and Spandex Open Mouth Deprivation Hood

  • Black Ultra Soft Bondage Rope - 10m
  • Bondara Metal Handcuffs
  • Spandex Open Mouth Deprivation Hood


Sheer patterned lace, faux suspenders and bodystockings were top features in your lingerie drawers this year. Plus, you lot stocked up on nipple pasties! We don’t blame you; they’re super sexy, and they spare your blushes.

Stretchy lace and bodystockings with illusion suspenders are a comfy, quick way to spice up your date night looks without all the straps, boning and fiddly bits of standard lingerie sets.

From Left to Right: Bondara Flirt Dualist Keyhole Crop and Garter Skirt with Stockings, Black Cross Nipple Pasties and Bondara Flirt Red Bouquet Bodystocking and G-String

  • Bondara Flirt Dualist Keyhole Crop and Garter Skirt with Stockings
  • Black Cross Nipple Pasties
  • Bondara Flirt Red Bouquet Bodystocking and G-String

Gifts & Games:

Everyone loves a little present, and if you’re buying, we want to be on your gift list. With yummy chocolate body paint, sex dice and clone-a-willy kits making up the top 3 for Gifts and Games, this sounds like of hell of a party.

Whether you’re tasked with a cheeky Secret Santa, you’re buying something nice for your partner, or even just treating yourself, you can always find something that’ll elicit a laugh… if not a moan 😉 .

From Left to Right: Bondara Chocolate Body Paint – 100ml, Dare to Be Sexy Dice Game and Cloneboy Create Your Own Suction Cup Dildo Kit

  • Bondara Chocolate Body Paint - 100ml
  • Dare to Be Sexy Dice Game
  • Cloneboy Create Your Own Suction Cup Dildo Kit

Did this sound like your year in sex? What do you think the trends of 2024 will be? We’re getting ready to start the new year with a bang, and so should you!

Happy New Year from the Bondara Team 🙂

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