Oh, Back to School!

Going Back To School Isn’t All That Bad, Is It?   THAT outfit! Naughty school girl outfits have been fulfilling the fantasies of men and women ever since classroom-based learning became a concept. Every college, university and night class, had that one exquisite pin-up student that made your September return more bearable.

Clitflix and Thrill

We do not want clever euphemisms or embarrassing confusion hindering your chances of extended evenings of entertaining minge watching. When you suggest Clitflix and Thrill there’ll will be no misinterpreted messages or discarded popcorn, just indulgent, sexual activity on demand.

Love in Support of LGBT Foundation

Everyone deserves the right to explore and celebrate their sexuality. Whoever you are and whoever you love, your pleasure, happiness and confidence in doing so is always our priority. Last year, we launched a Pride Rainbow Rabbit Vibrator in support of LGBT Foundation. Raising nearly £1000 for the charity, we’re doing it again this year.