Frisky Christmas Foreplay

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you get to skip foreplay! There’s more to a festive flirt than dressing up as Santa and offering to stuff someone’s stocking…

Presents Under the Tree

Novelty mugs, a smelly gift set you’ll never use, why get them a boring gift when you could invest in intimacy? Have an open conversation about the sex toys you want to try together and make it a Christmas Eve treat.

 It’s not all vibrating dildos and cock rings, explore titillating nipple toys together or show them a different way to bliss with a masturbator. There are versatile toys, too, like The Grinder, designed with external play in mind.

Snow Melting Massage

Pop on Santa Baby, warm up your hands with sensual massage oil and spoil your lover with your complete attention.

 Massages are the foreplay staple that never fails, especially with all that Christmas tension. It shows your partner you care about their pleasure and is fantastic if they find it hard to relax or struggle to ‘be in the moment’.

 Plus, if you’re working towards anal play, massaging their bum relaxes all the muscles back there and, if they’re hesitant, can help them get used to their butt being touched sexually.

Krampus Night Kinks

If your lover is run ragged by Christmas logistics, exploring power play together with some light domination could jingle their bells.

Take the reins from them and wrap them up in some restraints. Unable to take an active part, your kinkster will have to focus on feeling good and staying on Santa’s nice list. Alternatively, present for a spanking and let them work out their frustrations on your bottom.

Just be sure to talk this through with your partner first! Discuss your hard and soft limits and get consent for everything before starting.

Christmas Wishes

If you’re short on ideas for under the tree, make a present out of trying something new. You don’t have to get tangled up in bondage tape; there are loads of options to tickle your fancy.

Cracking out a love egg is a bit risky when there’s every chance neighbours will pop around (maybe you’re into that), but sensation play is a perfect Noël nighttime novelty. Whether dusting a feather tickler along their skin or trailing a Wartenberg pinwheel over their leg, when paired with a blindfold, it’s an exceptionally erotic way to rediscover your lover.

Reindeer Games

Certainly not family-friendly, an adult-themed sex game can be a fun way to get in the mood.

 Ranging from a simple set of foreplay-themed sexy dice up to games like Lust! Board Game, they take the pressure off you to ‘perform’. Often, they’ll feature instructions or prompts for specific actions, give you an excuse to do something you might be shy of, or break the ice to explore your sexual fantasies together.

Not Feelin’ the Foreplay?

Maybe you’re stuffed with turkey and can’t move, or you’ve spent all day playing with the kids and are completely ‘touched out’. I get it; this time of year is a lot. You’re not alone.

Focus on small intimacies if you don’t have the time (or energy) for a festive fling. Take a break from the Christmas washing up with a slow dance in the kitchen; cuddle up in front of the fire and read saucy stories together; sext during the Strictly Christmas Special, or leave them a racey love note under their cuppa. Little things that say, ‘I have the hots for you, just not right now‘.

After all, a New Year is right around the corner. What better way to celebrate than with a bang? 😉

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