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Highlighting a brand of toy, lingerie or other product that we love!

Spotlight: Kinky Tails

Sex toys don’t have to be hardcore or have 50 different settings to be thrilling. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of fantasy in the bedroom.


Our own brand of Kinky Tails is a whimsical and vibrant collection of premium glass dildos with a range of wild and fantastical faux fur tails.

Although these brilliant tails lend themselves perfectly to role-play, puppy-play or furry-play, they are so stunning and soft that everyone should treat themselves to one… or two or three.


First off we have the wolf pack. Four alternative tones including black, white, grey and mottled brown; these wolf tails are soft, light and will get you in the mood for something wild and untamed in the bedroom.


Next is our fuzzy duo of rabbit tails. One in candy floss pink and the other in ivory, these tails ooze cuteness and take the playgirl bunny look to a much steamier place.


Last, but most certainly not least, is our threesome of vividly coloured pony tails. In a hot pink, rich purple or brown-black, with one of these tails you could transform into an other-worldly unicorn, an untamed stallion or a prancing pony.

The glass element of these tails will ensure a firm and weighty feel, staying secure and kept easily clean. You can even dip the plug into a water bath for a little added warmth or cool temperature.

So go ahead and make your kinky daydreams an even kinkier reality.

Spotlight: Chrome Chastity Cock Cage

Chastity play is one of those fetishes that can easily creep into some hardcore scenarios, so naturally it is best to equip yourself with the best chastity device you can. This Chrome Chastity Cock Cage is exactly that; a reliable, easy to maintain and durable cock cage for incredible restraint play.


This cock cage is compiled of solid metal rings that form the shaft and head, so the skin is exposed slightly and the based features a larger ring for ball stretching and to hold them in place. This provides a full restraining experience and feel.


To enhance that feeling, this is a lockable cage that comes with a silver lock and two keys. The ball ring is removable so you can first slip the ring around the base of your balls and penis, then slip on the cage itself, which will fit into place on the ball ring, and then the lock fits at the top of the cage, securing the two metal pieces together for a firm fit.


Being metal, this cage can be slightly warmed or cooled to the touch when used in a water bath, which can add another element of sensation to your chastity play.


This is a beautiful and sleek cock cage that is easy to clean and keep clean whilst being worn, perfect if you want to achieve long term wear.

Sliquid | Natural Intimate Lubricants

Sliquid – Simple. Safe. Sexy.


When it comes to lubricant, the simpler the better and the geniuses over at Sliquid pride themselves on the all natural formula which makes their lubricants feel so good on the skin.

We have a selection of different Sliquid goodies that you can indulge in, including three different aromatic massage oils, water based H20 lubricant, lubricating gel, sensation lubricant, luxurious feel lubricant and a fast acting delay spray.


The massage oils are botanically infused with floral and spicy notes to create three different sensual flavours. Rejuvenation made with mandarin and basil, Serenity that features sweet Tahitian vanilla and finally Tranquillity, bursting with coconut lime verbena.


The three luxurious and light water based lubricants include an all natural H20 personal lube, a sassy lubricating gel ideal for anal play and finally a stimulating sizzle lubricant to set your senses tingling.


For an extra indulgence, this satin lubricant is not only smooth and velvety to the touch but it actually works to leave the skin feeling moisturised and nourished.

Finally in our growing collection of Sliquid goodness we have a powerful endurance boosting delay spray that is all natural and ensures prolonged pleasure every time.

Feel free to browse our collection of Sliquid sex essentials in a little more detail right here.

Brand New Fetishwear Now in Stock!

Introducing our new range of skin tight and daring fetish lingerie, for those nights when dimming the lights just isn’t enough.

This collection is bold, edgy and unstoppably sexy, using elements of wet look fabric, high quality faux leather, fishnet detailing and even some hardcore metal work to cater for those nights when you want to delve into your deepest darkest fantasies.


Our wet look pieces use the classic shiny and skin tight fabric that will cling to your figure for a truly fitted and sleek effect. This includes some truly bold cut out items such as bra and panty sets whilst also offering more covered but no less tempting garments such as the full cat suit or long sleeved mini dress.


This use of wet look fabric brings something undeniably erotic to the lingerie look and it is ideal for clinging to your curves and showing off your best features in the bedroom… or the playroom.

The classic fishnet material creates the illusion of showing off extra skin whilst still covering up. This is ideal for putting on a show in the bedroom and providing a glimpse of what is to come. Our netted items include some fiercely sexy teddies with suspender straps and even a full fishnet mini dress for those who can’t get enough of the fishnet effect.


The latex look is much adored in fetish fashion. It is sleek, smooth and gives your figure the shine that simply screams powerful and bold. Our latex look pieces bring a splash of colour to the mix with some bold reds and it includes curve hugging mini dresses, full cat suits, a truly sensational fire red cut out teddy and more.


Time to start your engines! We’re bringing in some faux leather, studs and chains for that biker chick feel. Indulge in the timeless combination of metal work and leather feel fabric for an edgy and hardcore effect.


If you love leather and bondage, then our barely there faux leather pieces are perfect. With strap details, silver metal stud work and even some lace up fastenings, these pieces bring elements of domination and submission to your look.

This fabulous fetish wear can be viewed in a little more detail here.

Spotlight: Tom of Finland

This luxury brand of ‘Pleasure Tools’ takes hyper masculine style to a new and exciting level.

The Tom of Finland brand was built in the 1950s through the unique artistic style of Touko Laaksonen; a graphic artist who created vivid and bold erotic artwork depicting gay men as lumberjacks, leathermen, sailors, soldiers, cowboys and cops as iconic symbols of homoerotic desire.


Not only is this artwork beloved in the gay community, but is has helped to redefine the way the gay community was perceived. In times of controversy, this artwork provided a creative and hyper masculine impression that was a powerful tool for promoting healthier and more tolerant attitudes.

group1 group2


Now this brand has moved forward and using the instantly recognisable traits of its beginnings, has developed a selection of luxurious male sex toys and accessories.

We are proud to offer a selection of these opulent items starting with this heavy set of nipple weights.



These sleek black Nipple Barrel Clamps allow for extreme nipple play and will gorgeously tease and tug on your sensitive nipples, enhancing your stimulation during all manner of kinky play.

These clamps are made with black brushed steel and feature a twist operated tightening system so you can achieve the ideal pressure at all times.

AR70-pSpot 500x500

Next is the P-Spot Vibrator made of sumptuously soft pure black silicone and has been shaped and tapered to expertly massage your inner p-spot.

The powerful vibrations will only add to this effect by increasing stimulation and blood flow over this hidden bundle of nerve endings.


Then we come to this pair of Heavy Anal Balls made of soft and pliable silicone for that velvet finish. These hefty balls have a circumference of 7 inches each and a heavy steel internal weight making them an extreme anal toy; testing your strength and pushing the limits of your anal capacity.


Lastly but certainly not least, we have the Fisting Cream; a thick, creamy and slippery formula that will make any hardcore play that much more stimulating.

Not only will this fisting cream keep you well lubricated so you can achieve the best stimulation possible, but it will slightly desensitise for when you are pushing the limits in the bedroom.

All bound in beautifully detailed and high quality packaging, this brand based on artwork will deliver a sensual work of art to the bedroom.

Interested? Click here to shop our Tom of Finland range.

The Luxury Curved Stainless Steel Dildo

Metal toys are popular for their cool chrome appearance and rock hard nature, but there is more going on with these toys that you may have realised.


Like glass and ceramic toys, metal sex toys can absorb temperature which makes them the perfect tool for temperature play.

This Luxury Curved Stainless Steel Dildo is particularly sleek example of a metal toy, with its curved body and smooth edges. Each end features a metal sphere, one end tapering into a larger girth than the other. This allows for a range of erotic sensations during use, including strong and firm thrusts or gentle and smooth movements.


To add in an element of temperature play into your use of this dildo, simply leave this toy submerged in either warm or cool water for a few minutes before use.

This culmination of firm and unyielding texture with a smooth feel and added temperature sensations are enough to send you continuously over the edge.

Learn more about this sleek sex toy here.

Spotlight: The Ultimate Asslock

For a significantly more advanced experience of anal play, this metal flower will take no prisoners.


The concept of this Asslock combines Anal Play with Bondage or BDSM. The tulip shaped plug is smooth and tapered like any classic butt plug, with a flared based for safety and a smooth bulb for pleasure. Once inserted, this accessory transforms in a rather more unique toy. By turning the base the three segments of the main bulb will slowly push outward, expanding the size and locking into place.


In many ways The Ultimate Asslock is an inflatable anal toy made from metal. The petals will push against you, expanding the circumference of the toy and enhancing that delicious full feeling that anal play provides.

There is a reason they call it the Asslock. Once the plug is in place and fully bloomed, it can be locked into place with a lock and key for a firm and unyielding fit.

Not only does this give way for some kinky submission and punishment BDSM scenes, but it also introduces an element of erotic key holder play.

Curious? Take a closer look here.

The Wartenberg Five Head Pinwheel

This metal roller can be intimidating at first glance but despite the prickly exterior, The Wartenberg Five Head Pinwheel can be used to dish out both harsh and gentle stimulations.


With five spiked rollers at the head that each move individually, this metal accessory is made to be rolled over the skin to create the sensation of slight prickles that will wake up those nerve endings and give your body a boost in responsiveness.

To start out with I would recommend rolling the wheel over your partner’s skin with no pressure applied. Simply let the wheel use its own weight to push the pins over the skin.


This act alone is usually enough pressure to satisfy and delight, but if you are looking for something a little more hardcore, then try adding a slight pressure to the pinwheel as you roll it, being mindful at all times of your partner’s responses.

This fetish accessory is certainly not for the faint hearted, but once you’ve felt the tingles running down your spine or gently up your inner thigh, this once intimidating toy will transform into your new kinky best friend.


To add a new dimension to your play, dip the head of this pin wheel into some water or cool water for a minute or two before use. The silver steel of the Wartenberg will take on the temperature, adding a whole new element of sensation to your experience.

If you are interested in getting your very own Wartenberg Pinwheel then just click here.

The Bondara Collection

The Bondara Collection is a small but growing range of sex toys that covers the basics when it comes to vibrations. This range uses luxurious materials, thoughtful designs and powerful vibrations to bring you a range of the fine tuned classics at affordable prices.WholeBondaraCollectionPetals - Copy

First in our range is the Bondara Rabbit. This buzzing bunny should be a staple in your sex toy collection, and we believe our rabbit will do more than stand out in a crowd.

Like all the toys in this range, our Bondara Rabbit boasts a skin-safe, luxury silicone which provides a velvet like finish that will feel soft to the touch and glide perfectly across your skin.

This rabbit has been chosen for our Bondara Collection for its rounded shapes that are made to work with the body’s contours to achieve incredible stimulation. The shaft is slightly bulbous in the head and is softly tapered for easy insertion. The smaller clitoral stimulator or ‘bunny ears’ are there to pleasure the clit by sending incredible vibrations into the skin and gently massaging the area as you move the toy during use.

The rounded handle features two buttons, one to turn the vibrations on/off and the other to skip through the vibrating speeds and pulsating patterns. Under these buttons lives a LED light that will glow and flash in time with the vibrations to indicate which setting you are enjoying.

So you can enjoy our Bondara Rabbit for longer, this toy is rechargeable. The charging point is hidden under a discreet tab on the end of the handle so you can charge this beauty up and never run out of steam.

ThreeBondaraToysOur Bondara G-Spot Vibrator is the sister to our rabbit vibe, identical in every way but one.

The shaft of our g-spot massager lacks the bunny ears but instead features a subtle curve in the tip that is intended to provide precise inner g-spot pleasure during use. The female g-spot has the potential for incredible pleasure and it is with our luxury g-spot massager that you can achieve precise stimulation.

Our smaller but just as powerful Bondara Massager makes for a discreet addition to our collection and offers the same premium silicone feel with seven powerful vibrating settings. This rounded and smooth massager is perfect for both men and women as it can be worked over the skin to achieving incredible stimulation and massage, giving your foreplay a little extra va va voom.

The Bondara Rabbit Clitoral Stimulator is our more discreet addition to this range, with two smooth silicone bunny ears and a rounded pink body. This toy will slip into your bedside drawer and will be within reach for those moments when a little extra stroke of pleasure is all you need.

Included within this range are our two Bondara Luxury toys, a Rabbit Vibrator and a G-spot Massager. These toys not only embody the sleek and smooth design of a luxury toy, but the contours and curves are made to feel sumptuous against the skin and perfectly massage your body to build up stimulation.

The handles of these two luxurious beauties ate rounded and chrome for that extra sleek and stylish look, making them easy to use and manipulate during use. These simple features will affect your overall experience when using these toys, elevating your stimulation to a higher level and providing a smoother and much more erotic feel.

234 - CopyThe final component to our gorgeous Bondara Collection is the Bondara Heavenly Textured Vibrating Masturbator.

This buzzing male toy features a deep chamber that will vibrate around your member and send those vibes into the silicone nodules within the toy to softly stroke and stimulate your skin with every movement. Like the other items in this range, our masturbator is smooth, silicone and made with a sleek design to fit beautifully into your current collection.

With seven heavenly vibrating patterns and speeds to offer, this toy is a popular male vibrator that will allow you to experience masturbation unlike ever before.

Our full Bondara Collection of vibrating sex toys is available to view here.

The Pink Heart Glass Dildo

Pretty in pink, this smooth, solid and practically indestructible sex toy has more than one delectable feature to share in the bedroom.


At first glance this toy may seem simple, but in actuality glass toys can provide an amazingly unique and stimulating experience.

Glass toys are part of a select group which includes ceramic and metal toys that can take on temperature. This allows you to experiment with new layers of stimulation during sex that will tantalise your senses in ways you may not have experienced before.


To achieve these temperatures, all you need to do is submerge the toy in a water bath with either warm or cool water depending on your preference. It goes without saying, but be sure to keep the temperature of the water at a skin safe degree. Leave the toy fully submerged for five minutes and then it will be ready to play.

Introducing temperature can be extremely erotic and it is widely agreed that by adding this new element of sensation the nerve endings will have a heightened response to the stimulation.


This particular pink heart dildo can also boast a stimulating form that lends itself perfectly to anal play.

The body of this dildo is gorgeously curved and features a beaded shape along the shaft which is commonly associated with anal toys for that massaging feel. The end of the dildo has a larger heart shaped bulb that will work as a handle of sorts, keeping the toy secure during use and the tip is tapered for easy and comfortable insertion.

If anal play isn’t your thing, then of course you can use this dildo for vaginal pleasure. In fact, the curved shape of this dildo is ideal for inner g-spot massage.

This beautiful toy is one of our favourites, stunningly designed to provide powerful stimulation. If you are interested in experiencing the effects of this erotic toy for yourself then just click here.

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