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Tinder Match with a Financial-Submissive

So recently I had a Tinder match that was quite out of the ordinary; a guy offering me far more than just dinner and a movie…

When a person tells me about their fetish, I’m fascinated. I’ve been writing about sexual fetishes for years so I love hearing about people’s unique kinks and quirks. I’ve written in the past about financial domination and “pay pigs”, but what this chap wanted was something very specific.

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Small Penis Fetish

For last week’s Fetish Friday blog I wrote about Big Cock Fetish and the appreciation of enormous dongs! For this week’s blog, let’s talk about the exact opposite!

Small Cock Fetish.

Huh? There’s such a thing as a small cock fetish!?


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The Art of Restraint

Last week, for Fetish Friday, I talked about those who have a fetish for being punished, lectured and disciplined. The list of suitable punishments included spanking, verbal abuse, sensory deprivation, choking and more.

One punishment featured in that list was restraint – and that’s what we’re going to be looking at in more detail this week!

Bondage has a huge part to play in the BDSM scene – that’s why it’s the first letter!

The practice of bondage can be very powerful, both physically and mentally, as well as being artistically beautiful at times.

What first comes to mind when we think of bondage is the surrendering of and seizing of power. The fate of the restrainee (sub) is completely in the hands of the restrainer (Dom).  Once the sub is restrained, the Dominant partner is free to do whatever they desire (within the boundaries of pre-agreed hard and soft limits).

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Punishment Fetish – From Tame to Extreme…

Some people out there in the big wide world have a fetish for being lectured or punished for ‘misbehaving’. Such people will have sexually submissive tendencies and a desire to be punished by a dominant partner.

I’ve heard stories of people who are so desperate to be chastised or beaten, they’ll do absolutely anything to aggravate their partner until they react in an aggressive manner. A male friend once told me he was in a relationship with a woman who was very submissive and got her kicks from severe punishment. Although he himself was sexually dominant, he wasn’t dominant to the extreme extent that she liked.

The girl would pick fights over nothing, physically attack him and even fool around with other guys until he became so angry he beat the living daylights out of her. After the beating, she’d be bruised and in a lot of pain…but oddly satisfied. He, on the other hand, felt incredibly guilty for beating the woman he loved. But, at the end of the day, he knew that it made her ‘happy’.

So, if your partner is into punishment and discipline, in what ways can you chastise them?

Here is a list of ideas going from fairly tame to very extreme…

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Pet Play – What’s Your Kinky Spirit Animal?

Pet-play, or animal role play, can be a very fun and creative take on the D/s relationship within the world of BDSM. Rather than being a standard, human submissive, why not try being an adorable kitten or a dirty, filthy pig? This week, for Fetish Friday, here is a list of the most popular animal characters for BSDM pet-play…

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5 Ideas For Sploshing Fans

I’m often asked how I come up with ideas for Fetish Friday every week. How did I come up with 5 Ideas For Sploshing Fans for example?

Well, this bank holiday weekend I’ll be stocking up on cider, packing up my tent and heading to Leeds Festival. The last time I went to Leeds Fest  (summer 2013) the weather was atrocious and consequently the entire site was an absolute mud bath!

I remember people were wrestling in the mud, using air beds to race down slippery mud slides and were generally drenched from head to toe.

Reminiscing over that muddy affair got me to thinking about wet and messy fetishism. So,  the prospect of sliding through the mud this weekend gave me inspiration for these 5 wet and wild tips for sploshing lovers. 

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Fun Ideas for Rope Bondage Fans

Not something we needed a blog about…or so we thought. Rope has so many possibilities it’s actually harder than you think to come up with specific ways to play, so I’ve gathered some fun ideas for rope bondage fans.

All around the world millions of people have an interest in bondage and desire to be either tied up and unable to escape or to tie someone up and keep them prisoner; rope bondage plays a huge part in the BDSM scene.

However, this style of bondage isn’t always as simple as tying someone’s hands behind their back; for some rope bondage is a very skillful practice and can even be considered an art form.

If you’d like to get serious about rope bondage then it can be pretty complicated and there are various considerations before you tie up your submissive, these include; type of rope (hemp, jute, linen, cotton, silk, bamboo, manila, sisal, nylon, paracord, MFP, synthetic hemp, polyester or generic polypropylene), construction (twisted/laid or braided), ends (whipped, knotted, fused, glued or taped), diameter (thin, average or thin) and length (short, medium or long).

… but if you’re a beginner then all you really need to worry about is whether you’d like your rope to be classic black, sultry red or hot pink!

So now that you’ve purchased some rope and you’re equipped to have some fun, here are a few ideas for exciting rope bondage play…

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Fetish for Humiliation

It’s no secret that in the ever so kinky world of BDSM, some masochists- in addition to being used and abused- like to be humiliated. This fetish for humiliation is actually a pretty common one and can take lots of different forms. Rather than getting your fix from a regular Dominatrix, some experienced players even go to a professional ‘Humiliatrix’ for some seriously shameful fun.

So, for this week’s Fetish Friday, here are 10 thrilling and effective ways to humiliate your submissive.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Someone With A Fetish

It is believed that many of us have a sexual fetish – some people even hold true that “everyone” has a fetish, although I’m not convinced. Yet when we’re told that someone has a fetish, what do we think? We think they’re weird, perverted… maybe even scary?

To the most conservative members of society just hearing the world “fetish” will conjure up images of the basement scene from Pulp Fiction. So this week, rather than talking about fetishes, let’s talk about the people who have them!

Here are 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Someone with a Fetish;

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How to Get a More Exciting Sex Life

What To Give Up and What To Try in 2016 for a More Exciting Sex Life

For the New Year we all try to either give something up like chocolate, cigarettes or red meat, or we make a promise to ourselves to do something positive like giving to charity, joining the gym or reducing our carbon footprint by cycling to work instead of driving.

Well this week for Fetish Friday let’s think about what to give up and what to try in 2016 for a more exciting sex life.

What to Give Up in 2016


Give up being shy

Life’s too short to be shy about how you like it in bed. You know your body better than anyone else; you know where you like to be touched, in what way, at what speed and with what amount of pressure. In 2016, give up being shy and communicate to your partner just how you like to be touched. It will feel better for you and they’ll be happy that they’re making you feel so good!

Don’t let your work schedule get in the way of good sex

If you’re working long shifts, commuting for several hours and having to deal with kids when you get home, making time for a hot sex life can be extremely difficult. When there’s so much going on in your life and you’re constantly exhausted, Netflix and chill really does mean Netflix and chill! However, for the New Year try making time for good sex at least a couple of nights per week. When your body’s tingling after a mind-blowing orgasm you’ll be thankful that you switched off the TV.


Throw out your granny panties!

Okay sure, granny panties do serve a purpose and every girl owns a pair, but grundie undies have no place in your sex life! When in a long term relationship we often get a little too comfortable and end up having mundane sex in the same position without any real passion. In 2016 treat yourself to some sexy lingerie or designer boxers, fix your hair and seduce your partner for incredible sex that will really shake up your routine.

Don’t forget your safe word

If you’re into BDSM and edgeplay then your sex life may be a little extreme at times. When you’re playing with restraints, pain, gagging and discipline the lines between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ may become blurred making bondage play somewhat confusing. As ‘no’ can mean ‘no’ but ‘no’ can also mean ‘yes’, it is important that you have a safe word in place ready to halt play when things get a little too painful or become bit too intense.

What to Try in 2016


Freshen up your naughty drawer

In 2016 you’ll definitely want to freshen up your naughty drawer. Throw out any toys that are worn or damaged and replace them with some new and exciting gadgets. At Bondara we have dildos, vibrators, cock rings, butt plugs, anal beads, masturbators, strap ons and much, much more for a whole year or sexy fun.

Try watching porn for some new ideas

If you’re looking for something hot and new to try in the bedroom then start watching porn with your partner for some kinky new ideas. As well as being a fantastic source of inspiration, watching porn can be very arousing and will certainly get you both in the mood for sex.



Experiment with BDSM

If you’ve never experimented with BDSM, even after reading 50 Shades of Grey, then it’s certainly time that you gave it a try! Having fun with whips, floggers, restraints, spanking paddles, hand cuffs, ball gags, duct tape and more can be very exciting, empowering and liberating. In 2016 check out Bondara’s huge bondage department and release your inner Dom(me) or sub.

Anal sex is A-Okay!

If you don’t already have fun with your bum then you really, really should. There are thousands of nerve endings in the anus making sexual stimulation in that area extremely pleasurable. Even if you feel you’re not ready for full butt sex, try having some fun with toys such as butt plugs or anal beads to really enhance your sexual experience. If you’re feeling especially experimental, try giving your partner a rim job, I’m sure they’ll really like it!



Have a fantastic New Year!

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