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SexFit | One Year On

This time last year we launched our concept for SexFit, the world’s first couple’s sexual fitness tracker. We knew then that sex tech was on the horizon and predicted that sexual technology would soon be common place in homes and bedrooms around the world.


The SexFit was based on a fitness tracking concept that would monitor and log your sexual activity and provide some great data about your performance, stamina, rhythm and more. And yes, it also included some fun social features so you could show off your prowess online!

When we first revealed our SexFit model, the response was varied. Reactions ranged from puzzled and bewildered to excited and curious, in fact we received many applications for product testers who wanted to be the first to say they experienced the high-tech thrills of this gadget! Now the idea of technology in the bedroom is settling in and our research team is coming up with more and more ideas for future projects in this area.


This whole process got us so excited about the future of sex toys that we are now exploring the fascinating world of virtual sex! The typical futuristic vision of sex toys usually includes virtual reality headsets and responsive sex toys that provide a full and immersive sexual experience, but as it turns out, this vision will be a reality a lot sooner than expected.

We at Bondara are now proud to say that we are the first UK retailers to stock the tactile and responsive Kirroo Couple’s Set which includes an Interactive Masturbator for him and an Interactive G-Spot Vibrator for her.  Also, virtual reality headsets that offer 360 degree responsive motion are also hitting our shelves for your viewing pleasure! Soon you will be able to enjoy sex with your partner whilst you are both thousands of miles away from each other.


The future of sex toys and the fascinating world of sex tech is growing everyday and constantly coming up with innovative and exciting new concepts that will expand the kinky world as we know it. We at Bondara are excited to be delving into this new frontier and we would love to take you with us on this adventure into the future.

Ready to take the great leap forward? Go check out our Sex Tech Collection right now!


The ETO Awards are an annual industry awards evening in which members of the erotic industry come together for a night of mingling, music and fun. But most importantly it is a chance to celebrate the success of various companies and individuals on their achievements that year.Group_Photo

This year we proudly took home the award for ‘BEST ONLINE RETAILER 2015’ and we couldn’t be more grateful to all who voted for us or more proud of what we have accomplished this last year.

Bondara is ever growing and looking for new and innovative ways to improve our customers’ experience with our website and service, so being awarded Best Retailer is a brilliant reflection of the hard work so many people have been putting in!

Well done to everyone who took home an award this year and many, many thanks for this amazing accolade!

Love Bondara x

Our Brand New TV Advert!

The team here at Bondara are thrilled to finally reveal our brand new TV advert! It is the very first of its kind and highlights some of the most important parts of our company ethos. We strive to feed your naughty side and cater to all your hidden desires with our discreet service, so your kinky play is always overflowing with satisfying climax!

Whatever your tastes, Bondara will have something to stimulate your sex life, ignite your senses and get you well and truly turned on! Your desire, delivered.



SexFit: The World’s First Couple’s Sexual Fitness Tracker

SexFit-LogoHow many of you out there use fitness trackers like Jawbones, FitBits, or apps to track your fitness progress? If you’re anything like us, most of you will have dabbled at one time or another with working out how much active time you have each day and how to get fitter, faster. But what about in the bedroom?

Today we’d like to reveal the prototype for the ‘SexF’it’! Worn at the base of the penis and connected to a free mobile app via Bluetooth, this hi-tech cock ring not only stimulates a harder erection with the tight band but tracks your performance during sex using internal technology similar to a pedometer. Powerful stimulating vibrations will tantalise both partners during use much in the same way as a conventional cock ring, but also allow for a revolutionary ‘pacing mode’ that vibrates in time to a pre-set rhythm. Match the rhythm with your thrusts for the most effective stimulation. Notification lights on the top of the ring will also show what mode the SexFit is in, and illuminate in the centre when the rhythm is steady.


Users can upload their ‘workout’ to the app and track their performance with the accompanying SexFit app that will provide insights into your intimate workout, including calories burnt and thrusts per minute. Much like other similar fitness tracker innovations, the SexFit allows the most dedicated users to share and compare their favourite sessions and impressive individual milestones with their peers on social media.


Speaking about the prototype, Louise Bagley Sex Toys Buyer for Bondara commented “Historically, sex toys have always evolved with technology. Our device is a natural next step alongside the influx of personal health trackers and with the added benefit of improving an individual’s sex life, we expect it to be a huge hit when it becomes available.”

“With over half of all couples in the UK using a sex toy, this is a massive market driven by innovation. That’s why we’ve invested in developing the SexFit which we believe is the next evolution of toys. We hope it will bring joy to millions of couples who want to upgrade their intimacy but who may be too embarrassed to seek professional advice in person.”


Prototypes for the SexFit are in development and Bondara hope to be starting product testing before the end of 2014.

In the mean time, Bondara has a vast collection of high quality cock rings for you to enjoy. Or, if you’d like to have a go at winning £100 to spend with us click here!


For further information, please contact us at [email protected]  or call 0207 096 1375

10 Sexy Celebrity Revelations!

They may earn millions and appear all over the big and small screens but they’re just like us in the bedroom! Check out our gallery of 10 sexy celebrity revelations; what position they like, how they like it and what gets them hot under the collar.

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”1″]


One Happy Bondara Customer and His Poem.

Here at Bondara we always appreciate letters, emails and phone calls from satisfied customers telling us how much they love our products and services but we are especially fond of hearing about how our products have saved sex lives and injected new life into marriages.

One customer (Who we shall name “Bob” for privacy reasons) went one step further than just a quick thank you and wrote a poem saying thank you for reviving his sex life, So here is Bob’s brilliant poem:

To men of all ages, who are going insane,
As no-spring-chicken bloke myself, I really feel your pain.
I’ve been with my lovely wife for thirty years I brag,
But sadly action in the bedroom was starting to flag.

It’s no ones fault, just one of those things,
And our love’s still as strong as the day we exchanged wedding rings.
But we missed the early passion, when making love was not a chore,
Then I discovered “Bondara” and those magic days are back once more.

I still got aroused, but couldn’t stay as firm for as long as I once could,
Call it age or stress, my willy’s no longer powered by young blood.
But a quick online order has made it all so well,
And now my droopy erections are no longer hell.

A cock ring has allowed my semis to be firm,
And I’m now more like a viper than a floppy, wiggly worm.
It stays up and lasts longer, which is good for us both,
Sex is much nicer, with my extra hard growth.

I also bought a bullet vibe, for an extra bit of fun,
Pleasure shoots through my wife, if you’ll pardon the pun.
“Bondara” has improved our sex life so much, we can’t wait to both get bare,
I can’t thank you enough, and I’d recommend you to all out there.  

We’re both quite shy, but once the toys were tried,
The embarrassment soon went, and we both enjoyed the ride.
The excitement is back, and so is the pleasure,
Now I really must buy a longer tape-measure!  

We’ll continue to be customers, your range is really vast,
Ordering is very easy, and delivery oh so fast.
What shall we buy next … lingerie, aids or toys?
One thing’s for sure, it’s time to make more noise.

Thank you “Bondara” … you are a sex life saver!

Of course such creativity could not go unanswered, so we wrote a reply to Bob’s poem:

To Bob, our dear customer, we had to retort,
When we first saw your e-mail was far from short,
Feedback like this is both novel and rare,
Like a fine summer’s day, with no time to prepare.

Age maketh the man in the mind not the body,
In both the hair and the skin; just ask Bill Oddie.
The solutions we offer are appreciated by many,
and are always better value, even if just by a penny!

So rare, in fact, is feedback like yours,
It’s been shared with our staff, on all of our floors,
In the warehouse they chuckled ‘’a job well done’’,
reading back the yarn that you’d so kindly spun.

The marketing team stood in deep admiration,
Reciting the tales of re-found copulation,
Your wife, they cried, must be a fair lady,
As our sex toys, to her,  no longer seem shady.

To the top, there’s no limit for a poem like yours,
As IT and accounts led with rapturous applause,
And furthermore, it would be remiss,
Not to mention the laughs of our CEO; Chris!

We always love hearing from satisfied customers, so if you have your own poem, compliment or story of a revived sex life email it to [email protected]

Santa Claus Fetish

With only 5 days until Christmas, today we’re having a very festive Fetish Friday!

He’s big, he’s bearded and he sneaks into your room in the middle of the night. Oh yes, he’s Santa Claus!


I’m not just making this up for Christmas, a ‘Santa Claus fetish’ is a legitimate perversion – and I can see why! Cue Sigmund Freud, daddy issues, and some serious fantasy, reality confusion!

As a child you may have had a crush on your teacher, or a friend of your parents; he was older, bigger, with a deep voice and big arms. Well a Santa Claus fetish isn’t a wildly different attraction. When you were young, Father Christmas squeezed down the chimney, crept into your bedroom and filled your stocking with presents. He was generous, mysterious and although you never saw him, you always knew he’d been there.

Santa’s big, white beard is a glorious testament to his masculinity, and his mature features imply dominance and experience. He’s tall in stature with a large round belly and a big thigh for you to sit upon in the shopping mall. Santa’s wise eyes peer down upon you, past his whiskers, to see if you were naughty or nice… and, that’s kind of hot!

A fetish enjoyed by both heterosexual women and homosexual men, Good ol’ Saint Nic is really just a big ol’ bear! A ‘bear’ in gay culture, is a big, hairy man, often older and bearded, almost like a father or grandfather figure. If you’re a gay man and into bears, you may have looked at Santa in a rather different light.


A Santa fetish is naughty; it’s taboo. He was an exciting part of your childhood and now you’re fantasising about as an adult. Santa Claus is not stereotypically sexy; he wears a big red coat and jolly red hat… though maybe the black boots and patent leather belt may be considered kinky by some. But none the less it is not uncommon for girls and boys to have the hots for Saint Nic!


So how can you indulge your Santa fetish?

Well, I hate to break it to you, but, Santa isn’t real! So it’s time to get creative and enjoy a little role play. This time of year you should have no trouble picking up a Santa suit and fake beard, stick a pillow up his top and you’re away.

Yes, I think the next time I’m in a shopping centre I’ll get in line to sit on Santa’s lap 😉


Merry Christmas!

Bondara’s Christmas Gift Guide


It may only be the middle on November but the Christmas season is definitely in full swing. From shopping centres blasting out ‘Frosty the Snowman’ to supermarket aisles busting with tinsel, it’s impossible to forget about this winter holiday.

Whether you’re chomping at the bit to get up in the loft and drag out all the Christmas decorations, or whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a Scrooge, naughty novelty gifts are sure to bring a smile to your face.

So when you’re shopping for that special someone in your life, especially if you’re looking for something a little ‘different’, there is sure to be something in this gift guide which is just what you’re looking for.

Gifts for Her

That lovely lady in your life needs extra special treatment at Christmas, whether she’s your wife of 40 years or your new love, show her what she means to you in a way that’s sexy and romantic.

My Lovey Remote Love Egg

The My Lovey Remote Love Egg is the perfect Christmas gift. In a stunning and vibrant pink with a love heart remote, the toy already looks gorgeous before you even take it out of the packaging.

This love egg has 8 pulsation modes and 2 vibration speeds, perfect for fun with a partner.



Bodywand Magic Vibrator (UK plug)

For a gift that’s highly thrilling and even safe to open in front of the kids, try the iconic Bodywand Magic Vibrator. This powerful massager can be used all over the body to relieve tension in tight muscles, then be used beneath the sheets for intense pleasure.

This wand plugs straight into the mains so there is no need for batteries, and you can even purchase a selection of naughty attachments to make Christmas morning even more exciting.


Lelo Ida Couples Massager

The new and revolutionary Lelo Ida Couple Massager has taken sex to a whole new level. This toy has been ergonomically designed to stimulate the woman’s clitoris and g spot as well as pleasing the man. Comfortable to wear during sex, this toy not only vibrates but rotates to provide exquisite pleasure.

The toy comes with a wireless remote control which can be used easily by either pressing the buttons or tilting the remote. The Ida will be presented in a stunning Lelo gift box and comes with a USB charger, manual and 1 year warranty.


Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit Seven Speed Vibrator

This Rocks Off Ramsey Rabbit Seven Speed Vibrator is sure to be very well received on Christmas morning. Made from a soft silicone this naughty bunny will provide powerful vibrations and stimulate her clitoris for a Christmas night she’ll never forget.




Gifts for Him

Men can be a little difficult to shop for at Christmas, but if there are two ways to a man’s heart, you’ll find them in the kitchen and the bedroom, and as you’ve already made plans for Christmas dinner…

We-Vibe 4 Remote Couples Vibrator

For a luxury gift you can both enjoy, try the new and improved We-Vibe 4 Remote Couples Vibrator. Fun to use for more than just foreplay, this toy can be worn during sex for a more thrilling ride than ever before. One part of the toy stimulates the woman’s clitoris whilst the other part sits inside to stimulate the g-spot. The man can then penetrate comfortably as the vibrations travel through both partners.

With the wireless remote you can alter the pulsation mode and vibration intensity without having to break the motion of your love making. Available in two stunning colours this really is an amazing gift for couples.

Cloneboy Vibrator Kit

Give him the ego boost of a life time with this Cloneboy Vibrator Kit. He’ll know just how much you value his impressive cock when he finds this gift under the tree. This kit allows you to make an exact replica of your partner’s dick and turn it into a powerful vibrating dildo. A fun novelty and a thrilling toy, the Cloneboy Vibrator Kit is a great gift this Christmas.



IOU Sex Stickie Notes For Him

Give him hours of pleasure with this gift that keeps on giving. The IOU Sex Stickie Notes for Him will let him decide how he receives his 100 naughty gifts with handy tick boxes. On heart shaped cards these IOUs really will make his Christmas memorable.




Chocolate Body Paint

Christmas is a time to indulge in all things naughty and satisfying, and what could be more sexy and delicious than Chocolate Body Paint. Cover his body in this sweet treat, or let him cover yours, then enjoy exploring each other’s bodies as the chocolate is slowly licked off.




For your Dom(me)

Who is more worthy of attention, worship and gifts than your Dom(me)? Make this Christmas extra kinky and buy a few extra toys for your bedroom fantasy play.

Lelo Dare Me Pleasure Gift Set

Show your Domme how much you worship her with this Lelo Dare Me Pleasure Gift Set. Designed with a feel of luxury and style this set is the perfect Christmas gift. The box includes a stunning pair of Lelo Luna Beads Noir, and beautiful sued black whip, black silk handcuffs, and even a satin storage bag. If you’re very lucky you may even get to enjoy a lash of the whip!



Erotic Red Bondage Tape

Kinky in the colour of Christmas this Erotic Red Bondage Tape will let your Dom(me) know that you’re all theirs. Great for BDSM play, this tape allows one person to be tied up whilst the other has free rein over their body. Surrender your body with this naughty Christmas gift.




Black Suede Flogger Whip

Show your subservience with this Black Suede Flogger Whip. When your Dom(me) unwraps this luxury flogger this Christmas, he/she will know that you are theirs to please or punish. Aesthetically pleasing this black suede whip with metal studs down the handle is the perfect BDSM gift this Christmas.




Bondage Spanking Crop

Hope for a delicious sting on Christmas morning when you give your Dom(me) this Bondage Spanking Crop. With a leather wrapped handle, braided shaft and luxury spanking flap, your Dom(me) will take great pleasure in punishing you with this exquisite instrument.





For your Submissive

Your submissive may be a lowly slave and unworthy of any gifts, but perhaps you can buy a few items for your own amusement, to make your kinky games all the more entertaining.

Black Metal Handcuffs

If you deem your submissive worthy of a gift this Christmas, then perhaps these Black Metal Handcuffs will be fitting. An a lovely dark metal and a set of keys, these cuffs will be perfect for keeping your sub in line.




Black Vented Ball Gag

Want to show your sub whose boss? Try getting him/her a Black Vented Ball Gag. This ball gag is vented for comfortable wear and features an adjustable leather strap and buckle, all made with a feel of luxury. Maybe get a couple for those annoying Carollers too!




Slut Leather Collar

Make sure your submissive knows their place this Christmas with a ‘Slut’ Leather Collar. Made from black leather with metal lettering, this collar has adjustable stud poppers for a nice tight fit.




Chrome Chastity Device

Treat your submissive to some exquisite torture with this Crome Chastity Device. Made from a highly polished chrome, this device consists of a cock ring, cock cage, padlock and two keys so their release is in your hands.






Novelty Gifts: Secret Santa/ Stocking Fillers

Whether you need something for the office Secret Santa or your uni flat mates, a naughty novelty is sure to go down a treat.


Naughty board games are de rigueur in the world of sexy novelties at the moment and none more so than the stunning 50’s pinup stylings of Tease. Designed for 2-6 players, each turn leads to a brand new erotic option that opens the door to hilarity and plenty of sexy scenarios.




After Dinner Willies

For a minty treat after dinner, these After Dinner Willies are dark, sweet and of course a little bit naughty. A fun twist on the classic evening chocolate, these goodies will make the perfect Secret Santa gift.




Novelty Penis Bath Sponge

A naughty stocking filler this Novelty Penis Bath Sponge is a fun and amusing novelty. Maybe not the best gift for Gran, but you’re sure to make someone smile with one of these brightly coloured sponges.




Love Ewe Inflatable Sheep Doll

A funny gift for a cheeky friend, this Love Ewe Inflatable Sheep Doll is definitely a party favourite. With a comical face and naughty ‘love hole’, this gift is sure to create laughter this Christmas.





Sexy Christmas Dress Up

Shed the coats and Jumpers this Christmas and look sexier than ever before in some festive and flirty lingerie.

Naughty Knot

Why get him a Christmas gift when you can be the gift? Wrap your gorgeous body in this Naughty Knot and he’ll never have been so eager to open a present. With a big satin bow and lots of flesh on display, you’ll certainly brighten Christmas morning.




Seven til Midnight Santa Baby Teddy
Make your booty look utterly fantastic in these Seven til Midnight Santa Baby Teddy. With sheer red lace, white fluffy bottom and a raunchy belted waist, he won’t want you wearing anything else come Christmas night.




Seven til Midnight Satin Bow Bra Set

This gorgeous lingerie set will make you look like the ultimate Sexy Santa. Made from a stunning red lace with an exquisite stretchy satin garter, you’re sure to bring Christmas cheer in this Seven til Midnight Satin Bow Bra Set.




Seven til Midnight Satin Santa Queen Dress

Look a vision of beauty in this Seven til Midnight Satin Santa Queen Dress. Designed in a rich and festive red this costume dress features a white fur trim top to create that ‘Sexy Santa’ look. Perfect for the bedroom and maybe even the Christmas party…well, our Christmas party at least!




Gift Vouchers

Still stumped for what to buy? Well give them what is perhaps the best gift of all, a gift voucher! This way your partner can chose for themselves and perhaps you’ll be in for a cheeky surprise.


The Bondara 2013 Sex Toy Awards


Ladies and gentlemen, saints and sinners, welcome to the first annual Sex Toy Awards. This event is the biggest of its kind for sex toys, lingerie, bondage gear and sexy essentials.

The Bondara Sex Toy awards have been established to celebrate the fabulous toys and teasers that have contributed to the UK’s sexual well-being.

With over three thousand products to choose from our panel of expert judges selected a winner for each of our naughty categories to say a big ‘thank you’ for getting us off.

Each of these products has been awarded a prestigious title based on its quality, style and popularity with our customers. These toys are more than just best sellers; they’re award winners, worthy of applause.


Best Plug and Play

For the the ultimate anal pleaser the winner of this award will provide unparalleled anal stimulation.

WINNER: Ultrasex Anal Vibrator.


Best Open For Business

More than just naughty knickers, this category celebrates the sexy allure of crotchless panties.

WINNER: Rene Rofe Crotchless Lace Thong

Best Super Stroker

Putting the pleasure in your hands, the winner of the category will blow your mind as you blow your load.

WINNER: Virgin Stroker Masturbator


Best See-Through Seducer

In this category we celebrate tempting bedroom wear. The winning bodystocking will be sexy, seductive and a pleasure to wear.

WINNER: Hustler Crotchless Bodystocking


Best G-Spot Hunter

An award for exploration, the winner of this category will be congratulated for finding your g-spot and giving you more intense orgasms than ever before.

WINNER: Diamond G-Spotter


Best Tamer and Restrainer

The category for the best bondage restraints, the winner can tie you down, allowing you to submit to new relams of pleasure.

WINNER: Ultimate Under Bed Restraints


Best Orgasm Tickler

For a product that will take you to the brink of orgasm, the winner of this award will hit all the rights spots and have you screaming for more.

WINNER: Ultimate Vibrating Cock Ring


Best P-Spot Pleaser

For reminding us that the ‘male g-spot’ is a worth looking for, the toy that takes this title will give you extremely powerful orgasms.

WINNER: Prostate Vibrator


Best Foreplay Facilitator

A category for the product that will get you in the mood, the nominees will help you to wind down then hot up!

WINNER: Erotic Massage Oil


Best Tantalising Torturer

For delivering a little pain with ever so much pleasure, the winner of this award will leave your skin tingling.

WINNER: Black Suede Fantasy Flogger Whip


Best Fantasy Fetish

A category for those with a more deviant side, the nominees in this category will transform you into the perfect dominatrix.

WINNER: Dreamgirl Slave for You Teddy


Best Underwater Explorer

For fun in the bath, shower, pool, sea, Jacuzzi and… kitchen sink? The toy that receives this prestigious award can get you off on dry land or underwater.

WINNER: Wet and Wild Jelly Vibrator


Best Clit Teaser

A category for the toy that will have you screaming with pleasure, the product that receives is award will be buzzing with excitement.

WINNER: Rocks Off RO-80mm Limited Edition


Best Penetrating Play Mate

For the strap on that can deliver like no other, the toy that claims this title will take you from strapping on to getting off.

WINNER: Unisex Strap on Dildo


Best Wet and Wild Ride

An award for the best sex aid, the slippery winner of this category will help you to slip and slide for a wild ride.

WINNER: Bondara Luxury Lubricant


Best Whole Day Event

For getting wet on a rainy day, the winner of this prize will take you from bored to horny, for a steamy day of fun.

WINNER: Tease Sexy Board Game for Couples




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