Best Sex Toys for Your Star Sign

Struggling to find the best sex toys for your star sign? Well, the answer could be written in the stars!

Based on the key characteristics of each zodiac sign, we’ve put together a list so you can easily pick your next pleasurable purchase.

Are you a kinky Cancer, a lusty Leo or an adventurous Sagittarius? Keep reading to find out…

Aquarius ♒︎ (Jan 20th – Feb 18th)

Aquarius Constellation

Key Characteristics: Independent, Unique, Deep-thinking.

This free-thinking water sign loves their independence and will always do things by their own rules. They can be seen as aloof and deep thinkers when actually they just don’t want to feel hemmed in. In sex, Aquarius tend to be very in tune with their own needs and, in turn, their partners because they believe sex builds a deeper connection.

Not one to be put in a box, we believe the best sex toys for this star sign are the ones that deliver unique stimulation, and nothing does that better than The Monsters! Never one to shy away from a challenge, Aquarius will be turned on by the idea of diving in deep with these interesting toys. They’ll love the anticipation of this swirling, tempting tentacle dragging them through waves of pleasure.

Pisces ♓︎ (Feb 19th – Mar 20th)

Pisces Constellation

Key Characteristics: Affectionate, Empathetic, Artistic.

Associated with Venus, the sign of Pisces is connected to love, devotion and pleasure. These water signs go all in on romance and will sweep their potential partner up in a maelstrom of emotions. Pisces always appreciate room to grow and change within their relationship, and this extends to the bedroom. They love to talk about their feelings, so dive into dirty talk and tell them how much they mean to you.

This thoughtful aquatic sign likes knowing some things are just for them, so their best sex accessory is bondage restraints. We’ve chosen rope so Pisces can let their artistic side reign while connecting on an ocean-deep level with their partner. Much like the seductive Siren, they demand their lover’s full attention, and by tying them in pleasurable knots, they can have just that.

Aries ♈︎ (Mar 21st – Apr 19th)

Aries Constellation

Key Characteristics: Passionate, Competitive, Confident.

Ruled by hot and steamy Mars, this ram is hard to tame! Wildly flirtatious, Aries love their partner to be as energetic and exciting as they are. One of the most adventurous signs in bed, Aries, will want you to up the ante by telling them precisely what you want to do. They enjoy exploring, so don’t be afraid to suggest something new and exciting…

Glass is an intense material for sex toys it’s our top pick for the confident ram. Aries is often described as the trailblazer of the zodiac, so it’s no surprise that they’d want to try innovative glass sex toys. Providing superior stimulation and looking as good as it feels, this is one of the best sex toys for this star sign.

Taurus ♉︎ (Apr 20th – May 20th)

Taurus Constellation

Key Characteristics: Sensual, Patient, Practical.

Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus, making them very connected to their physical body and their sensuality. They want their lovemaking session to last hours, full of skin-on-skin action. While they might seem slightly stand-offish initially, all bets are off once they get their partner behind closed doors.

Grab the bull by the horns with this luxurious massage oil because Taurean’s favourite form of affection is physical touch. So, they’ll love the idea of receiving an indulgent massage that leads to more satisfying touches. Take the time to organise sex for them by lighting candles and decorating the bedroom. Maybe even book a weekend away?; it’ll be like a red rag to a bull 😉

Gemini ♊︎ (May 21st – Jun 20th)

Gemini Constellation

Key Characteristics: Curious, Adaptable, Dynamic.

Quick-witted and curious, Gemini is the chameleon of the zodiac. They are incredibly good at adapting to their partner’s needs and are often up for anything in the bedroom. Fuelled by their infamous duality, the twins want everything in bed; Not one to be ashamed of sex, Gemini believes in embracing and loving their sexuality and sexual needs.

Other than its comparison to the twins, we think a double-ended dildo is one of the best sex toys for this star sign because Gemini loves dynamic sex. They want to experience as much as possible, and this dual toy allows the twins to experience double penetration either with a partner or all on their own. Whichever way they play, they’re unlikely to be bored!

Cancer ♋︎ (Jun 21st – Jul 22nd)

Cancer Constellation

Key Characteristics: Emotional, Imaginative, Persuasive.

Passionate, sensual and ruled by the Moon, these crabby cuties are very similar to their namesake, profoundly emotive and will passionately worship their lover’s body. This feisty crab loves to engage in long, slow foreplay and considers it an integral part of sex.

BDSM holds allure for Cancer as they want to give generously to their partner; they’ll happily take on either role. It may seem cliche, but these pinching nipple clamps are the ideal accessory for a Cancerian’s bondage box. Perfect for pushing limits, the cheeky crab will learn their lover’s reaction to every twist of these kinky clamps.

Leo ♌︎ (Jul 23rd – Aug 22nd)

Leo Constellation

Key Characteristics: Dramatic, Loyal, Fiery.

Leo is known as the ‘King of the Zodiac’ and is ruled by the Sun. While they lead very naturally, they just love love and will want their partner to cover them in affection and praise. They’ll indulge their lover’s sexual interests or explore the line between pain and pleasure, as long as they receive compliments. Plus, they’re happy to spend hours focused on their partner’s pleasure – as long as they return the favour! 

We’ve chosen wax play candles for fiery Leo because they’re willing to try anything once. This feline flirty always wants to make a statement just as much as they like being indulged, so they’ll dutifully fulfil either Dominant or submissive roles with this kind of sensation play. So, make your Lion roar with red-hot foreplay and worship every inch of their body by decorating them with drips of warm wax.

Virgo ♍︎ (Aug 23rd – Sep 22nd)

Virgo Constellation

Key Characteristics: Analytical, Hardworking, Attentive.

Virgos are known to be the most practical of all the signs. While they can seem stiff and uptight in public, they love celebrating their relationship with sex. Therefore, Virgoans much prefer to spend hours building up to the deed and want it to last just as long. They want to be completely in the moment with their partner, so anything you can do to help your attentive ‘Virgin’ sign get in the mood will be appreciated.

Perfect for this hardworking earth sign, a vibrating cock ring will allow them to last as long as they desire. Virgo loves the idea of lots of skin-on-skin contact, so this vibrator is the ideal way to keep their partner closer for longer. Plus, the rumbling vibrations will give them and their lover a blissful buzz.

Libra ♎︎ (Sep 23rd – Oct 22nd)

Libra Constellation

Key Characteristics: Diplomatic, Charming, Social.

Libra, unsurprisingly, values harmony and is excellent at looking at all viewpoints. This dazzling, social air sign can love the back and forth of dirty talk, sexting and exploring different BDSM practices as they figure out what they like. Much like the scales representing them, Libra is happy to fill the void and switch between Dominant and submissive roles to keep things equal.

This rocking, wriggling prostate massager is ideal for Libra’s, perfectly balanced to deliver pleasure directly to the P-spot (indirectly to the G-spot if you’re adventurous). Controlled by a remote, this allows Libra to navigate their pleasure at their own pace or use it on their partner for the ultimate tease.

Scorpio ♏︎ (Oct 23rd – Nov 21st)

Scorpio Constellation

Key Characteristics: Stubborn, Dominant, Powerful.

Ruled by Mars and Pluto, this water sign has one mood in relationships, and that’s full on! They take sex very seriously and appreciate honest and open communication to develop a truly fulfilling connection. This seductive energy and all-or-nothing attitude mean sex is a mind and body experience for them, which is why BDSM often appeals.

This spiky vampire crop is perfect for the dominant Scorpios who want to show their partner the sting in their tail! Known for being passionate and assertive, Scorpios love to show their partner who’s boss. Tease your lover with the soft spanks from the smooth leather side, or use the biting teeth to indulge in pleasurable punishment with your submissive.

Sagittarius ♐︎ (Nov 22nd – Dec 21st)

Sagittarius Constellation

Key Characteristics: Extroverted, Funny, Adventurous.

Super independent and free-willed, Sagittarius loves to discover new and exciting things, including sex toys! While they want to explore ultimately, fun-loving Sag wants a deep emotional connection with their partner. Ruled by expansive Jupiter, this straight-shooting fire sign will try anything once, but they’ll tell you if they’re not interested.

A Sagittarius often wants to be an expert in the bedroom, and all that kinky exploration makes them an incredible lover. This stunning beaded butt plug is one of the best sex toys for diving into unexplored enjoyment as an individual or a couple! Their end goal is always pleasure, and this anal toy adds a luxurious touch to their toy box.

Capricorn ♑︎ (Dec 22nd – Jan 19th)

Capricorn Constellation

Key Characteristics: Disciplined, Ambitious, Realistic.

While Capricorns are known for being practical and realistic people, they are also generous lovers. They love the ‘rules of romance’ and thrive on routine, so they will like staying in and getting steamy under the covers with their partner. Capricorns know their heart better than anyone else, and they’re likely to follow their instincts in the bedroom.

These grounded earth signs generally rely on their own smooth moves in the bedroom, but when they do indulge in sex toys, they go for something more lifelike. Caps are very connected to their physicality, so they may even be interested in a clone kit. Realistic dildos and vibrators will fulfil their curiosity for something more, especially if their playmate is interested in trying new things. 

Have you discovered more about your star sign? Or maybe you’re trying to figure out what kind of stellar toy your lover will appreciate? There’s more to astrology than just the stars 😉

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