Sex Position: The Secret Handshake

No cameras on for this work call! Have a sneaky session on the clock with this solo sex position. Just make sure your mic is muted first…

Bondara Sex Toys Blog - Sex Position: The Secret Handshake

How Do I Do It?

For this sex position, you’ll first need to set up your laptop at a comfortable distance. Whether that’s on your bed or a hastily cleared office desk is up to you!

Kneel down in an open stance, and try to aim to have your knees roughly in line with your shoulders. Lean over, open that bookmarked tab in your browser, and you’re ready to rock.

If you need more support, you can always try a sex position cushion or a firm pillow. This also gives you the option to involve your favourite sex toy for hands-free thrusting. If you find it difficult to keep a toy in place, a little bondage rope can help.

Why Should I Try This Sex Position?

Even if you’re happy with your masturbation habits, there’s always room to spice things up! When it comes to our self-pleasure we’re all guilty of settling for ‘what works’. Before you know it, you’ve fallen into a rut. But even the slightest adjustment can make all the difference and unlock an unknown pleasure.

This solo sex position also makes multi-tasking a sinch – and I don’t just mean dealing with spreadsheets. If online content is your go-to fantasy fuel while pleasuring yourself, the Secret Handshake could be for you. The Secret Handshake lets you enjoy scrolling, camming, online roleplay, or whatever digital delight gets you going while rubbing one out.

Make It More Orgasmic!

Stating the obvious, but invest in some lubricant! Don’t settle for a squirt of hand moisturiser from the bottle on your bedside table, or desk. Properly formulated lubricants ensure slick, smooth strokes and prevent friction burn. Not to mention there are so many to try! Experiment with what sensation best suits your style (yes, this is an excuse to wank more). However, it’s worth noting that if you are using a toy with this sex position, water-based lubes are the most universal and won’t damage the toy’s material.

Speaking of toys; make work-from-home much more handy with your pick of pleasurable playthings. From mastubators and pocket pussies (there are vibrating models as well!), to penis pumps and the famous fleshlight, there are loads of options to level up your self-love in ways your hand just can’t match.

If you’re really looking to cock in and clock out, why not celebrate sealing that big contract in style? Add a saucy little secret to your workwear with some men’s lingerie from our Bondara Man range. It’ll certainly liven up those meetings that should have been emails.

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Not For You?

Here at Bondara, we know everyone likes to knock boots, so we are working to ensure everyone is represented on our website.

We are committed to inclusivity and diversity. So, we are depicting a range of genders and sexual orientations in our Sex Position blog posts, including straight, gay, lesbian and gender-neutral couples. All instructions will detail how to make our sex positions work for any relationship.

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