Masturbation Survey: The Results Are In!

Did you take part in Bondara’s survey for Masturbation May? Well, over 4,600 of you did!

So, if you’re one of our revealing respondents – thanks for your feedback! You’re helping us spread the positivity of self-love and pleasure.

From your favourite erogenous zones and select sex toys to orgasm-promising positions – we couldn’t wait to share the results with you! So, let’s take a peek at what you had to reveal…

Masturbation is Amazing

From generation X to gen-Z, you’re a wide range of wankers with an even age range up to 64! Nearly half (47%) of you masturbate a few times a week – with 13.2% of our horniest respondents reaching for relief multiple times a day!

Reasons for a rub range from ‘Just for fun!’ (73.9%) to ‘Stress relief’ in second place (53.4%), then ‘To sleep better’ (31.9%), and ‘For a better sex life’ (27.7%), while a quarter of you are masturbating to positively impact your ‘Mental health’ – keep it up!

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Bondara Sex Toys Blog - Masturbation Month Survey 2022 - The Results

Get Cum-fortable!

Whether legs spread on a comfy couch or backing that ass up on all fours – we all have our favourite position for self-pleasure.

Naturally, it was a layup for prime position, ‘On My Back‘ with 54.5 percentage points ahead of ‘Sitting – Reclined’ for those who like to cum in comfort. Up the rear came ‘Doggy Style’ and ‘On My Belly’ for backside access.

While ‘Squatting’ came in at 7.8% for wankers who never overlook leg day – the perfect position for suction cup dildo action!

A massive majority of respondents (89.6%) felt best when masturbating in the bedroom, with the shower in second place at 30.7% for a steamy self-service. See our Showergasm suction dildo or the Fleshlight Shower-Mount for a hands-free hump!

I use the shower hose without the shower head on it and hold it above pointing down to direct the jet towards my clitoris, vulva and vagina!

Meanwhile, a risky handful of you likes to indulge at the office to soothe your workday stress! Read: Wanking At Work: Clock In & Cum! for tips and tricks for a safe n’ satisfying lunch break wank.

Clitoral Suction Is Coming for Your Bedrooms!

A sexy 66.5% often reach for sex toys when masturbating, while 16.6% of you trust your toy to take you to the top every time!

To intensify your pleasure, over half of you apply lubricant to get the juices flowing before liftoff. Meanwhile, 34.8% like to keep it natural because – apparently – you’re already juicy enough 😉

Unsurprisingly, vibrators reign supreme in your favourite stimulation, powering ahead of the pack at 71.4%.

However, clitoral suction toys are blowing up your bedrooms with revolutionary oral-sex sensations in second place at 39%!

Up the rear cum the kinksters in third place, with 26.2% of you fulfilling your fetishes during a self-service session. From chastity, public pleasure, and edging to Cock & Ball Toys, cross-dressing and Monster Dildos for a satisfying stretch – BDSM is going big in your bedrooms!

I’m generally locked in chastity so masturbation is only ever done with my girlfriend present and always only with her permission.

Read: 9 Kinky Masturbation Techniques to blend BDSM with your solo time.

Masturbation is Better Together

While 29.4% still prefer ‘alone time’ to get the job done, over half of you live with a lover. And Mutual Masturbation is on the rise with a sexy 64.8% of you fiddling in front of your partner!

Couples revealed that a shared shuffle brings your relationship closer, improves your sex life and helps to satisfy different libidos.

“Both my husband and I only masturbate together, we use it to add to our sex life!”

Read: What Is Mutual Masturbation for more handy tips and tricks to enhance your intimacy.

Anal Play for All!

Getting deeper into your sexy insights, we look at your favourite spots to stroke. And with 63.3% of our total respondents male, we’re not surprised to see Penis (62.2%) and ball (45.2%) pleasure cum out on top! However, a spectacular 43.3% of you are taking the backdoor to knee-buckling orgasms via anal stimulation!

Many respondents raved about the explosive pleasure of Prostate play; pressing the point that milking this walnut-sized erogenous zone delivers the holy grail of male orgasms – Oo-er!

Prostate massage sends me cross eyed so quick it’s the best!

But squeezing into fourth place, Breast and Nipple stimulation is the key to quivering climaxes, with Clitoral stimulation rubbing up into a respectable fifth place. And on the quirkier side of self-love, ‘Ears’ and ‘Feet’ get your vote with 3.8% and 2.3%, respectively. We’re curious to know how you stimulate your feet while wanking, and we LOVE your creativity!


Don’t quote us on this, but Edison said something like, “Masturbation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. However, a sweaty 68% of you often watch pornography while-U-wank, and 21.4% load up the smut to nut every time!

Naughty couples disclosed that they use sexy visuals for X-rated cues while touching each other or even hit record on their own home movies for future viewing!

My wife and I love masturbating together! We watch porn while masturbating so we can show each other what things we are into!

That wraps up our Masturbation Survey 2022. We hope you found the results as intriguing as we did and THANK YOU for all your wonderful feedback!

Did the results chime with your thoughts on masturbation? Let us know in the comments box below!

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