Summer Sex Survey: The Results!

The results are in, and they are scorching! Over 2300 of you participated in Bondara’s Summer Sex Survey, so thank you!

From your favourite travel-friendly sex toys to your top tips to avoid sand in your pants – we’ve got the low down on your sizzling summer sex secrets. 

Would you put your vibrator in your hand luggage? Maybe you fancy giving the local nudist beach a go? So, cum look at what our revealing respondents divulged…

Sun, Sand…Sex!

Everyone likes to have fun in the sun with a relatively even spread of sexy sunseekers between the ages of 25-59! While most say that they see no difference in their sexual habits in the summertime, 22.3% say that they have more sex, and 23.5% say they masturbate more… guess you like really getting hot under the collar 😉

With the numerous heatwaves we’ve had this year, it’s not hard to imagine that we’d find it too hot to have sex. You might be surprised to find that 54.5% say yes, it can be too hot to have sex, but 45.5% say no! A table-topping 57% of those who have braved the heat told us that holiday sex is much more spontaneous than at home. In addition, 35% say that holiday sex is kinkier, and 32.1% are more likely to try new things while they’re abroad.

While you might be willing to try new things in an exotic local, 76.1% still think the bedroom is the best place to do the deed! 732 of you prefer not to work up a sweat and go straight to the shower or bath for a cheeky tug. However, nearly 30% favour the open air and take the phrase “roll in the hay” very literally; 660 people voted outside as their favourite place to have sex or masturbate.

Bondara Sex Toys Blog - Summer Sex Survey: The Results! - Women's legs laying on a sandy beach in front of clear blue sea

Packing Pleasure

We all have a list of essentials we like to take on holiday with us; toothbrush, sun cream… lube?! Over half of you, 55.6%, told us that you always bring lube with you on holiday, and a whopping 63.2% take sexy lingerie with them. Swimwear? Underwear? Not much difference, we say!

However, while you don’t mind bringing the additional sex-tras, 61.9% of you think it’s far too risky to pop a sex toy in your hand luggage. But, don’t worry, Bondara offers a range of vibrators with travel locks to save your battery and your blushes (may we recommend the Mon Amour 2 in 1 Wand & G-spot Vibe). Check out Pink New’s article for tips on How to Travel with Sex Toys, so you’re fully prepared to avoid mishaps.

While you might not like the idea of stashing your sex toys in your hand luggage, you still take them with you! We’ve found out what the most popular sex toy for steamy summer sex is:

  1. 54.1% – Vibrators
  2. 40.1% – Dildos
  3. 36.7% – Clitoral Toy
  4. 32.5% – Couples’ Toys
  5. 30% – Anal Toys
  6. 21.8% – BDSM Equipment
  7. 13.8% – Masturbators

So, rather unsurprisingly, you’d rather take non-electrical sex toys (44.8%) or battery-operated sex toys (44.7%) abroad – no need to worry about adaptors and charging if it needs batteries! If you want to learn more about the benefits of Dildos Vs Vibrators, check out our blog on the topic.

Don’t Get Sand In Your Crack

Bondara Sex Toys Blog - Summer Sex Survey: The Results! - Woman laying on a lilo with a shocked look on her face

We asked you cheeky lot about how you spice up your summer sex! Some of you like it al fresco, with a quick bang on the balcony or sex by the sea being your go-to for orgasmic outdoor sex 😉 But, being away from home must make some of you feel like a whole new person. Role play and trying new positions and sex toys were the other most frequent answers.

Your number one tip for getting sand out of your pants waaass…to not wear any at all! With 44.7% of respondents saying they’d love to go to a nudist beach, we’re not really surprised! Who can blame you for wanting to get that full-coverage tan, right?

We go commando but showering together is also a great way to get rid of all that pesky sand!

And, who wouldn’t feel sexier in the summer with all that rubbing of lotion, tiny swimwear and sunkissed skin? Surprisingly, it was evenly split, with 51.7% saying the warmer months are when you really feel hot, hot, HOT. However, 48.3% told us that they didn’t notice a difference…they feel sexy all the time!

Thank you very much to everyone that took part in the survey! We’ve certainly learnt a lot, and we hope you have too. Did these results line up with your expectations? Let us know down below 🙂

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