Masturbation Survey 2023: The Results!

With over 700 participating in our Masturbation Survey, we’ve tallied the results… and whew, they’re sizzling!

We reveal ALL your favourite positions, toys and where you’re most likely to get hot and bothered. Let’s take a look at what turns you on…

Equal Opportunity Wankers

No matter who you are, or what generation you belong to, 76% of all respondents make time for ‘me time’ several times a week – the horniest 11% of you fitting in multiple times a day!

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - Masturbation Survey 2023

Whether waxing your carrot or flicking the bean, reasons for masturbating varied from ‘Just because!’ (56.4%), to ‘Mental health reasons’ and ‘To sleep better’ (both 5.5%). On average, our responders take between 5 and 10 minutes to climax, but 6% treat themselves to over 20 minutes of self-indulgence.

Using masturbation as ‘Stress relief’ dropped by almost half (23.5%) compared to the previous year. Clearly, you’ve been following our tips for sexual mindfulness!

Absolutely Fapulous

An overwhelming 85% of you use toys when you masturbate (a choice we wholeheartedly support). However, that’s set to rise as 11.2% of respondents say they don’t use toys yet but are open to the idea.

Unsurprisingly vibrators remain your reigning champion! So for those curious to add a little buzz to their bang, why not read our guide to 5 different kinds of vibes?

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - Masturbation Survey 2023

Will anyone rise to beat the mighty vibes? Masturbators, maybe 2024 will be your year!

Share the Load

Defying stereotypes of lonely nights in front of the computer, 69% (nice) of you are in a relationship and masturbate with, or in front of, your partner (68.5%).

That’s one small step for self-pleasure, one giant leap in closing the orgasm gap!

Not just that, couples told us they were eager to experiment with new toys and positions.

Butt plugs! Maybe even one with a remote control so we can use it in public

Dirty Daydreams

Over half of you admitted to using porn-spiration, a curious 15% drop from last year! But that’s all thanks to the world of erotic books and audios. We’re fond of them too, and we’d love to know if you want to learn more about naughty novels and adult audios.

Bondara Sex Toys Blog -  Masturbation Survey Results 2023
I’m not angry no one said ‘the Bondara Blog’, I’m just disappointed.

It looks like next year there might be even stiffer competition, as several of you mentioned you’d like to try using Virtual Reality in future!

Out In Pole Position…

Getting cum-fortable is what masturbation’s all about! No surprise that laying on your back is the popular choice, especially among people who have a wank for a creamy bedtime story.

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - Masturbation Survey 2023

The majority of you (84.5%) prefer to keep your handsy habits in the bedroom, with brave few taking their knuckle shuffle on tour. While only three (yes, three!) people admitted to wanking at work, there were plenty of people curious to get frisky in the fresh air.

There you have it folks, that wraps up Masturbation May for another year. We hope you’ve found our results enlightening (if not amusing), and a big THANK YOU to everyone who filled out the masturbation survey.

Keep an eye on your inboxes, as 10 lucky winners will be contacted shortly!

Did our results ring true to you? Got something to say that we missed? Let us know in the comment below.

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