Meet The Grinder ™

Your NEW favourite sex toy from Bondara: The Grinder ™! This innovative, discreetly shaped sex toy will transform your love life with its diverse benefits.

So, What is The Grinder?

The Grinder is Bondara’s brand-new sex toy! Designed for maximum pleasure, its innovative and discreet shape is perfect for solo and couples sex. Transform your love life; Take The Grinder into any sexual scenario for versatility from a toy like never before!

  • Bondara Sex Toy Blog - Meet The Grinder - Black and Lilac Grinders fanned out
  • Bondara Sex Toy Blog - Meet The Grinder - Lilax Grinder flat on a palm with fingers through hole
  • Bondara Sex Toy Blog - Meet The Grinder - Black Grinder fully flat on a palm
  • Bondara Sex Toy Blog - Meet The Grinder - Lilac Grinder held up to show front view
  • Bondara Sex Toy Blog - Meet The Grinder - Black Grinder with remote control

Explore 10 vibration modes, each with 5 intensities, via the remote, and find the perfect combination for climaxes that’ll make you see stars.

Grind and rub yourself over the raised, ridged textures for additional stimulation to your intimate areas. With a raised, squishy pad in the centre, this sex toy champions non-penetrative pleasure but gives you the option to explore.

Use The Grinder wherever the mood takes you! Its silky, waterproof silicone body is ideal for playtime in the bath or shower, as well as the bedroom. Choose from two stunning colours, Black or Lilac, to suit your style and match the rest of your sex toy collection.

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - Meet The Grinder -

How Do I Use It?


• Foreplay: Slip your fingers through the ring or hold it in the palm of your hand. Then, glide it over your partner’s sensitive erogenous zones and genitals to amplify their arousal. Flick on the remote for even more fun along the way!
• Full On: Go all the way and wear it for stimulating satisfaction. Slide the stretchy ring over your penis, strap-on or favourite dildo. Grind your lover to heavenly pleasure – It’s called The Grinder for a reason!
• Massage: Turn down the tempo and relax with a sensual massage. Use for a soothing rubdown and to target tired muscles with the raised bump and powerful vibrations.


• Ride and Grind: Straddle The Grinder to ride to relief wherever your heart desires and take your ‘me-time’ to new heights of orgasmic bliss.
• Hand-held Pleasure: Hold it in the palm of your hand to stimulate those special sweet spots for climaxes that’ll make you see stars. Or, try curling The Grinder around the penis for a targeted stroking session.
• Massage: An ergonomic alternative to the massage wand. The Grinder is much more versatile and can be used for relaxation, soothing pain or excitement!

What People Think of The Grinder

Cara Sutra: “If you’re looking for a completely new sexual experience, a surprisingly versatile sex toy and one which is easy to use and effective, you need to try The Grinder by Bondara. At just under £45, I believe this sex toy is a true bargain, and everyone should have one in their toy box!”

Topher Taylor: “The Grinder is the perfect way to stimulate the external hot spots and make both solo sex alongside partnered sex so much fun. It’s so refreshing to play with a toy that delivers intense pleasure without the need to penetrate or directly target very sensitive zones. You’re very much in charge with The Grinder, and it’s ideal for all bodies, regardless of what genitalia you have or what your limits are”.

Will you be grabbing The Grinder for yourself or your partner? How will you use this incredibly multifunctional sex toy to improve your love life? Let us know in the comments below!