Tinder Match with a Financial-Submissive

So recently I had a Tinder match that was quite out of the ordinary; a guy offering me far more than just dinner and a movie… When a person tells me about their fetish, I’m fascinated. I’ve been writing about sexual fetishes for years so I love hearing about people’s unique kinks and quirks. I’ve […]

Fetish for Humiliation

It’s no secret that in the ever so kinky world of BDSM, some masochists- in addition to being used and abused- like to be humiliated. This fetish for humiliation is actually a pretty common one and can take lots of different forms. Rather than getting your fix from a regular Dominatrix, some experienced players even […]

I’ll Make a Lady Out of You

For most men being called a “sissy” is hugely insulting, but to a kinky few this label is a huge turn on. The word “sissy” can be defined as “a person regarded as effeminate or cowardly” and is synonymous with “whimp”, “pussy” and “weak”. In a BDSM context a sissy is a male submissive, or […]