Fetish for Humiliation

It’s no secret that in the ever so kinky world of BDSM, some masochists- in addition to being used and abused- like to be humiliated. This fetish for humiliation is actually a pretty common one and can take lots of different forms. Rather than getting your fix from a regular Dominatrix, some experienced players even go to a professional ‘Humiliatrix’ for some seriously shameful fun.

So, for this week’s Fetish Friday, here are 10 thrilling and effective ways to humiliate your submissive.

  1. Verbal abuse

One of the easiest and yet most effective ways to humiliate your sub is by verbally abusing them. You can do this face to face, by text message or even have a derogatory word tattooed on their body! Phrases such as “pathetic loser”, “you could never satisfy me with that tiny little cock” and “you repulse me” can really go a long way!

  1. Sissification

sissyOne incredibly effective way to really humiliate a man is to dress him as a woman. Sissification involves feminizing a man for the purposes of humiliation, usually in a very over-the-top way such as by clothing him in a pink frilly dress and maybe even a baby girl’s bonnet.

  1. Pet Play

If dressing him up as a girl or a baby wasn’t enough, how about forcing him, or her, to assume the role of a non-human animal? Although pet play can be enjoyed as a loving BDSM relationship, forcing someone to act like an animal can be a very humiliating practice! How about getting your sub to walk on all fours, beg, drink from the toilet… pee in the garden??

  1. Foot Worship

Feet are often considered to be the lowest, dirtiest part of the body, so to have someone worship your feet symbolizes that they’re below you. Although to some, there can be nothing sexier than licking a partner’s foot, sucking their toes or caressing their stiletto heel (as foot fetishism is one of the most common sexual fetishes), the act of worshiping feet is very degrading, none the less.

  1. Domestic Servitude

Perhaps one of the best ways to dominate and humiliate your sub is with domestic servitude – that way you’re killing two birds with one stone; your sub is sexually satisfied and you get a clean house! When it comes to domestic servitude you can have your sub do anything; wash the dishes, tidy the house, clean the toilet… All while you put your feet up and enjoy a cup of tea!

  1. Human Furniture

humil2Taking things one step further – rather than having your sub wipe down and polish your table, why not use them as the table? Serving as furniture is where a submissive partner is used as a table, hat stand or even as a chair. You simply use them selfishly as an object and the sub will remain silent and motionless and endure whatever weight is placed upon them.

  1. Cuckolding

Cuckolding is a fetish whereby the male partner (who feels that he is lacking sexually in terms of penis size or “manliness”) enjoys watching his partner being fucked by a bigger, “manlier” man. To making the experience even more humiliating, sometimes the cuckold will eat the cum of the alpha male from the pussy of his partner.

  1. Financial Domination

Financial domination is another humiliating fetish which is especially beneficial for the Dom(me). In addition to satisfying one’s own sadistic desires, financial domination benefits your bank balance too! You can financial-dom a sub online, without even meeting in real life. Just tell the guy (usually always male) that he’s pathetic and worthless and instruct that he send you all of his money. What use could he have for it, anyway?

  1. Physical Abuse

pain2Let’s not forget that we’re talking about BDSM here and that pain is a big part of the scene. Tying up your sub and flogging, whipping, spanking, and caning them can all be very humiliating. If you’d like to get a little more creative then chocking, electrocuting and dripping hot candle wax can be effective means of torture also – but always be sure to agree on a safe word before engaging in edgeplay!

  1. Human Toilet

Lastly, if you want to really humiliate your sub, use them as a human toilet. In extreme cases of domination and humiliation a Dom(me) may pee on their submissive (or worse) to show them just how worthless and disgusting they are.


That’s all for this week. Happy humiliating!    

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