Tinder Match with a Financial-Submissive

So recently I had a Tinder match that was quite out of the ordinary; a guy offering me far more than just dinner and a movie…

When a person tells me about their fetish, I’m fascinated. I’ve been writing about sexual fetishes for years so I love hearing about people’s unique kinks and quirks. I’ve written in the past about financial domination and “pay pigs”, but what this chap wanted was something very specific.

photo of woman holding money in teethUsually, when men contact me about being a financial slave (which I don’t seek out, by the way; I’m not an online Domme – I just have a few thousand followers on Instagram and a few too many cleavage-heavy selfies), I’ll put an end to the conversation in a matter of minutes if there has been no ‘tribute’ sent to my PayPal.

However, this guy captured my curiosity (and he was VERY hot), so I talked to him for over an hour.

For the purposes of this blog I’ll refer to this fin-sub as Mr X.

What turned Mr X on was a mix of financial domination, blackmail fetishism, cuckolding and sissification. Anyway, as I found him very interesting I thought I’d share with you a snippet of our conversation so that you can get an insight into the mind of a fin-sub…

woman holding money across her vagina with middle finger up

Mr X: “Do you think that you would want a guy to take care of you…a fin Dom?”

Me: “Yes, but they’re hard to find”

Mr X: “I have been getting the desire to become one…I want to be owned financially by one person. Forced to pay. In real life I was blackmailed and ever since I have had the desire to be owned. I tried a pro Dom session and that wasn’t for me…needs to be ongoing and real.”

Me: “Blackmailed. Interesting. For how much?”

Mr X: “It was a onetime thing. Long story, but $15k. I think I would have to be blackmailed into long term fin slavery as well.”

Me: “Then you’d need a Dom that had some dirt on you…”

Mr X: “I know. I would have to give them that…that’s the only way I can truly be owned…I’m not submissive enough at heart to just do as I’m told. So I think I would need xxx videos of me, like, in lingerie or getting fucked or something. Can’t be a game; real blackmail or it won’t work. Also I want it to be long term and someone exclusively focused on this. I don’t think they would need other slaves. I want somebody who is more after big money and a good life. I may be worth a few mil now but if I married without a prenup and let the women control everything…it would be much more.”

Me: “Interesting.”

Mr X: “I want to be married but with no control over anything”

(Here I wanted to joke “So a standard marriage then”, but I resisted the urge!)

Mr X: “Sex isn’t a deal breaker…I could be a cuckold. I just want someone who is very sexual… but I do like sex so that would be a bonus. How would you feel about fucking other men in front of me?”

Me: “That could work.”

Mr X: “I’d like to be a sissy sub. You just tell me what lingerie you like and what type of photos. I am very masculine and dominant in business. I need to be degraded often to be reminded that I’m owned. The time I was blackmailed was by a couple. Or at least I thought it was, but the guy ended up being gay and blackmailed me for money and to do things to him. I blew him and bent over for him when he asked. I didn’t enjoy it. Are you disgusted?”

…and I’ll leave it at that.

(But no, I didn’t agree to be his fin-Domme – it sounded like a lot of hard work!)

And this, interestingly, is the only time I’ve come across blackmail fetishism in “real life”.

Anyway, that’s all for this week – and whatever your fetish is, I hope you have a fantastic weekend! xx

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