Strong Women

For a lot of guys the last thing you’d want is to be beaten by a women in an arm wrestle after a few beers down the pub, but for some men there is nothing sexier than a muscular female body-builder.


Female muscle fetish describes a fetish for women who lift weights, body build and are excessively ‘big’ and muscular. Far more extreme than the ‘athletic’ or ‘fitness chick’ look, a person with a fetish for female body-builders is attracted to huge biceps, broad shoulders, powerful thighs, a wide back and features which are generally large.

So what is it about these stacked, Amazonian women which certain men find to be so sexy?

Sthenolagnia is a term which describes “a social behaviour, usually with a sexual aspect, in which a participant, the worshipper, touches the muscles of another participant, the dominator, in sexually arousing ways”. A person with Sthenolagnia is physically attracted to the look and feel of the muscles and may enjoy touching, massaging or rubbing oil onto a person’s muscles, as well as watching them flex, move or exercise.


If sthenolagnia is concerned with aesthetics, then cratolagnia is interested in the use of the muscles, i.e. strength and power. So whilst sthenolagnia and cratolagnia are undeniably linked and often both elements of muscle worship, they can be completely separate, in that one muscle admirer may only care about the appearance of the muscles, and another may only care about strength (perhaps for reasons such as physical domination.)

Female Muscle Fetishism and Domination

While it is absolutely possible to be attracted to female body-builders without an interest in domination and BDSM, in a lot of cases there is an association. More often than not, men whom are attracted to excessively muscular women are not themselves all that muscular, ‘big’ or even tall. There is a definite size and power imbalance between the two, one which is the reverse of what we consider to be ‘normal’ in mainstream society.


Men who like muscular women consider it to be hugely arousing that she is bigger and stronger than him. She has the upper hand and this can often result in domination fantasy or role play. In a female muscle domination session a man may enjoy being crushed by the weight of the woman (much like with BBW squash fetishism), like to have his body compressed by her powerful thighs, or neck locked by her bulging biceps.

More extreme still, the pair may engage in traditional BDSM techniques such as restraint, flogging, whipping, beating and ‘slaves and masters’ role play with an aspect of strength and power. As body-building tends to be a ‘hobby’ which costs more than it pays, some female body-builders chose to earn a little cash on the side by becoming a dominatrix and humiliating men for money.


To take it one step further, wresting can be a huge turn on for guys attracted to muscular women. As well as being squashed and overpowered, some guys would get a thrill out of being picked up, thrown down and wrestled into a ball. In Japan there is such a thing as humiliation wrestling in which small men are wrested and overpowered by bigger, stronger women.

Muscle fetishism is likewise a big deal in the gay community, with many smaller homosexual guys being attracted to huge, muscular men (and vice versa). In such a relationship the pair may enjoy the difference in strength and stature, that one is the top/ Dom and the other is the bottom/ sub, though this is of course not always the case. They say “opposites attract” and this is often, so it’s quite simple to understand why a small, slender man would be attracted to a big, broad body-builder.


Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to hit the gym!

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