How To Get A Bigger Penis

It’s the age-old question that men of every age want to know the answer to: how to get a bigger penis. You’ll find a lot of ‘miracle’ products on the market that boast a secret formula that is guaranteed to give you the penis of your dreams. But we all know the likelihood of these working as well as their packaging would have you believe is pretty slim. However, there are a few products out there that have worked wonders, and although they aren’t going to give you a monster cock (because hello people! That’s never going to happen no matter what you do) they will give you a few extra inches to play with and hopefully that boost of confidence that will have you feeling more comfortable in the bedroom.

Cock Ringssamberg-penis

I know what you’re thinking. Cock rings are for people who can’t get it up in the first place! But the truth is these have got to be one of the most effective toys when it comes to achieving a bigger and harder penis.

There is a huge variety of different cock rings on the market including adjustable rings, stretchy rings, metal rings, rings that hold the balls as well. The list can go on and on. But one thing they all do is fit snugly around the base of the penis, constricting the blood flow and keeping it in your erection. This swells it up more than usual, giving you a bigger penis that is firmer, thicker and slightly desensitised, so you will last longer as well!

Seriously people, try a cock ring. It will blow your mind.

Penis Pumpsbig-ol-dick

This is another toy that has the stigma of being for people who can’t get an erection. But think about it. This tool is made to force blood into your penis, making it bigger… duh!

They are so easy to use, simply insert your penis into the chamber, hold the base tight against your skin and pump away. You should not feel any pain or discomfort at all, just a slight tightness that comes with having a large erection. The suction power will bring blood into your penis and increase the size. To maintain this size, simply pop a stretchy cock ring on straight after using the pump (that’s right, I’m talking about cock rings again). Good penis pumps always have a quick release function so you can quickly remove the pump and release the pressure.

Those who use a penis pump for five minutes every evening will usually see some kind of improvement in length and girth. This can be a slow process but it is safe, easy and gentle on your genitals.

Penis Extenderstumblr_m685hfWctP1rwcc6bo1_500

These strange little mechanisms are designed specifically for increasing the length of your penis. They are a tad more extreme than a penis pump but they do the trick nicely.

Simply insert your penis through the base and align the sides to the length of your shaft. The elastic loop at the tip should fit around your penis head and then, once secure, you can gradually extend the sides to stretch your penis. This should be done slowly and gradually over time. You can wear this extender for 4 to 9 hours at a time for 4 to 6 months depending on the growth desired.

This process is a little more extreme, using the method of traction that is also used by plastic surgeons for tissue expansion. Basically it is slowly and very gently stretching your penis for long lasting and satisfying penis extending.

Manscapinggiphy (1)

I know, I know. This one is less about adding inches and more about giving you the illusion of length. But more often than not, a man with an overgrown genital jungle will look a lot smaller than he actually is. You don’t have to get a wax either! Just give yourself a trim once in a while and keep your pubes from completely covering your junk. Simple.

Enhancement Pills and Creams   YQAcxe0

These sorts of enhancers will vary in how well they work depending on each individual. The natural formulas are designed to send blood to the penis, and work in the same way a cock ring would but without the actual ring.

Creams are more direct since you have to rub them onto your shaft and they will encourage blood flow under the skin, enlarging your penis and giving your some extra sensitivity to enjoy.

Pills can often provide a small but temporary size enhancement, but their main aim is to give you an erection. So they are ideal if you are feeling not at your best and want a little boost in the bedroom, but won’t give you a permanent change.

So there you have it, a list of ways to get a bigger penis. But it is always good to remember that size doesn’t matter if your technique is up to par. If you respond to your partner’s reactions, talk about what you both enjoy during sex and explore new and exciting things then your sex life will be awesome no matter how many inches you’re packing.

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