8 Unusual Kinks You Didn’t Know Existed

Some of these unusual kinks are probably a lot more common than you’d think! So, delve into our fantastic list of weird and wonderful fetishes to discover more. Perhaps you’ll find something that catches your eye…

Unusual Objects of Your Affectionate Kinks


Looners, or balloon fetishists, are people who derive sexual pleasure from, you guessed it, balloons! Thought to have been around since the invention of the rubber balloon in 1824, this niche kink is not as unusual as you might think. In fact, when we attended the FemDom Ball 2023, we met a Domme, Lana Wild, who makes content that caters to looners.

Generally speaking, there are ‘poppers’ and ‘non-poppers’. For some, the allure is in the balloon being inflated and squeezed but not popped. ‘Non-poppers’ tend to get enjoyment from just seeing and playing with the squishy, inflatable objects. For others, the popping is everything, with the anticipation until it explodes being the draw. There are even specially-made giant balloons that can be sat on and ridden or gotten inside! If you can dream it, you can blow it… so to speak 🤣


You may have unknowingly seen fetish content on your socials recently, with the #giantwomen trend taking off on TikTok. While maybe not made with the kink in mind, these videos are a fantastic example of macrophilia. Macrophiliacs, macro fetishists, or lovers of GTS (giant tiny sex) are people who enjoy the idea of being very, very tiny in comparison to their partner. These unusual size kinks are defined as sexual fantasies involving giants, most commonly giant women.

Coming in many forms, the giant in the fantasy can be a benevolent, kind person, rescuing the tiny person from harm. However, the fantasy could also be more masochistic, where the tiny person is degraded, dominated or even eaten! If the idea of being small doesn’t pique your interest, but being the giant does, you may be interested in microphilia instead.

Other than the cool perspective illusions on TikTok, another notable example of macrophilia making its way into the mainstream was the viral reactions to Lady Dimitrescu; a huge female character in Resident Evil Village.


Objectophilia is defined as sexual or romantic attraction to inanimate objects. There are many viral examples of objectophiliacs online, with notable examples being Erika Eiffel, who ‘married’ the Eiffel Tower and Akihiko Kondo, who ‘married’ the fictional character Hatsune Miku.

Levels of objectophilia, much like any kink or fetish, vary in intensity. Some simply feel that they have a strong connection to an item, and their relationship with it leans much more romantic. Meanwhile, other’s relationships with their object can lean more towards sexual.

You can be attracted to any inanimate object, and we’re not going to judge! But, here at Bondara, we encourage you to use sex toys rather than household objects to get off. So, check out the toys we sell, like the Glacier Glass Juicy Fruit Banana Dildo, which looks just like the real deal.


Hands are a pretty commonplace tool in sex, and they can be very hot. But did you know people can have a kink specifically for them?

For some, the interest in quirofilia is purely aesthetic. They’re attracted to the way their lover’s hands move or how much care they take performing tasks with their hands. The attraction can range from pretty mild, like wanting to date someone with nicely manicured nails. Whereas in other cases, it’s more specific scenarios of hand worship, like massage to licking and sucking.

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If you don’t have a partner to engage in a little hand worship with, there are all manner of sex toys that’ll fulfil that need for a five-finger filling, like fisting dildos. Or, delve into fetish wear with items like our latex opera gloves to transform your own hands for playtime.

Some Kinks Are Felt, Not Seen

It’s important to remember that while your unusual kinks and fetishes can illicit feelings of sexual gratification, the trigger can be completely nonsexual! By extension, kinks don’t have to be focused on an object, type of person or body part. Physical feelings and situations can be just as arousing as a particularly veiny hand or balloons.


Knismolgania is definitely one of the more innocent fetishes on this list. Known more commonly as a tickle fetish, being sexually aroused from tickling seems almost endearing. There are many ways to explore knismolagnia, so first-timers can really mix and match till they find something that works. Participants can be clothed or nude, and it can be foreplay for a bigger scene or the main event.

Some tickers and ticklees explore Dominant/submissive dynamics through scenes, with the ticklee being restrained in some way, leaving them exposed and at the mercy of the tickler. Since your skin is your largest erogenous zone, it’s not hard to imagine how this leads people to discover their tickle kink.

Plus, stereotypical tickling isn’t the only way you can explore knismolagnia. Some kinksters reimagine scenes by using feathers (like our Raven Black Feather Tickler), vibrators and even electrical current (check out our E-stim range Sex Sparks). If you’re a beginner looking to see if a tickle fetish could be a bit of you, start with soft, gentle caresses either solo or with your partner.


Have you ever felt an unseen spirit? Have you ever wanted to be felt up by an unseen spirit? 🤣 Well, then you might be interested in spectrophilia. Spectrophilia has two meanings: To be attracted to or want to have sex with ghosts, or to be attracted to objects seen in mirrors. Which, if you think about it, kind of makes sense… They both refer to arousal brought on by things that aren’t really there.

However, while spectrophila attraction is generally observed to be a real thing, the phenomena of ghost sex itself is hard to prove. There are historical accounts of people claiming to have gotten down and dirty with a ghost or even been an unwitting peeping tom to sex between ghosts. But like most spirit-related things, there’s not a lot of solid evidence.

Whether it’s real or not, it’s more common in media than you might think! We’ve all watched Ghost, right? And did you know Kesha’s song Supernatural is about her experience with a sexy ghost?! 👻


Small intimacies are incredibly sexy. Like when your partner rubs your back or makes sure your slippers are toasty and warm when it’s cold. Even something like taking a shower together can be a great way to get steamy (as well as save water – cozzie livs).

However, for people who experience tripsolagnia, it’s the ultimate foreplay. Defined as feeling sexual arousal from getting your hair washed, this is one fetish that’s definitely not dirty. A trip to the hairdresser must be heaven for these people!

If the idea of a sudsy scalp massage really gets you going, we’d recommend our Crystal Clear Showergasm Vibrator. It’s waterproof and perfect for working out the tension under the hot water.


Probably one of the most well know fetishes out there, urophilia is otherwise known as watersports or a piss kink.

While golden showers are the act of weeing on someone else, urophilia is more broadly defined as sexual arousal from the sight or thought of urine. Funnily enough, there’s not a tonne of research into why people like getting pissed on, but it’s widely thought to be associated with sadomasochism.

And it’s not just about getting peed on! Some urophiliacs enjoy their partner having a full bladder, being urinated into (like a human toilet), or even keeping wee-soaked clothes.

Did reading this awaken anything inside you? Well, we’re not here to kink shame, so go forth and be weird and kinky in whatever way makes you happy!

Let us know what other weird and wonderful sex topics you’d like us to write about in the comments.

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