How to Use Extra Large Dildos Safely

Are you ready to be stretched to the limit? Here’s Bondara’s easy advice to using extra large dildos so you can go for girth, and delve your depths with out getting in trouble.

In case you’re short on time, here’s a run down of what you can expect in the full article:

  • Using lube to ease the stretch
  • Training step-by-step with smaller toys
  • Pacing yourself to reach size goals
  • Not to copy porn and remember aftercare

Why Use Extra Large Dildos?

The appeal of these dig ‘ol bicks is, you guessed it, their sheer size. Penetration with an oversized cock provides a unique kind of stimulation purely from the pressure. In some cases the intensity provided by the strech or depth, mixed with endorphins is enough, and no movement is required.

For some people it becomes a matter of pride (and a not-so-humble brag) that they can ‘take’ massive toys. However, for anyone with truly fantastical sexual fantasies, a large dildo is the closest they’ll get to living their dream of being fucked by a dragon.

Before You Start…

These are so basic dos and don’ts to using larger toys. They’re good practice for any sex toy, but are even more important at these sizes.


  • Ensure your toys and hands are clean, you may want to trim your nails too.
  • Set aside time, large toys aren’t ideal for ‘quick wanks’ and rushing can cause accidents
  • Go to the toilet or use a douche if you’re using the toys anally to avoid messes.


  • ‘Push through the pain’, stop if you feel discomfort or notice any blood.
  • Force it in, it’ll ruin the experience, and you risk hurting yourself permanently.
  • Use numbing gel/lube, it’s tempting, but you need to be able to feel if something’s wrong.

If you’re using a big toy with a partner you should also take time to establish a safeword. If using extra large dildos are a part of wider kink play, discuss your hard and soft limits.

Lube, Lube, and More Lube.

We recommend lubricant with every sex toy, but it’s crucial for the massive ones!

It’s a cliche, but it’s true; the wetter, the better. It’s imperative that you use lube—and lots of it! Anal lube is thicker than typical water-based lube and is best for back door fun. However, fisting lube is extra thick, and long-lasting. Plus, depending on the brand, formulas can be anal and vaginal-friendly. Remember to reapply throughout to keep things moving smoothly, you can even use a syringe to get wet inside and out.

The usual warnings apply that your lubricant should be compatible with your dildo. So, avoid using silicone lube with a silicone toy. Still confused? Check out our blog about what type of lube you should use.

Step-By-Step Training

Okay, so you’re eyeing up one of our Monster dildos, but your journey to girth doesn’t start with ordering an extra large dildo.

Using a huge dildo, whether you’re after width or length, is something you work up to. Start with smaller or average-sized toys, and graduate to larger toys as your sphincter ‘learns’ to accommodate them. Or, try an inflatable dildo or plug for a controlled increase, without a drawer full of toys you’ve outgrown.

Depending on your goal size, your next step might be to try fisting.

Deep Depth Play

The other side of extra large dildos are those used for Depth Play. These are incredibly long, tapered, and highly flexible, allowing toys to go beyond the rectum and into the colon.

It will take several sessions before being able to fit the entire toy, so it’s important you only go as far as you feel comfortable. Using the palm of your hand to guide it deeper may be perfect for you, others will find it easier to wiggle their bum down the depth trainer.

As these toys go deep, it’s vital they’re thoroughly cleaned. Wash, use sex toy cleaner, and even store them in a UV bag for extra security.

Warm Up & Pace Yourself

Think foreplay, but more. The more aroused you are, the easier stretching will be. So, get your blood pumping to your pelvic region!

Start with the tip and ease it in slowly. Temper enthusiasm with caution, especially when starting out as you learn about your body’s tolerance. Remember, ‘stretch’ doesn’t mean ‘forced expansion‘.

The key is to progress in stages; you don’t have to take the whole length in one session, let alone one go. It’s fine if you can only fit the first inch or so.

Panic Break: It’s a myth that you’ll be permenantly loose from using big toys. The average stretching fan can hope to reach 4-inch diameter, vaginally or the anally. As long as you’re sensible and rest between sessions, your holes will ‘spring back’.

Don’t Copy Porn

Watching your favourite OnlyFans model ride a 17-inch tentacle might be hot, but remember – porn actors are the stuntmen of the sex world.

These toys are so big that they’ll rub your internal erogenous spots even with small movements. Gently twisting the toy, slow and shallow thrusts, or shaking can provide plenty of stimulation – especially if you’re new to the size.

When the fun is done, remove your toy slowly. Whipping it out of your ass (or pussy) like a ripcord will result in a painful mess.


Afterwards, take a quick shower to wash off excess lube, sweat, and anything else. Then make space to rest and relax; treat yourself to a soak in a warm bath if you’re sore. Also, give your body time to recover. 2-3 days is a good benchmark before stretching or playing with your large toy again, especially if you’re new to this.

So, are you tempted to try out these titanic toys? If you have any advice for behemouth beginners, we’d love to see them in the comments below.

…that’s what she said.

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