Skin Deep: Latex & Rubber Fetish

While it’s not as well known as foot fetishes and bondage, latex fetishism has a long history. Its lovers, referred to as ‘Rubberists‘, indulge their rubber fetish for many different reasons and in varied, interesting ways.

Have you ever felt sexiest in skin-tight clothes? Or, maybe you enjoy the enveloping, all-encompassing feeling of being bound? Well, you might want to try exploring latex…

What Is a Latex/Rubber Fetish?

Typically, a latex or rubber fetish is defined in one of two ways: 

  • You like wearing latex clothing. It might be smaller garments like rubber pants or crotchless knickers or larger items like full-body catsuits!
  • You become aroused when you see other people, particularly your partner, wearing latex clothing. You may find the appearance of the rubber itself exciting, as the light gleams of it and it clings to your lover’s every curve.

Within this, there are variations to how Rubberists enjoy themselves because many other kinks overlap with a rubber fetish. There can be something very sexy about near-nakedness, and rubber can be used in medical play, bondage and exhibitionism for heightening play. We should also make it clear now that wanting to wear latex doesn’t make you submissive or vice versa. There are plenty of Dom(me)s out there that use and wear rubber clothing to tap into their dominate side.

A History of Rubberists

You might wonder, “Where did this love for latex start?”. Well, we can credit John Sutcliffe, the creator of the first full latex catsuit and founder of the brand AtomAge, with the popularisation of the rubberwear we know and love today. Originally advertised as all-weather biker gear, Sutcliffe’s catsuit soon became coveted for ‘private‘ use, and his magazine AtomAge encouraged readers to share their favourite outfits. People would send in images of themselves doing the gardening or cleaning in their full-body bondage looks.

One of the most famous, modern images of the catsuit is Michelle Pfieffer as Catwoman in Batman Returns. Like most of us, it probably was your first encounter with latex and its erotic properties 😉

In the 80s, designers like Vivienne Westwood used latex to challenge taboos with their clothing, inspired by subcultures like the punk scene. More recently, couturiers like Atsuko Kudo have created bespoke latex wear for women, continuing to push the boundaries of what this material is capable of. This depiction of strong, empowered women, like Catwoman, is synonymous with the modern latex scene, echoed by the ever-growing use of rubber within red carpet looks and couture fashion.

So, Why Do We Love Latex?

As we’ve said, while some people’s only kink is latex, other’s rubber fetish comes from an interest in things like BDSM. All these kinks can interlink and cross over, but the four main reasons for loving latex I’ve come across are:

  • Protection – Our bodies are delicate, and some rubberists like the feeling of protection and sculpting that rubber clothing offers. For others, latex lets them be intimate when they otherwise wouldn’t feel comfortable due to conditions such as touch aversion.
  • Sensation – Latex heats and cools with your body temperature and is a great conductor for touch, much like skin. The “second skin” effect of latex massively heightens sensations, and the appeal for some is the smooth, shiny slip as they caress their partner, whether both or one of you are dressed up.
  • Transformation – Dressing in full latex outfits allows rubberists to access parts of themselves they subdue in everyday life and offers a degree of freedom. It also helps that lots of bondage outfits give the wearer anonymity with masks, making it easier to access alter egos. These outfits don’t just need to fit the body like a catsuit; they can be wack and wonderful too! Lots of pieces are designed to exaggerate the curves of your body with the slick, high-shine gloss of latex.
  • Preparation – Latex is very tight, and because of this, it can be difficult to put on. The process of preparing outfits and polishing them with latex care oil can be very ritualistic for rubberists. Some wearers explain a feeling as the material encases their body as a ‘hugging’ pressure with a stretchy, tight sheen.

Go Hell for Latex!

Now you’ve learnt why people love latex, have we awoken your dormant rubber fetish? Browse our latex lines for some inspiration of your own, and slip into something shiny to explore this interesting kink…

Are there any other fetishes that you’d like to learn about? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Robert Nix
    Robert Nix
    April 13, 2023 at 4:28 pm

    Love the feel, thanks for the explanations! I like to involve bondage.

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