Monster Erotica: Fantasy F**k Buddies

We’re diving into the big, bad world of Monster Erotica and Monster Fetishism. Strap in to learn what it is, what appeals, and how you can indulge your spooky, sexy fantasies.

It was the monster mash; It was a graveyard smash! 

What is a Monster Fetish?

Teratophilia, commonly called a Monster Fetish, refers to someone’s sexual fascination with monstrous creatures. Often the imagined erotica is about being dominated by the said monster, but not always.

All the fantasies will involve monsters but vary massively from person to person, including the type of creature and what other kinks might be involved. They can be gruesome and primal, like a Kraken, or handsome and vaguely humanoid, like werewolves. Honestly, someone will have written, drawn or animated your sexy monster somewhere on the internet…

Bondara Sex Toy Blog - Four toys from The Monster Range from L to R: The Anaconda, The Twisted Twins, The Octopussy and The Lumberjack Off
From L to R: The Anaconda, The Twisted Twins, The Octopussy and The Lumberjack Off

While they all come under the umbrella of teratophilia, some beasties are in a realm of their own. For example, tentacles come under the category of hentai, ghosts under spectrophilia and extraterrestrials as exophilia.

So, Why Is Monster Erotica So Popular?

Now, monster erotica didn’t come out of nowhere. As far back as 1814, The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife, a woodblock painting by Hokusai (that’s right, the guy that did The Wave), depicted what we’d now call “tentacle porn”. So while it might be new to you, monster erotica has been around for longer than you’d think!

Still, there’s been a massive (you could say monstrous) surge in popularity, mostly down to social media. Monster romance books are going viral on TikTok, and audio erotica apps like Quinn and Dipsea are creating sensual soundscapes that indulge fantasies of the Fae and vampires. Plus, there is an ever-increasing interest in fantasy sex toys, something we talked about with Scotty Unfamous.

This uptick in kinky cryptid content isn’t just about getting your rocks off. Many authors go out of their way to explore consent and communication within their work. There’s a focus on creating safe spaces for people to explore and discover their kinks and desires without sexual shame. Maybe this is why there’s been such a boost in sexy monster content in the mainstream…

How Can You Make Monster Erotica Reality?

Because of the fantastical element, most people’s exploration tends to stay within what they read, watch and listen to when they masturbate. But, others delve into roleplay, solo or partnered, to explore their spooky cravings.

Bondara’s range of fiendish sex toys, The Monsters, vary from EXTRA LARGE to arousingly mythical. With tempting twisting tentacles, The Naughty-lis is bound to drag you to new depths of desire. While, The Godfeather will take flight, delivering new heights of pleasure, and The Cockasaurus will make you ROAR with relief! Whatever you’re into, there’s a monster cock for you!

Read the customer review below for a fantastic example of dirty dragon roleplay 😉

Welsh & Proud

“I met my English girlfriend a few years back, and she has always liked the fact that I am Welsh, recently she has taken a liking to the Welsh flag (the big red dragon), so we have been doing some role-play of me pretending I’m a big beasty dragon before making sweet dragon love to her.
After scrolling through the monster section, I was elated they had this big dragon dildo. I was so excited I had managed to find this without my girlfriend’s knowledge. I pulled out my dragon outfit and got all my dragon gear on, and prepped this monster dildo for when she arrived back from work. As she arrived through the door, her face dropped as she saw me there in full dragon mode wielding this dragon dick.

Safe to say the rest of the evening was a big hit! Highly recommend it to all the dragon lovers out there.”

Customer Review of The Dragon’s Dagger from ‘The Monsters’ range by Bondara.

If you’re more of a shining knight than a big, bad dragon… we’d recommend The Swordsman; A double-ended, intensely textured dildo perfect for any hero or heroine on a quest for pleasure.

Whether you’re interested in getting freaky with a monster or not, this hugely expanding erotica scene is quickly becoming mainstream. Why not dip your toe in and see what makes you s-cream? 😉

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