How to Pleasure Your Man

Learning how to pleasure your man is a lot easier than it may seem. You don’t need to be a porn star to give him a good time, nor do you have to be some form of crazed nymphomaniac. In conclusion, every guy is different, so it’s up to you how you plan on making […]

Five Sexual Fetishes Popular with the British

We Brits are perceived as being quite peculiar when it comes to sexual behaviour. Half the world seems to believe that we’re master’s of bondage and BDSM, into whips, canes and leatherwear, where as the other half seems to think we’re utter prudes who spend our time in bed reading and have sex solely for […]

Tickling Fetish

Once upon a time, long, long ago, I was at University! Although looking back University did seem like one big party, sometimes it was days in the library which were more entertaining than nights on the town! On one particular occasion I was sitting at a computer, slaving away over an impending coursework deadline when […]

It’s Not All Tits and Sass- diary of a CamGirl by Katie Evers

Or… What Camgirls really get up to on cam We’d like to welcome a brand new guest writer to the Bondara blog; Katie Evers who will be sharing with us some of her first-hand insights into the world of being a professional cam girl.  So….in her own words: “I’m 24 years old, from London, girl-next-door […]