How to Pleasure Your Man

Learning how to pleasure your man is a lot easier than it may seem. You don’t need to be a porn star to give him a good time, nor do you have to be some form of crazed nymphomaniac. In conclusion, every guy is different, so it’s up to you how you plan on making his day, whether he’s vanilla or king of the kink.

Find out his fantasies

Your guy has certain things that turn him on, and it’s your job to figure out what they are. Perhaps its the low-cut top that shows off your cleavage, maybe it’s the tight jeans you wear or even some leather fetish bondage gear.

Maybe it’s a case of trying out anal sex or watching a partner have sex with another person. He could have a thing for feet, bondage, anything goes!

naughty doctor role play

The best way to satisfy him is to find out his kinks. Doing them is the easy part, getting him to open up about said fetish is the hard part. Tell him yours first and turn him on with how much you’re willing to try with him. He’ll be ready to discuss once you’ve opened up the floor.

If you’re new to bondage and looking for a little inspiration, you’re in luck! Head over to our Bondage for Beginners blog for everything you need to know.

It starts with a smooch

Begin with a kiss, the kind that will get hands wandering. Both men and women deem kissing as a favourite form of foreplay. The best place to kiss for sexual stimulation is around the neck. 62 percent of women and 40 percent of men list the neck as the favourite place to be kissed.

pleasure kiss

Take your kisses downtown, making sure you’re hitting each of his sensitive spots. Make sure to include his nipples on your journey south since this could be an erogenous zone he hasn’t experimented with. Yet.

Learn how to talk dirty

Men are mostly turned on by what they see, but there are ways to turn up the heat beforehand. Try dropping your partner a few dirty lines. Not sure what to say? Take a look at our blog on How to talk dirty for some tips and tricks to deliver some filthy lines.

talk dirty



Tell him what you like

Explain to your man what you like and enjoy doing to him in bed. Let him know which techniques and positions you love most, as a result, he’ll be like putty in your hand. Plus this is a huge ego boost for him!


Let him know if what he’s doing is really working. Describe what it is that turns you on and try to use as much detail as possible.

The perfect blowjob

There are many ways in which to perform the perfect blowjob, therefore we’ll round it down for you. Using your hand in tandem with your mouth is the best way to ensure full coverage of his penis. Build momentum and focus your pressure on the shaft – also, don’t be afraid to use a firm grip. The most sensitive part is the tip and you’ll be controlling that with your tongue.

Let your free hand travel whilst you work. Reach between his legs and lightly tease his entire package. When your hand is behind his testicles, press your knuckles gently into his perineum (the small patch of skin between his balls and anus). Do this as he’s about to climax and he’ll be in seventh heaven.

Pleasure face

Another way to really get him going is to keep your eyes locked on his as you go about your business. Match your eyes with your groans and show him you’re enjoying it.

Tie me up

If he’s the kind of guy that likes to dominate, tying you up is going to be the best sort of turn on for him. This may not seem like a true fetish, that’s probably due to how mainstream it’s become since the likes of 50 Shades. You don’t have to break out the leather gear straight away, therefore start off slow with his necktie or the tie off your robe. It’s easier to undo if he’s looking to reintroduce your hands to the mix.

tie me up

In addition, if you want to take it up a notch, we recommend you introduce handcuffs or maybe even some bondage rope.

Take control

Your man will find it really hot if you turn the tables and take control. Initiate sex, run your lips all over his body and even throw in a few nibbles to get him arching.Pleasure your man

Most of all, be confident and own it. If it’s your first time and you’re looking for ways to be more confident in the bedroom read here.

Punishment & Spanking

For our kink kings and queens, it’s very much about showing who’s boss in the bedroom. The idea of being punished by a strict master or mistress is extremely kinky. Some partners may even enjoy switching up the roles.

Try spanking with your hand first – skin on skin brings a real rawness to the act. Switch it up with whips, paddle or maybe even a cane? You can run the item over them softly and slowly. Finally, once your partner is relaxed, deliver a fast and sharp whip to the bottom. They’ll thank you later.

pleasure your man

Don’t forget, there are lots of other ways to punish and be punished. Nipple clamps are the perfect item for those who wish to take it up a notch. Try using adjustable clamps to adjust the sensation of the grip.

FYI: this is the perfect stage for role-playing. Play teacher and punish your naughty student by giving them detention in your office. As a result, you’ll be able to try out your cane.

Voyeuristic behaviour

This is the urge to spy or watch those who are having sex. A peeping Tom if you will. We were taught from a very young age that sex is a taboo and that it’s forbidden. Like all things, if we’re told we can’t have them, we’ll want them more.

There is a safe and legal way to do this. Either watch porn together or take yourself to one of London’s well-known sex clubs (take a look at The Phoenix Club) to watch people get up to no good.



Try any or all of these and watch your man wriggle with pleasure. Treat yourselves to some new sex toys to add some kinkiness to your bedroom routine. In conclusion, the key is trying a few out and deciding which ones you really like. There is an endless array of
different sex toys you could and luckily for you, you can take a look at them here.

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