Tickling Fetish

tickle 1Once upon a time, long, long ago, I was at University! Although looking back University did seem like one big party, sometimes it was days in the library which were more entertaining than nights on the town!

On one particular occasion I was sitting at a computer, slaving away over an impending coursework deadline when a guy approached me, and in a very hurried manner proceeded to describe everything he liked about me; “I like your hair, I like your eye makeup, I like your lipstick, I like your pink bag, I like your earrings”, etc, then scuttled off back to his computer. I was a little surprised, and rather confused, but returned to my work nonetheless.tickle 3

The following day I was once again sitting in the library when the same guy approached me, and this time he was a little more open about what he liked; “Hello, I like your makeup, it is my fantasy for you to tie me to a tree, put makeup on me and tickle me”. I didn’t know how to respond; neither did the fifty plus spectators. A guy from my halls of residence, five rows back, popped up on Facebook chat with “did that guy just say he wants you to tie him to a tree and tickle him?” So yeah, pretty much half the library heard.

Well, good for him, really, what’s the harm in having your sexual fantasies out there in the open?

As fetishes go, tickling is pretty innocent. I’ve been writing this blog for well over a year now and have seen some things which are certainly much higher up on the scale of depravity! Tickling, as a fetish, is almost endearing.

tickle 4The actual term from sexual arousal from tickling is Knismolagnia, and the act of tickling for sexual pleasure can be performed in a variety of ways; with fingers, a tongue, a feather tickler, the tales of a flogger, or even with electric stimulation. For instance, with these Electrastim Pads (https://www.bondara.co.uk/electrastim-square-self-adhesive-pads) you can apply one to your body and one to you partner’s body, and once connected to an Electrastim unit, a delightful tingle will pass between the two of you wherever your bodies touch.

Tickle play, or tickle games, can be a part of sexual foreplay or even BDSM. Generally, in a tickle game, the person being tickled has to withstand the ‘torture’ of being tickled for as long as possible before using the safe word. This is also known as ‘tickle torture’, and the person being tickled is referred to as the ‘tickle bottom’, whilst the person doing the tickling is known as the ‘tickle top’.

Although tickling games can be very innocent and playful, they can also be combined with bondage for more entertaining play. The tickle bottom may be restrained or hog tied*, with their hands in cuffs, or stocks, so they’re unable to protect the ticklish spot, whilst the tickle top proceeds to ‘torture’ them with delicate stimulation.

To add to the sensation, the tickle bottom may be blindfolded and thus doesn’t know where their skin is about to be stimulated, adding to the suspense and anticipation. Tickling a person can also be a brilliant was to increase sensitivity in the skin as a precursor to harder bondage play.

So where is best to tickle a person?tickle 2

Generally in the erogenous zones as they’re especially sensitive; the neck, chest, navel, elbow creases, underarms, feet, and the back of the knees. A person with a foot fetish could have a lot of fun playing with someone who has a tickling fetish, as tickling the feet can be a great part of foot fetishism.

So why not take your next play fight from the sofa to the bedroom by tickling your partner’s most sensitive areas and really teasing their body.

Have a great weekend!

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