Sex Position: The Avalanche

Unleash a landslide of pleasure on your partner with this oral sex position! So, limber up your limbs and explore their peaks.

Bondara Sex Toys Blog - Sex Position: The Avalanche

How Do I Do It?

Giver, take a seat; preferably on something closer to the ground, like the sofa, but you can use an upright chair. You can have both feet on the floor for greater stability as you lean forwards, or with a knee on the sofa to provide extra leverage and avoid backstrain. The Receiver should start by sitting astride their partner’s lap, then slowly lie back until their shoulders touch the floor. Alternatively, they can lie on the floor and lift their hips to their partner’s lap (with help). From there, hold on to the Giver’s legs for support, as they lower their mouth to your groin.

Why Should I Try This Sex Position?

For the Reciever, being stretched out at a downward angle can send a rush of blood to their head, creating a giddy, euphoric feeling. This is not dissimilar to the thrill some people get from ‘breath play‘, but much safer.

It’s not all about the Receiver’s pleasure, however! This oral sex position provides the Giver with a delicious view (as well as a mouthful…) of their lover’s body, with their hands free to roam over their chest and belly. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Make It More Orgasmic!

Make going down more palatable with oral sex aids. A squirt of strawberry-flavoured lube or a spritz of BJ Spray makes the experience easier and more pleasurable!

Avoid tiring out your tongue and get a helping hand from your choice of sex toys for couples. With a buzz at your fingertip, a finger vibrator is perfect to teasingly stimulate your partner’s nips or clit. Or, if your lover has a penis, try a vibrating masturbator that’s open-ended, allowing you to vary up the strokes and even in tandem with your lips.

Don’t leave their chest out in the cold; mix up the stimulation with nipple toys. There are vibrating options, like the Bondara Lady Luck, that will titillate their peaks. Try some gentle nipple play with a pair of silicone nipple suckers. Or, if you like mixing pain with pleasure, this position is perfect to use with nipple clamps.

Tantalising Top Sex Toys

Not For You?

Here at Bondara, we know everyone likes to knock boots, so we are working to ensure everyone is represented on our website.

We are committed to inclusivity and diversity. So, we are depicting a range of genders and sexual orientations in our Sex Position blog posts, including straight, gay, lesbian and gender-neutral couples. All instructions will detail how to make our sex positions work for any relationship.

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