Sex Trends You Need to Know in 2024

Do you already partake in any of these sex trends? Or are you just interested in what everyone else is up to in the bedroom? We had a look at Sensuali’s SexDex to determine what freaky things everyone would be getting up to this year!

Sensuali created their SexDex report by analysing over 100 kink-related words over the course of 10 years. They used Google Trends data to find which words were used across Great Britain and how their usage developed over time. So, we’ve put together this list of what we think will be this year’s hottest sex trends from their super sexy statistics!

The ‘In’ Sex Trends of 2024


Originally popping up online as a masturbation technique in 2022, shallowing is now breaking into the mainstream as the latest sex trend to try!

Hilariously being nicknamed outercourse, it involves lightly stimulating the entrance to the vagina and just inside. If you love that feeling just as your partner pushes inside, then this might be for you!

We’d recommend using a more basic vibrator with a slight curve to it, like our Crave G-Spot Vibrator. Need more stimulation? Then grab something that’s packed with texture to tease and rub against your vulva!


Usage: +1526% increase

Femboys are defined as men or non-binary people who present themselves in feminine ways. This can be through various means like the way they look and dress, their demeanour, or their personality.

With the rise of social media, people are exploring their gender expression in many different ways. This accounts for the rise in the use of terms like femboy as people discover how best to represent themselves.

If you’re looking to tap into your feminine side, we’d recommend checking out our men’s lingerie and fetish wear for some lacy inspiration.

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Usage: +452% increase

FinDom, otherwise known as Financial Domination, involves power play between paypigs (submissives) and FinDommes (dominants). FinDommes, more often than not, will be women, and their subs will be men. Both a fetish and a lifestyle, this particular kink is interestingly nonsexual. Crucially, subs pay tribute with no expectations of anything in return. This is considered a submissive act of devotion and dedication to their Dom. 

So, why would a submissive give someone a huge chunk of money? Well, simply because it makes them happy to do it. Financial submissives enjoy knowing that they are improving the life of someone they view as superior to themselves. Plus, some submissives, while the kink itself may not involve sex, will feel sexual gratification from sending money. 

FinDom is easier with the advent of services like OnlyFans and social media, so it’s no wonder there’s been a rise in this kinky keyword.

Gooning and Edging

Usage: (Gooning) +463% increase and (Edging) +263% increase

Edging isn’t anything new, but the term gooning is a recently popular phrase surrounding the practice, which is why we’ve grouped them together.

Gooning refers to using masturbation over a prolonged period of time to create an almost trance-like, heightened state of arousal. In comparison, edging is the practice of intentionally delaying climax by withdrawing stimulation repetitively to induce stronger orgasms.

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The term gooning got popularised by streamers on Twitch and TikTok who would stream themselves masturbating. To avoid bans and censorship, they would only show their faces, which created the phrase ‘goon-face’. However, edging has been around for a long time and is used within many BDSM practices, significantly by FemDoms.


Usage: +110% increase

We’ve written and talked about pegging a lot at Bondara! Pegging isn’t new, with the phrase being coined by sex educator Dan Savage in 2001, but it’s seen a rise in interest over more recent years.

Whether we call it pegging or strap-on sex, anal play is generally on the up, with it transforming from a niche practice to something fairly vanilla and tame. Previously some men may have thought engaging in anal exploration ‘made them gay’, but with homophobia being challenged and discouraged more than ever, our ideas of queerness are constantly evolving.

Strap-on sex is an excellent way to explore new sensations and erogenous zones like the prostate. Dying to jump on this sex trend? Well, Bondara sells strap-on sets for beginners, o-ring harnesses and dildos for complete pegging customisation.


Usage: +169% increase

One of the top five most searched terms over the last five years, Shibari refers to Japanese rope bondage. This is another kink that isn’t inherently sexual, with the practice used as a form of meditation and trust-building, amongst other things.

Because of this, its increase in popularity can be attributed to how shareable it is on social media. Unlike other sex trends on this list, it’s much less likely to be censored. The visuals of Shibari are gorgeously intricate, dominating (pun intended) Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.

However, it can be somewhat of a dangerous hobby to have! We’d always recommend starting simple or taking a beginner’s class and tying inanimate objects before moving on to people. Importantly, you should always have a pair of safety scissors to hand!


Usage: +1030% increase

If you’ve watched shows like Channel 4’s The Couple Next Door and Netflix’s You, Me, Her, then you probably have a basic understanding of throuples and polyamory. If not, here’s a quick breakdown: A throuple is a consenting and committed relationship between three individuals, all of whom are equally attracted to each other.

The main differences between throuples and poly-relationships are the number of people involved and who’s attracted to whom. For example, you’re a couple who spend time with a third, and that third has a boyfriend/girlfriend you do not interact with.

So, with representation in mainstream television and dating apps like Feeld promoting ENM (ethical non-monogamy), it’s no wonder there has been a rise in interest in non-traditional relationship structures!

But What’s ‘Out’ in 2024?

Not everything has been on the up! So, here are some sex trends that have seen a decline in the last 10 years online:

  • Lapdance (-86% decrease) + Strip Tease (-70% decrease): With both these terms showing a decline, easy access to porn may be to blame. The need for teasing and anticipation is no longer being searched for online, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t doing it at home!
  • Dogging (-72% decrease): While dogging saw a slight rise in searches with the lifting of lockdown restrictions in 2021, it’s steadily dropped off the search bar. This could be down to the increase in sex parties, with specially designed venues to cater to all kinds of kinks. Plus, stricter laws around public decency can be a real mood killer!
  • Crossdressing (-70% decrease): Both gender and sexual expression are becoming more accepted, with people finding communities through social media. We think this term is simply on the decline because people are finding better ways to describe their interests.

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