A Quick Guide to the 69

Don’t get us wrong, we love oral sex – but sometimes it can feel a little lonely down there. Getting its name from the shape of the two bodies, the 69 is a move that lets both partners pleasure each other simultaneously. Think of the teaching: ‘give and you will receive’ and you’ll get the idea.

While your partner has probably been down on you before, the prospect of sitting on their face can still be a little daunting. So, this quick guide to the 69 is here to tell you everything you need and want to know.

Why Do the 69?

There’s something seriously sexy about being able to pleasure your partner while also receiving stimulation yourself. As we become increasingly turned on, passion overtakes rationality. We don’t overthink where our tongue should be or if our partner is enjoying it because both of us are caught up in the heat of the moment. Simply put, it’s exciting!

Two Barbie dolls in 69 position

Let’s Get Down to Business

First things first, make sure there’s no funk in your junk. Nobody wants to go down on their partner and do the dirty on dirty parts, so make cleanliness your priority. You could even jump in the shower together and add some foreplay to your foreplay.

If you’re a heterosexual couple, you’ll need to think about who’s going to go on top. Generally, it’s expected that the woman takes this role as men tend to weigh more. By taking the lead, she can lower herself onto his mouth while having more control over his penis. If the role’s reversed, she needs to be ready to have his dick forced into her mouth and balls pressed against her nostrils because…well, gravity.

Alternatively, you can lay side by side. This is a more relaxed position and lets you use the bed (or even their thighs!) as a cheeky headrest.

Unless you’re a professional gymnast, this isn’t the time to athletically leap onto your partner’s body. Take your time to get into position to minimise the risk of accidentally kneeing them in the face or elbowing the parts you’re meant to be giving some TLC.

Two wooden mannequins in 69 position

Ok…Now What?

It may be called oral sex but don’t feel like you’re limited to only using your tongue. Your hands are there to be used and they’ve definitely got a lot to offer. Grab your partner by the hips to help position them and stimulate the rest of their body.

Saying that, know where your limits are. Unless you’ve got an access all areas pass to the arse, stay away from their bum. It may be right in your face but don’t confuse the 69 as an invite for anal play. Remember, they’ve got your most sensitive part in their mouth right now, so now’s not the time to take them by surprise.

As with all types of foreplay, toys are an amazing way of adding extra buzz to the bedroom. In its small size, a bullet will give you added stimulation while encouraging you to remain close (the 69 isn’t the best move for bringing out your 10 inch dildo). You can use bullets on both him and her but you may find it easier to control the pocket-sized vibe if you’re on top.

If it’s a little extra flavour you’re after, take a look at our flavoured lubes and enjoy more slip to your slide.


Whether you use this move as foreplay or for your whole play, it’s definitely one worth adding to your sex skillset. There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to 69-ing, so don’t be afraid to explore what works best for you – after all, this is definitely something you’ll enjoy practicing!

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