All About Breast Play

What’s the first thing you notice about a woman apart from her smile and eyes of course? If you answered with breasts, we applaud your honesty. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, you can ogle at them all you like, so long as you give them enough time and attention when the lights go out.

Before you go all-out on a google frenzy, take a second to read this. Ladies and Gents, a fool-proof guide to pleasing her ladies. Because let’s face it, it’s all about breast play.

Why Should I Play With Her Breasts?



Breasts are sometimes overlooked as sources of pleasure. Some women can climax just from breast stimulation alone. All breasts have the same amount of nerve endings, however, some may be more sensitive than others.

In bigger breasts, these nerve endings are spread out. Generally speaking, this means a larger breast can handle a firmer grip! For smaller breasts try applying different amounts of pressure to see which suits your partner best. Playing with them in different positions will give you an idea of what works.

Playing with your partner’s breasts releases oxytocin, the love and cuddling hormone. This chemical is also released when you hug and climax. This simply means, it brings you and your partner closer together!

Breast play has a healthy side to it! That’s right, the more you and your partner touch your breasts, the more familiar you’ll be with how they feel. This, in turn, makes it easier to spot any changes or differences that may occur over time. So cop a feel!

Same but Different


All breasts are different. There’s not one specific tip that’s going to be good for every woman. Some women may not enjoy it at all. Sex expert, Lora Somoza believes that “each one is a snowflake”. She explains that regardless of whether something has worked in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work with your next partner. Some like it soft and delicate, others like it rough. You just have to know your audience.

Soften the Blow


The best way to initiate some boobie play is to gently trace your fingers over the outer curves of her breasts. Run your thumbs lightly under the space where they fall, and use only the tips of your fingers to caress, being careful not to touch her nipples just yet. Use your breath to cover her nipples with warm bursts of air, and give her the ultimate stimulation as you barely touch her. Avoid grabbing or kneading them, to begin with.

Tease Until They Lose Control


Like before, ignore her nipples – these are the most sensitive parts of her breasts. Prolong that pleasure and kiss her entire breast, breathe over them provocatively. Don’t make any physical contact until she’s writhing with desire. If you fancy turning this into something a little darker, try using some bondage restraints to tie her down whilst you get to work.

Teacher, Teach Me



The idea of talking about your lady’s breast preferences might sound like an absolute mood killer, but it’ll benefit you both in the end. Instead of outright asking, try bringing it up whilst you’re caressing her. Say things like ‘do you like that?’ or ‘does that turn you on?’ It doesn’t have to be clinical. Or try having her tell you where and how she likes it. Ask her to touch herself and show you what she likes.

Positions for Play



Woman on top – it’s easier for your partner to reach up and play with your breasts. If they can’t reach, lean forward to allow them easier access. Perfect for those who like it a little rough. Have your partner squeeze your nipples as you rock back and forth of them, you’ll get an extra sting each time.

Lotus – Your bodies will be super close in this position. Sit on your partner’s lap – they can either be crossed legged or legs stretched out. Wrap your legs around them rub your breasts all over your partner’s chest. It’s also easy to get some nipple action.

Lap Dance – The perfect from behind position for your partner to fondle away. First off, get them to sit on a chair with their legs spread wide. Face the same direction and ease your way back to them. Use their hand to guide you to their penis or dildo. Easy for a good old reach around to play with your nipples and breasts.

Spooning – The ultimate position for wrapping yourself around your partner and vice versa. This is one of the most sensual positions for you and your lover as they can access your breasts and give them all the attention they deserve.

Doggy – This position makes them much more accessible, giving your partner the chance to cup hold of your beautiful breasts and massage them. You can even prop yourself up by leaning over the sofa or chair giving you a more upright position. This will, again, make it easier for your partner to fondle.

Get a Little Kinky

Nipple clamps are the perfect tool for those who are looking to get a little more out of their time playing with breasts. Attaching the nipples to adjustable clamps will give them the perfect mix of comfort and pinch they’ve been looking for.

For those not as adventurous, why not use a combination of hot and cold touches. Using hot wax from a massage candle by dripping it onto their body – it’s the perfect way to test their sensitivity to heat. Once that’s out the way, why not use an ice cube to trace over her cleavage and nipples. This is irresistibly hot for some women.

Get a Lot Kinky

For couples who wish to get really freaky in the bedroom, why not try out our breast enlargement products. Slip her puppies into the suction cups and pump away. Perfect for arousing your partner as the blood flow is directed to the breast tissue, making it all the more sensitive when you realise them. Or use the firming cream as a way of massage! Simply rub the smooth substance into your partner’s chest and reap the rewards.

Who Says it’s Just for the Ladies?


All guys are different, some are open to the idea of trying new erotic things, and others like to stick to what they know. Men’s nipples can be small carnal command centres, especially giving that they have the same nerve-packed pleasure receptors as women!

Try tracing the outside of his areola with your finger, brushing the tip of his nipple as you complete the full circle. Move on to licking around his nipples and zero-in on each tip by flicking your tongue back and forth – a move you may know all too well. If he likes it rough, deliver a little nip to the tip, and gently suck afterwards. This’ll really electrify his nerve endings, leaving him with a climax he’ll remember.

Put these tips to the test and show your lady your new found love for nipple and breast play. It’s not the first thing people think about during sex, but it’s something so many women enjoy. So go forth my child and fondle those boobies.

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