What You Need to Know About Multiple Orgasms

We don’t need to explain why you might want to experience multiple orgasms. Our job is to tell you how. With the know-how and a little elbow grease (or a sex toy to do the hard work!), you’ll be moaning from one orgasm to the next in no time.

‘Girls just wanna have fun’ has never been truer. It may take us a while to get there, but orgasms are certainly worth waiting for! It’s often the naughtiest thing we crave the most (chocolate, we’re looking at you) but, orgasms are packed with health benefits – that’s enough reason to indulge, right?

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If You’ve Never Orgasmed Before…

If you’re yet to reach orgasm, don’t worry! It’s probably going to be easier to do solo as you can focus purely on yourself.

Use a vibrator to stimulate your super-sensitive hot-spots: the clitoris and G-spot. A rabbit is made for this kind of dual pleasure. The repetitive, powerful motion of a vibrator is the key for most women to reach climax. For the exact stimulation and intensity you crave, opt for a toy with multi-speed functions. Head over to our guide on vibrators for help selecting the right one.

You may prefer to use some form of visual stimulus – contrary to popular belief, pornography isn’t just for men! Appealing to all kinds of fantasies, it may well be the nudge you need to push you over the climatic edge.


It’s All in the Mind…

Don’t let your mind stop you from reaching multi-orgasm magic. While it’s easier said than done, clear your mind as best as you can. Mentally creating a to-do list and wondering what your mother-in-law would like for her birthday isn’t going to get you there.

Make sure you’re in a distraction-free environment; the only thing on your mind should be how unbelievably good you feel. Switch off your phone, dim the lights and relax.

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It’s Unlikely to Happen from a Quickie…

Some ladies out there are lucky enough to be able to reach climax quickly and easily, but they are very rare. If you’re like the majority of women out there, you will need a little more time to get there than a quickie allows. Settle down, with yourself or a partner, and get comfortable when you don’t have to rush off somewhere. What you want is slow-burning, passionate arousal. Unless friction burns are your thing, this isn’t the time for raunchy, staircase action.


There’s More to Sex than…Well, Sex…

Penetration is all well and good (really good) but multiple orgasms demand more than that. Warm up with some foreplay and enter a playful, erotic mindset – it makes all the difference! Your partner should do whatever it is that turns you on the most; whether that’s using their fingers, tongue or nipple play. You could even suggest introducing a sex toy, such as a bullet or G-spot vibrator, for extra titillation.

Don’t be afraid of giving a little direction – chances are, it’ll be greatly welcomed. To hit multiple orgasms, take control and make sure you’re getting the stimulation you need. While your partner can guess to a certain extent, they aren’t a mind-reader (although how fun would that be?) so you will need to guide them.

Put your pleasure first! We all know women take longer than men to reach the Big O. If you’re in a heterosexual relationship, ease his arousal by changing positions and by using desensitising condoms or delay creams.

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Get Fit…

Yes, sorry. You were probably hoping that all you have to do is lay back and enjoy. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy – otherwise all of us would be doing it!

The stronger your pelvic floor, the better chance you have of orgasming. Luckily, kegel balls are so pleasurable, you’ll forget it’s even a workout. Interested? Head over to our kegel guide for more information. You’ll be rewarded in more ways than one!


After You Come the First Time…

After you orgasm, resist the urge to collapse and snuggle. This is your prime opportunity! The intensity of an orgasm makes your vagina extra sensitive. While this can make it appealing to ease off, use the boost to keep on top of your arousal.

You may feel like you want to switch things up this time around. So long as it maintains and rejuvenates your arousal, do whatever you like! If you’re using a multi-speed toy, try changing the setting for a new, exciting experience.


Multiple orgasms aren’t simply for the elite few. It may take some practice and perseverance, but you’ll get there. Get ready to push yourself, have fun and set some personal records!

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