Cleaning Men’s Sex Toys

You’ve just spent some of your hard-earned cash on a new sex toy and want to it to last for as long as possible, right? Our guide to cleaning men’s sex toys will take you through the quick and easy ways to wash and store male masturbators, cock rings, sex dolls, anal toys and prostate massagers.

Male Masturbators 

Whether you’ve bought an ultra-soft sleeve or a cased masturbator, the cleaning process is generally the same.

Usually made from smooth, soft and flexible TPE/TPR rubber or silicone, you should always make sure you clean your masturbator thoroughly. Use warm water and an antibacterial soap, or a good-quality sex toy cleaner.

If the sleeve is within a cup or a case, pull it out. Then, remove any battery-operated parts (such as bullet vibrators) and manipulate the soft material to make sure that any fluid residue is washed away. Leave to air-dry or use a lint-free towel or cloth.


The cleaning principle is the same with the entire Fleshlight range. Pull the soft masturbator sleeve from the outer casing and wash thoroughly. Allow to air-dry fully before returning the sleeve to its case. To maintain the soft and realistic texture, we recommend applying some cornstarch or Fleshlight Renewing Powder.

Tenga Flip Hole

Part of the Tenga Flip Hole‘s brilliance (aside from the unique textures and beautifully futuristic design) is the ability to pop the whole thing open and carefully wash it. It even comes with a special stand to aid air-drying!

Tenga Egg 

Technically designed for one-use-only, you can enjoy multiples uses out of a Tenga Egg as long as you clean and store it properly after use. The incredibly stretchy material lets you carefully clean the egg and – if you’re very careful – you can turn it inside out for a particularly thorough wash.

Of course, the rougher you are with your Egg during masturbation, the less likely it is to last more than one use, so go carefully if you want it to last!

Cock Rings

Designed to keep you harder for longer, cock rings are a doddle to clean and maintain.

Usually made from a silicone blend, metal or elastic rubber, simply remove the cock ring after use and submerge in warm soapy water.

If your cock ring vibrates, don’t forget to remove the bullet element and any batteries first!

Sex Dolls

One of the best things about blow-up sex dolls is that once you’re finished, you can deflate them for easy storage. This is doubly handy as washing a deflated sex doll is much easier than trying to wash a fully inflated one!

If there’s a drainage stopper on your doll (usually found on the back) then undo this and wash the whole doll in warm soapy water, paying special attention to any parts you’ve cum on/in.

Leave to air-dry where possible or use a lint free towel. Make sure the doll is completely dry before folding away.

For our Bondara Babes – our range of ultra-realistic sex dolls – a full cleaning and care guide is included with your purchase.

Anal Toys and Prostate Massagers

High-quality anal toys and prostate massagers are usually made from silicone which is incredibly easy to clean. Soap and water again, or a few sprays of a toy cleaner!

The Bondara Essentials Sex Toy Cleaner is suitable for use with all the above male sex toys as well as penis pumps, cock sleeves and the huge range of kinky bondage and fetish toys we have in stock.

If you have any questions about cleaning men’s sex toys, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Care team.

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