Bondara’s Guide to TENGA

It doesn’t take two to TENGA. Designed for men’s solo play, this revolutionary line-up of Japanese toys replaces anatomical openings with sleek, discreet designs you’re sure to love.

You’ll find no faux pussies or asses with TENGA. Instead, their masturbation sleeves are uniquely textured canals that feature ribs, nubs, corkscrews and more to take you to new heights of orgasmic pleasure.

Let us help you find your perfect TENGA with this quick guide…


The TENGA Egg is an incredibly stretchy, egg-shaped masturbator with a penetration hole in the base and a stimulating texture inside.

Unwrap the case, crack it open and discover the sleeve within. Designed to stretch to all sizes, girths and lengths, the Egg is your secret sidekick for ultimate pleasure.

The one-use design is perfect for spunking and junking, but careful use and proper cleaning should help the Egg last a few more plays.

Who’s it for? 

TENGA Eggs are perfect for male masturbation. Bring new stimulation and exciting textures to your standard hand-job as you discover your favourite design!

TENGA Onacup

A masturbation cup designed to replicate the sensations of a deep throat blow job. Easy to use and stylish, too! Oh, and it’s available in an XL size for gentlemen with an extra large chap.

Who’s it for?

Obviously perfect for masturbation but also a convenient size for handling by your partner. One of the few masturbators on the market that caters to men with an above-average size manhood.

Flip Hole Masturbator

The Rolls Royce of male masturbators, this simple and elegant design is a far cry from more realistic, in-your-face sex toys.

The Flip Hole is jam-packed with texture and features sliding arms for quick and easy cleaning.

Thanks to the Flip’s massive popularity, a number of variants to the design are now available – including a vibrating edition!

 Who’s it for?

Anyone with a penis, according to blogger David Blackett. The Flip Hole is a unique masturbator unlike anything else on the male sex toy market. Crazy inner textures that stimulate you in ways you’d never dreamed of, an easy-to-clean design, stylish outer casing and the ability to manipulate the inner texture (and your cock) while in use.

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