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Bondara’s Guide To Tenga

Gents, you’ve got a fancy car, a fancy watch and a fancy telly- so why shouldn’t you have a fancy, futuristic sex toy too? The Tenga range, invented by Japanese boffins are a revolutionary line-up of male masturbation products that aim to do away with the anatomically correct design popular with most masturbators.

You’ll find no faux pussies or asses with Tenga; their masturbation sleeves are uniquely textured silicone canals that feature ribs, nubs, corkscrews and patterns that look like diamonds to stimulate your penis to new heights of orgasmic pleasure.

So here’s our low-down on the entire Tenga range we stock, so you can decide which unique masturbator is best for you in Bondara’s Guide to Tenga:


Tenga Egg

Confused? The Tenga Egg is an incredibly stretchy egg shaped masturbator with a penetration hole in the base and a stimulating texture inside.

Still unsure? It works like this: You just need to unwrap the outside of the egg, lube up and penetrate. The egg stretches to accommodate all sizes of manhood and is available from us in three different textures. Designed as a ‘one-use-only’ masturbator, we’ve actually found that as long as you clean the Tenga Egg carefully after each use and don’t use it too roughly, it should last you for a few more plays.

Who’s it for? 

Tenga Egg is a great solo toy but is also easily used by couples thanks to its easy-to-handle size and simple operation. Ideal for adding an extra touch of stimulation to the standard handjob.


Tenga Onacup

A masturbation cup (can we call them wank cups yet?) designed to replicate the sensations of a deep throat blow job. Easy to use and stylish too. Oh, and it’s available in an XL size for gentlemen with an extra large chap.

Who’s it for?

Obviously perfect for masturbation but also a convenient size for handling by your partner. One of the few masturbators on the market that caters to men with an above-average size manhood.


Tenga Flip Air 

A simple and elegant design that doesn’t scream ‘I’m a masturbator!’, the Tenga Flip Air literally flips open for easy cleaning and is available in Black or White with two different textures, solid (black) or soft (white).

Who’s it for?

Any man who’s looking for an ultra-discreet sex toy with a unique internal texture. The Tenga Flip Air could be mistaken at a glance for a posh aftershave bottle or at home in the bathroom cabinet.


Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator 

Available in Black, White, Red or Silver that all boast different textures inside. Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator differs from the Flip Air in that it has 3 unique buttons on the side that allow you to vary the pressure along the length of your shaft as you play. The Rolls Royce of male masturbators.

 Who’s it for?

Anyone with a penis, according to blogger David Blackett. The Flip Hole is a totally unique masturbator that’s like nothing else on the male sex toy market. Crazy inner textures that stimulate you in ways you’d never dreamed of, easy to clean design, stylish outer casing and the ability to manipulate the inner texture (and your cock) while in use.


Tenga Hole Warmer

Chilly hole? The Tenga Hole Warmer is designed to be inserted into your Egg, Onacup, Flip Air or Flip Hole to bring the inner sleeve to a pleasurably lifelike temperature.

Simply snap the metal disc in the bottom to start the heating process. To reuse, you just need to boil the Hole Warmer until it’s transparent again.

Who’s it for? 

Anyone with a Tenga.


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