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The Result of a Real Orgasm?

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Readers come here via a variety of different channels- from the link on our main shopping site, a link from a blogger, Facebook/Twitter etc- but the channel that fascinates us the most is when readers find us by searching Google.

Top search terms this week include ‘can you hear lelo luna balls?’ (not unless you’re running around wildly in a silent room), ‘CBT lover’ (you might like our Ball Stretcher section) and ‘how do I insert a penis topper?’ (carefully, in the same way as penis sounds)

But, the stand-out search term this week was ‘the result of a real orgasm?’ 

Well, that’s a tricky one. Being human, our bodies don’t tend to work in exactly the same way all the time. Generally speaking men will ejaculate at orgasm but before you all cry “well, duh”, it’s not always as simple as that. Prostate massage can result in an incredible full body orgasm where the man doesn’t ejaculate at the same time/at all. Also, if he’s had a lot of sex or masturbated frequently that day then subsequent orgasms may not produce very much semen- thus it might appear that he hasn’t come.

We suspect though that the majority of readers searching for the result of a real orgasm were pondering the fairer sex and how you can tell if a woman has come. Or were they? Perhaps the searchers were looking for the after-effects of an orgasm?

So, flushed skin? Moaning? Heavy breathing? Wetter down there? Those are all good signs that a woman is well on her way to orgasm. Whether you’re a man or a woman that’s having sex with a woman, the key to everyone achieving a satisfying orgasm is to pay attention. If your partner squirms away from your touch, chances are you’re paying too much attention to the clit and she’s over-sensitive. Slow it down, try a change of pattern- when you find something that she really likes she’ll let you know. The important thing to remember at this point is don’t stop; once you’ve found a move she likes repetition is key.


But what we really want is to hear from you. How would you answer the question ‘The Result Of A Real Orgasm?’

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