How to Make a Sex Tape

Choosing your camera


It doesn’t matter how hot you are, or that you have moves like Jenna Jameson, your sex tape isn’t going to look any good if you film it on a grainy, old phone camera. Ultimately, the better the camera you use, the more you’re going to enjoy watching it back, so don’t scrimp on expense if this is something you’ve really wanted to do for a while.

It may also be a good idea to invest in a tripod; you can can set it up at the perfect angle, highly preferable to propping it up on a pile of magazines and knocking it over with a stray stiletto heel.

Light it up!


Lighting is as important, if not more important, than using a decent camera. You may have spent thousands on a new lens, but if you’re filming in a room so dark it may as well be a cave, you’re not going to create anything worth watching.

Having said that, if you’ve got your bedroom lit up  like canteen with glaring UV lights the ambiance is probably not going to be very sexy or flattering, so try and find a nice balance.

Don’t forget about audio!


So now you’ve got lights, camera and… action? When considering tech equipment, don’t forget about audio! If you’re not picking up the moans and groans you’ll lose a lot of the effect.

You’re probably not going to want a sound pack strapped to your back, nor Dave from next door holding a yeti mic overhead, but you do want to capture the mood, so you make sure your camera isn’t too far away… or scream a little louder 😉

Setting the scene


Now I don’t mean heading to your local DIY store and constructing a film set in your garage, but you should create a sexy environment in which you both feel comfortable. It is likely that you’re going to film this in your bedroom or living room, so just make sure to move the laundry basket out of shot and hide the kid’s Lego and that could take away some of the allure.

Prepping and preening


You’re going to want to look your best for your big debut. Ladies that may mean hair, makeup and your sexiest lingerie, and gentlemen, are you in need on a back wax of taming that monobrow? I suppose none of that matters however if you’re into hardcore BDSM and will be covered from head to toe in black rubber… but for the purposes of this post, let’s keep it mainstream 😉


Stockings, suspenders and stiletto heels are a killer combination for any night of romance, so definitely a wardrobe addition to consider for your shoot. An open cup bra could look very sexy and give him something to occupy his hands and mouth. Why not accessories with costume jewellery and deep red lipstick for timeless glamour.

In my opinion there is nothing more sexy on a man than a well tailored suit; you may or may not agree, but make sure that whatever underwear you’re wearing is just as enticing.

Getting started


Now it’s time to get a little creative! I suppose you could go classic porno cheesy, maybe slip into some fancy dress; office role play, police witness interrogation, naughty school girl and strict headmaster… or perhaps you’d like to create something which is a better reflection of the genuine passion you have with your partner.

If you want this to look ‘real’, then your eyes, hands and bodies will speak for themselves so there is no need for dialogue… aside from the occasional “don’t stop” and “oh… my… gaaa….”

Putting on a show!

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So you enjoy the missionary position? Well, so do a lot of people, but nobody wants to see the missionary position when they’re watching porn! Just like when undertaking any project, the best way to start is by doing your research. Go and watch a good few hours of porn, check out some of the biggest names in the business and establish what makes them so damn good. Porn isn’t just fucking, it’s a performance; you’re making this for the viewer… even if that viewer is eventually going to be you.

Chose your angles wisely


Everybody’s got a good side, right? Well you know yours best! Maybe you want the up close graphic shots, or maybe you have no real interest in ever knowing what your butt hole looks like through a HD lens, but this is of course your decision… Just be sure to capture the ‘money shot’ 😉

Enjoy it!


That’s what this is really all about; capturing an intimate part of your relationship that you can watch tomorrow as part of foreplay, or watch in 15 years time and reminisce about all the fun you had (and are hopefully still having)!

Or perhaps you’re not in a relationship and are just making this as a bit of fun? Well that’s great. A big part of life is exploring your sexuality and having fun with it, and making a sex tape can be an exciting, creative and erotic way of expressing yourself physically, so all the best of luck to you.

A final word of warning


Hide this movie well; you don’t want it falling into the wrong hands… unless you’re exhibitionists of course, then feel free to upload it onto the internet! I may even watch it myself 😉

Happy filming xx

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