Stretching Fetish

The act of stretching involves gradually widening a person’s anus or vagina with fingers, sex toys or other suitable objects. Stretching is often a precursor to fisting, as one will need to gradually widen the orifice until it can accommodate an entire fist. Extreme stretching may even exceed fisting and progress to using extra large sex toys or even double fisting!

stretch1A person with a fetish for stretching will usually have a preference for stretching one hole over the other. I spoke to a guy who had a particular interest in anal stretching and this is what he had to say;

“Fisting, or stretching, is dirty; it’s taboo, so stretching a woman’s ass is even dirtier or more taboo. Anal fisting is also a lot more extreme; most women have no problem taking 4 fingers in their pussy, where as 4 fingers in the ass would feel a lot more intense.”

He then went on to describe how stretching has Dom(me)/ sub elements, and that fisting can very much be a part of a BDSM relationship; “it has to be more than just domination and submission though, for a couple to do stretching successfully there has to some degree of sadomasochism. The giver has to be a little bit of a sadist and the receiver has to be somewhat of a masochist.”

Stretching can also be an element of medical fetishism as one partner may enjoy inserting a speculum into the pussy or anus of their sub. This medical examination may then involve gradually widening the speculum to stretch out the sub’s vagina or anus.


So just how big can you go with stretching?

Well you can stretch out a person’s ass a lot more than you can stretch out their vagina. Sure a woman can squeeze a baby’s head out of there, but the process of giving birth involves her hips dislocating and usually her vagina and perineum splitting – not something you’d want to happen in the bedroom. The anus of the other hand, with enough time and proper technique can get pretty wide. At Bondara we sell a butt plug with a circumference of 7.5 inches, but we know you can handle bigger.

stretch3A cautionary note though, there is a bigger risk of something going wrong when practicing anal stretching rather than vaginal stretching; if attempted in a reckless manner, or if you’re simply unlucky, the person being stretched may experience an anal prolapsed – not nice!


So how do I go about stretching?

Firstly, if you’re looking to stretch out your partner’s ass hole, it is advisable that he or she douches first to avoid any messy situations.

Now, with enough lubrication, insert one finger, then two. Next if he or she feels comfortable and their pussy or anus is relaxed enough and widening nicely, insert and third finger, then a forth. The next stage is called “the goose” which involves you tucking your thumb into your palm (thus making your hand and arm look kind of like a goose’s head and neck), then inserting your fingers deeper. In order to reach the next stage, fisting, you must be able to get your hand in past the knuckles. If their vagina or anus is stretched enough and you’re able to slide your hand in, you can now slowly begin to curl your fingers down into a fist formation.

stretch2Congratulations, you just fisted the bae. If you would like to make this stretching session even more extreme you can begin to add the fingers from your other hand and gradually work up to double fisting. Another variation of double fisting would be to have one fist in each of her holes. First stretch out one hole, then the other. This will create an exquisite feeling of fullness. Lesbian couples, or women fisting themselves will find this easier to do as women generally have smaller hands.

Another popular stretching method is to use an anal training kit, or sex toys which gradually increase in size and circumference. With this method you simply insert the smallest toy and when that toy feels comfortable and the muscles have relaxed enough to fully accept it, you remove the toy and insert a slightly bigger one. Repeat this process until your partner is able to take the biggest toy in your collection.

At Bondara you can even buy a rubber or metal fist to make stretching all the more fun.

Have a great weekend xx


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