Beginner’s Guide to Electro Sex

Sometimes the most stimulating practices can go un-enjoyed because people just don’t know enough about them to have a go. Electro sex is the perfect example of this. From the outside it may sound scary, but the truth is, this form of stimulation is so unique and intimate that it really deserves some attention. So first things first…



Electro Sex is very simply the application of electrical charges to your erogenous zones for the purposes of stimulation. Sounds painful? Don’t worry, it’s really not. These electrical charges are often very mild and produce a tickling, buzzing sensation that can make your muscles clench in all sorts of pleasurable ways.

It’s also advised that even if you’re completely healthy you do not use electro sex devices on breasts or close to your chest (and heart) unless using a specially designed nipple stimulation attachment.


Female hands on male back

Have you ever used a muscle stimulation device (like a Slendertone for example) to tone your abdominal muscles? Electro Sex pads, dildos, nipple clamps and cock rings work on the same principle; lightly stimulating you with a safe amount of electricity that causes your muscles to clench.

If you’ve not experienced electro stimulation before, once the unit is turned on, the small electrical charges will cause a pleasant tickling or tingling sensation that increases as you turn up the intensity. On the highest settings, the electricity is sufficient to make your muscles involuntarily clench and the tingling/buzzing sensation will often feel like a high powered vibrator.


Electro Sex stimulation can be transmitted via sticky pads that rest on your skin or through conductive metal dildos, butt plugs or love eggs that deliver the stimulation internally. When on the highest setting the dildo can produce a vibrating or pulsating sensation that can be directly as deeply or as shallowly as you desire. If applied to any of your favourite erogenous zones you should notice an intensely pleasurable sensation as increased blood flow to the area enhances the electrical stimulation your nerve endings are getting.


Great for couples, Electro Sex units are a fun and safe way to put an extra spark (sorry, awful pun) in your sex life. When using the pads you can even achieve a light electric current on your skin, so every touch has a heightened response which can create a deeply intimate experience.

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