Guide to Ben Wa Balls and Love Eggs

You may have read about them in 50 Shades of Grey or heard about them in the newspapers or even been told about them by a friend; but what exactly are Ben Wa Balls (also called Love Balls), what do they do and how do you use them?


Our Ben Wa Balls and Love Balls guide will not only tell you what love balls are for but how to use them and how they could help to give you an even better sex life.

Ben Wa Balls are small, hollow balls with a small weighted ball inside them and usually joined together by a retrieval string. Designed to be worn inside the vagina the smaller ball rolls around inside the outer ball gently stimulating you internally with every move you make. Every time the small ball moves, it knocks against your vaginal walls causing the muscles there to contract slightly. Discreet and unobtrusive, Ben Wa or Love Balls can be worn at home, while exercising and even out in public for naughty stimulation that no-one can see!

What are Ben Wa Balls/Love Balls for?


If you’ve read 50 Shades of Grey you could be forgiven for thinking that Ben Wa balls are just a female sex aid. Of course they can do great things for your sex life but their benefits don’t end there. No-one really knows exactly when Ben Wa Balls were created but it is clear that women all over the world have been using love balls for hundreds of years for not only sexual pleasure but for tightening and strengthening their pelvic muscles. Your pubococcygeus muscle (often called your PC or kegel muscle) is found in both sexes and forms the base of your ‘pelvic floor’. In women, this muscle can become overly elastic and worn through childbirth, age or if you are overweight and can reduce the tightness of the vagina. Ben Wa Balls or Love Balls are an effective kegel muscle workout toy as they stimulate the delicate internal muscles making them stronger. The stronger your pelvic floor muscles, the less risk you have of incontinence and the more often you use Ben Wa Balls the tighter and stronger your vaginal muscles will become which can result in stronger and more prolonged orgasms.

How do I exercise with Ben Wa Balls?


Ben Wa Balls are incredibly simple and safe to use. Usually made of metal or body-safe silicone or plastic, most Love Balls come in sets of two that are linked by a retrieval string. Follow our directions for use and some simple exercises to get you started.

  1. To insert the Ben Wa Balls, just push them one at a time into the vagina as you would a tampon. Don’t forget to leave the string outside your body for easy removal. The same as with a tampon, once they’re in properly your kegel muscles will tense and hold them in. You may need to use a bit of lube in order to insert them properly. Don’t forget if you’re using silicone or plastic balls to only use water based lubricant.
  2. Once the love balls are in correctly you should still be able to feel them but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Exactly the opposite in fact! Try walking around the house or up and down the stairs to see how they feel when you move.
  3. Just by wearing the Love Balls you’re giving your kegel muscles a workout. That’s the beauty of them. The longer you wear them for, the stronger your muscles will become as your pelvic floor adjusts minutely to hold the balls in while you move.
  4. Ben Wa or Love Balls can be worn all day if you like but bear in mind that if you do leave the house with them in they may slip out if you sneeze or cough. You’ve been warned!

How can Ben Wa Balls or Love Balls improve my sex life?


If you’ve already tried Ben Wa Balls you’ll have noticed that while you wore them the tiny ‘tapping’ sensation of the smaller balls was incredibly pleasurable. Try some of our Ben Wa Balls sex tips for more ideas on how to use this amazingly versatile toy.

  1. Try sitting in a chair while wearing the Love Balls and rocking back and forth with your legs pressed together. You’d be surprised how much stimulation you can get from this simple move.
  2. Masturbating (with or without a vibrator­) while wearing Love Balls can make your orgasms more intense as your vaginal muscles contract around the balls during the moment of climax.
  3. Love Balls are a great addition to sex with another person too. Just like in 50 Shades of Grey wearing Ben Wa Balls during oral sex and mutual masturbation or bondage and other BDSM play can enhance female arousal and make orgasms even more intense as the vagina clenches around the balls.
  4. Also, the more you use Ben Wa Balls the tighter your vagina will feel; a bonus for both you and your partner!

What kinds of Ben Wa/Love Balls are available?


For beginners to Ben Wa Balls you should always choose the lightest material available to you. Although your vaginal muscles will tighten with use, at first it’s best to start slow and use a silicone or plastic ball like our X-Orgasm Love Balls. Seamless, light and incredibly simple to use these are a great way to get used to the unique sensations of Ben Wa Balls. Alternatively our Purple Delight Love Balls are hollow silicone and feature a distinctive shape where both of the balls are joined together making for one insertable piece that noticeably enhances the sensation of the smaller balls moving around.


Once you’re tried Ben Wa Balls and experienced the unique stimulation there are various materials and weights of love balls available. Try some weighted metal love balls for an intense internal workout or even battery powered vibrating Ben Wa Balls for an extra level  of pleasure.


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