Extraterrestrial Fantasy Fetish

The fetish for aliens is known an exophilia, though this term is rather wide covering robots (technophilia), ghosts (spectrophilia) and other non-human life forms.

So what is involved in extraterrestrial fetishism?


Well hopefully nothing like the Alien movies as that kind of impregnation is the stuff of nightmares!

To someone with an alien fetish there are many elements of the extraterrestrial fantasy which are appealing. The idea of being abducted is exciting and terrifying, being a curiosity to the aliens makes a person feel unique and interesting, and then there is the probing…

I often think that bright, gadgety dildos look quite like alien probes, light sabers or martian cocks, so if you ever do fancy a little outer space roll play it would be quite easy to pull off; just buy a cheap Halloween mask, a few colourful dildos and cover your bedroom in tin foil – sorted!

Star Wars pinup - Luke Skywalker

A sexual fetish for an alien abduction fantasy is somewhat similar to that of a fetish for vampires, monsters and ghosts. In all such fantasies you’re the victim being eaten, hurt, pleasured, desired, raped or probed by a non-human mystical being. The creature hungers for your flesh in any manner of different ways and you’re completely helpless and unable to escape.

So why would someone fantasise about an alien abduction?

Well for some it is the element of fear. Fear can be a notable driving factor for many people sexually, especially within the BDSM community. We experiment with fear by way of inflicting pain, depriving the senses and relinquishing all control. With fear we experience a rush of adrenaline which is exciting and can greatly heighten your sexual experience.


The kinky appeal of an alien fetishism may also lie in the rather taboo nature of having sex with a non-human being. It’s wrong, it’s dirty, it’s potentially dangerous… and that’s what makes it so hot! To desire the eggs of an alien is even more bizarre. The ‘victim’ may enjoy the idea of a strange creature growing inside them and that their body is being used as a human host.



Of course not all ET fetishism will centres around an abduction scenario; some alien lovers may prefer a ‘normal’ sexual relationship with a martian or even a submissive alien! If you have a quick look online you’ll find many examples of hyper sexualised aliens (primarily female), drawn and admired by si-fi geeks and comic book fans. In popular culture we’ve seen many sexy aliens over the years; Mystique from X-Men, LeeLoo from The Fifth Element, Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager (my dad’s favourite) and Princess Neytiri from Avatar.

So if you’re into extraterrestrials and would quite like to be abducted, probed and impregnated then head over to your nearest crop field, look up and hope for the best!

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