10 things you should know about lube

Most of you will have a working knowledge of what lube is, why you use it, how you use and so on. But the world of lubricant is a large one and there are probably lots of things that you don’t know too. This list of facts should help to open your eyes to the wonders of lubricant!


Water-based lube and Silicone-based lube do very different things.


Water-based slowly absorbs into the skin, therefore you are not left with any sticky residue on the skin after use and it is often a thinner consistency. Silicone lube is thicker with a more satiny texture and it cannot be absorbed into the skin or washed away with water alone. Therefore is lasts a lot longer and can be used for a sexy shower escapade!


Flavoured lube goes beyond it’s primary ‘novelty’ status.


It adds something new to your oral sex play and can cover any tastes that you many not enjoy (although if you don’t like the taste, then stop sipping your coffee ifyouknowwhatImean). It’s a fun foreplay item that can be doubled up as body paint and it is one of the most common places people start when they are looking to explore sex toys in the bedroom. Be careful though, too much sugary lube can be bad for your health!


Anal lube and Fisting lube use a different formula than regular personal lubricant.


It is much thicker, concentrated and longer lasting so your anal or fisting play is sure to be comfortable and slippery. If you love to indulge in this kind of sex, then purchasing the right kind of lube can be helpful so you don’t have to keep reapplying.



Would you believe me if I told you lube was good for your health?


I hope so because I am not a liar. Sex that is not lubricated will include friction, friction can cause painful chaffing, burning sensations and with heated skin you are increasing the likelihood of bacteria growing. So staying lubed up and slippery is generally a good idea for your own well being. Friction is the enemy people!


There are lubricants that are made with different skin types in mind.


Often female lubes are slightly more sensitive or gentle on the skin because of the complex biological vagina science women have. There is also lubes such as the Noir silicone lubricant that is made for darker skin types. Darker skin can be prone to drying out quicker; therefore this lube is rich in vitamin E and moisturising properties. So whatever kind of skin you have, there is probably a lube that caters for you.


There is lubricant to help you with your sexual performance.


There is a wide market of delay lubes to help your erection last longer by desensitising it slightly and even lubricants to make you harder and bigger by promoting blood flow in your penis. For women there are stimulating lubes that will increase sensitivity for your g-spots, clits and pretty much anywhere you apply the lube. Making your experience much more enjoyable!
Most lubricants work with condoms.


Although it is always best to check the ingredients for oil (because oil is what damages condoms), most lubricants are oil free and can therefore be used to add even more slip to your sex. If you find rubbers to be too dry or you suffer from dryness anyway and need more lubrication that a condom provides, then you can go ahead and add as much lube as you want without damaging the condom at all. Be careful it doesn’t slip off you though.


If you have super sensitive skin that is easily irritated, then there are loads of gentle and sensitive lubes made with you in mind!


These lubes will be free from glycerine, latex, oil and any other strong ingredients that can sometimes affect the skin. Just because your skin is choosy with what it likes, doesn’t mean that you are cursed to endure dry and uncomfortable sex.


Some lubricants even boast a sensation that they can provide.

Tingle, warming and cooling lubes are the most common in this field. Once applied to the skin they create a slight sensation that will make you more aware of your skin and therefore more sensitive during sex. The warming lube heats up with your body and is designed to provide subtle warmth as you move and cooling lubes do the same but with a cold sensation instead! Pretty neat.


Not only are lubes the slippery king of the sex kingdom, but they also lead a double life as a shaving cream!

If you apply silicone lube to your legs before getting in the shower, the water won’t wash it away and after you shave your legs you will be left with smooth and baby soft skin! Take care not to get lube on your shower floor or bottom of your feet in case you slip over.

So that’s it folks, all you need to know about lube in one handy list!

You. Are. Welcome.

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