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It is by no means only Sir Mix-A-Lot who has a penchant for girls with giant asses; plenty of guys like big butts, and in recent years the oversized derrière has gained popularity in mainstream culture also.


The reason we like full, round buttocks is much the same as why we find big, voluptuous breasts appealing; they create a very feminine shape. Along with ‘child bearing hips’ and hourglass curves, a little junk in the trunk is considered sexy by most, as opposed to a flat, shapeless ass. If you look back a couple of decades however, although big butts may have been sexually appealing, they certainly weren’t fashionable. “Does this dress make my butt look big?” was the dreaded question to which all husbands and boyfriends had to answer an affirmative “no”, for fear of having to spend another thirty minutes waiting for her to try on and take off nine more dresses.


Now, however, it seems girls are obsessed with booty, like a big butt is the new black, or the new skinny. The current “Yeah she squats, bro” culture actively encourages girls to hit the gym and squat with heavy weights in order to increase the size of their glutes. “Fitspo” seems to have replaced “thinspo”, and the bigger the booty on a female fitness model, the more iconic she becomes. I myself have been tirelessly trying to increase the size of my stereotypically ‘white girl ass’ in the gym, though it does seem crazy to be putting so much effort into something which is behind me!


So who’s responsible for this big badonkadonk culture? Kim Kardashian? Nicki Minaj? J Lo? Whoever the culprit, big curves are certainly on trend and I’m sure this make a lot of guys very happy!

bigger buttocks workout

So when does an admiration of curves become a fetish?

A fetish is described as “a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc.” Thus you have a bona fide booty fetish when your interest in booty can be defined as “abnormal”. If you obsessively fantasise about big butts and are sexually stimulated by very little else besides large asses, then you have a fetish for big booty. A person with a fetish for large asses will prioritise booty over most anything else; it doesn’t matter how nice her breasts are, whether her waist is a couple of sizes too big or any other feature which is non-butt related; so long as the girl is packing a bountiful booty, this guy is satisfied.


So how big is ‘big’ when it comes to a big booty fetish?

Just as women can opt for extra large breast implants to create an overflowing cleavage, they can also chose to have buttock implants to exaggerate the size of their buttocks.


If you’re into trash media you may have heard of Coco Marie (Ice T’s wife) who is famous for her large booty implants (as well as the compulsory boob job). But some girls go a little more extreme; Vanity Wonder spent $15,000 on illegal booty injections to increase her buttocks to their current size. However after a near death experience Vanity now warns women of the dangers of booty injections and says that implants are a much safer choice.

Even bigger still is the enhanced booty of Pebbelz Da Model. Pebbelz not only opted for injections herself but also referred other women to get booty injections to increase the size of their butts. Sadly when booty injections proved to be fatal for one woman, Pebblez was sentenced to 7 years in prison!


So if you’re a fan of big butts, what’s the best way you can utilize those cheeks in the bedroom? Doggy Style Of course the doggy style position! A favourite sex position for many, doing it doggy style means you get a great view of the booty and can really enjoy having a little more ‘cushion for the pushing’. Hot dogging The ‘tit wank’ of the booty, hot dogging describes a sexual act in which the sausage is slid between the buns, but there is no anal or vaginal penetration. For a decent ‘butt wank’ your partner will need to be in possession of some pretty voluptuous booty cheeks, and be sure to use plenty of lube!

Well that’s all for this week, have a great weekend!

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