Panty Fetish

It’s no secret that we like to see our partners wearing sexy and revealing underwear, so speaking of an attraction to underwear or lingerie as a fetish seems almost odd. However a person with an underwear fetish is more fascinated with the garment than the person wearing it; for instance, one fetishist may have a penchant for lacy lingerie, where as another may be especially aroused by fishnet. For others it may be a specific item of lingerie which is arousing; a brassiere, a bustier or a thong for instance.

There are certainly subcategories of underwear fetishism, so let’s take a ‘brief’ look at a few;

img – underwear stockingsStockings and hosiery

This is a huge sub category of underwear fetishism, deserving of a blog post in its self. Stockings, tights and hosiery are wildly arousing to many people; women feel sexy in stockings, men love to look at women in stockings… and sometimes it’s the man who likes to wear the tights!

There’s something very sexy about the look and feel of hosiery; its opacity, the way it glides across the flesh and gives the skin a beautiful, glimmering texture. There are huge online forums and communities specifically for hosiery fetishism, where lovers of tights and stockings can exchange photos, stories and fantasies with people who share their fetish.



Panty Fetishism

If you have a panty fetish, some may be quick to call you an outright pervert – but really, who isn’t? If you’re into panties, you may take every opportunity to get a glimpse of a lady’s knickers; a girl in a short skirt ungraciously getting out of a car, a drunk chick in a mini dress dancing on a podium, a peek through the door of the girls locker room after basketball practice…

img – underwear QUILTFor some, it’s not just panties, but used panties. Men like to touch, sniff and even lick underwear that has been worn by a sexy girl, thus selling your soiled grundies online can be a nice little income on the side for girls who don’t nd the thought of strangers wanking to the scent of their pussy. A man by the name of Louis ‘Shovelhead’ Garret from Missouri n the United States was so committed to his panty fetish that he took the time to create a quilt consisting of 58 pairs of used panties, which he covers himself with each night.


Supposedly, in Japan, you can buy the used panties of sexy young girl, individually packed along with a img – underwear JAPAN bphoto of wearer, for you to sort through and purchase at your leisure. Maybe it’s the aphrodisiac effect of the smell, maybe it’s the association of the taste, or perhaps it’s just the thought of where the panties have been, but certainly to some, a pair of used knickers a the perfect complement to any wank.


Of course, there are men out there, gay and straight, who like to wear women’s knickers for a sexual thrill; remember that episode of friends with Julia Roberts in which Chandler is left stranded in the restaurant toilet wearing nothing but a sexy pair of women’s panties?img – underwear CHANDLER


While we’re on the subject I’ve always thought the American word ‘panties’ is adorable, whilst the British word ‘knickers’ is just dreadful – can we adopt a bit of US vocabulary?

The type of panties can also have something to do with the appeal; one gentleman may prefer lacy French knickers, another might find it hot to see a girl in a playful pair of boyshorts, and a third man may prefer the innocence and simplicity of a pair of plain white cotton panties.

Panty preference follows on nicely to our next sub category of lingerie…


Thongs and g-strings

For many, there is nothing sexier than any undergarment which exposes the buttocks; thongs and g-strings show off the wearer’s round, firm cheeks, leaving them exposed to be grabbed, caressed and bitten. Thongs and g-strings can also be very flattering to the figure, accentuating the legs and complementing the curves. However, I feel that we, the general public, are thankful that the phase of girls wearing low rise jeans with visibly protruding thongs is behind us. When was that? Early 2000s? Those neon, diamante g-strings were meant for the bedroom, not the high street!

img – underwear VPL


Corsets and Basques

Again, another subcategory of this fetish deserving of a blog post all its own (I’ll add it to my ‘to do’ list, along with your dad). Corsets are both sexy and timeless; they were with us during the Victorian era, they went down with the Titanic and they inspired designers all over the world! Corsets are frequently worn during burlesque performance, as well as being prominent in, fetish, gothic and alternative fashion. Basques and corsets sculpt and shape the body whilst adding a touch of class.

Once a practical item to be worn but not seen, today corsets are made of silk, satin, rubber, latex, PVC, with bows, frills, buckles and lace trimmings giving them a very costume look; perfect for the bedroom or a big night out.

Corsets are sexy because they accentuate the female form; they make the breasts higher and more prominent, they make the waist smaller and more delicate, whilst ensuing the hips are shapely and curvaceous. Corsets help women to achieve the hourglass ideal, making her body too tempting to resist. With lace up ribbon down the spine and often attachments for stockings, it’s no wonder that corsets are a fetish!

img – underwear DITA b

So fellas if you’d like to buy something naughty for your special someone this weekend, or ladies if you’d like to treat yourself to the sexiest kind of retail therapy and indulge your fetish (for shopping!) check out the fantastic range of lingerie and hosiery we have at !


img – underwear LOL

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