Small Penis Fetish

For last week’s Fetish Friday blog I wrote about Big Cock Fetish and the appreciation of enormous dongs! For this week’s blog, let’s talk about the exact opposite!

Small Cock Fetish.

Huh? There’s such a thing as a small cock fetish!?


Here’s a question submitted by a woman on Reddit;

“Ok this is weird but I have an attraction to small penises especially on fit guys. The problem is no one wants to admit that they have a small penis and there isn’t a small penis social group that is open to admirers and not humiliation. I want to meet and date a small penis guy so any advice is welcomed.”

cartoon banana against ruler

So, what’s appealing about a small cock?

Well for some it’s the aesthetic – some people like the look of a smaller cock. In a gay, male relationship, the dominant partner may enjoy the look of a smaller penis on his submissive partner. Also, some people consider big dicks to be intimidating and therefore enjoy the appearance of a smaller pecker.

Furthermore, there is the a physical appeal of a smaller tool; for some petite women, sex with a very well-endowed man – or even a man of ‘average’ size – can be painful and not enjoyable. Also, when it comes to anal sex, for both women and men, a smaller penis is a lot less painful to take and can therefore be preferable to a large member.

However, a “small penis fetish” doesn’t usually refer to an aesthetic and/or physical preference for a smaller piece, rather, it relates to humiliation, femdom, cuckolding and more…

The website receives over 100 photos of tiny cocks every single day! And these men aren’t looking to have women tell them that their cock is beautiful or that it’s the perfect size for comfortable sex. No. They’re looking to be told that their cock is tiny, hilarious, un-manly and that they could never satisfy a woman in bed.

dominatrix in latex catsuit holding whip

There’s actually a very BIG scene for very SMALL dicks…

Even my best friend, after responding “Eww, that’s disgusting” to a small dick pic on Snapchat, found herself an interesting little side earner. Once a week she has a 10 minute session with her “cyber sub” whereby he sends her a dick pic, she verbally humiliates him for having such a tiny peen and then he deposits money to her Amazon account.

Femdom is hugely popular within the BDSM scene where by dominant (and often sadistic) women hurt and humiliate submissive, masochistic men. Femdom, with a focus on small cock humiliation, will involve verbal abuse and ridicule, and sometimes physical abuse as well. An example of physical humiliation would be locking the small, flaccid penis inside a cock cage so that it cannot get hard, which can be very painful and frustrating when the man becomes aroused.

Another form of Femdom is sissification whereby the man is forced to dress as a sissy girl and made to wear pink dresses and small frilly panties which emphasise his micro-package.

men toilet sign with small penis and big penis

Lastly, cuckolding. Some less well-endowed men find the idea of watching their partner with another more well-endowed man extremely arousing. In a cuckold relationship the woman may only have sex with her small-peen partner on very rare occasions, if at all, and may even limit the amount of times per month that he is permitted to masturbate. Meanwhile she can enjoy sex with “manlier” men as he watches. As a rather extreme form of humiliation, she may insist that her partner go down on her immediately after another man has ‘finished’ inside of her.

That’s all for this week. What are your thoughts? Does size matter or is it all about how you use it?

Have a great weekend!

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