The Art of Restraint

Last week, for Fetish Friday, I talked about those who have a fetish for being punished, lectured and disciplined. The list of suitable punishments included spanking, verbal abuse, sensory deprivation, choking and more.

One punishment featured in that list was restraint – and that’s what we’re going to be looking at in more detail this week!

Bondage has a huge part to play in the BDSM scene – that’s why it’s the first letter!

The practice of bondage can be very powerful, both physically and mentally, as well as being artistically beautiful at times.

What first comes to mind when we think of bondage is the surrendering of and seizing of power. The fate of the restrainee (sub) is completely in the hands of the restrainer (Dom).  Once the sub is restrained, the Dominant partner is free to do whatever they desire (within the boundaries of pre-agreed hard and soft limits).


The Dom(me) may spank, flog or cane their sub, or gently tease them with silk a feather. The Dom(me) could stimulate the senses of their sub with ice, hot wax or even an electric sex toy. In addition to awakening their senses they could also isolate them by applying an eye mask, facial hood or by leaving them alone in solitude.

Bondage can however be far more extravagant than simply tying your partner to the bed; Japanese rope bondage is a type of erotic restraint by which a person is bound with a series of intricate knots to make patterns across the body. A dress can also be fashioned from rope.

For even more of a thrill, a bound submissive can be suspended from the ceiling, known as ‘suspension bondage’ for weightless sexual play.

But traditional bondage isn’t the only way by which you can restrain your partner. Here are a few other fun and thrilling ways in which you can restrict your submissive during BDSM play…


blonde girl kneeling with leather arm restraint


Arm & leg sleeves

Restraint sleeves are great for ensuring that your partner doesn’t ‘fight back’ during a D/s session. Restraining a female partner’s arms behind her back in a sleeve will emphasise the sexiness of her breasts and give her an incredible shape.


For a hardcore BDSM dungeon feel, metal chains can be used as a method of restraining your submissive. Chains may be cold and heavy, adding to the brutality of the domination.


Cuffs, be them cute furry handcuffs, metal police style handcuffs, sexy leather cuffs or a completely different style, cuffs are certainly quick and effective for restraining your partner’s wrists and ankles.


blonde girl on bed with ball gag restraint and mummification



Achievable with bandages, cling-film, duct tape or some other material, mummification is the process of wrapping up a person’s entire body, like an ancient Egyptian mummy, so that they cannot move. For heightened immobilization, arms may be bound to the torso and legs bound together so that limbs cannot move freely.

Strait jacket

Zipping your sub into a strait jacket is a very effective form of restriction. They won’t be able to move their hands or arms at all and the aesthetic has that wonderful ‘insane asylum’ look to it.


Made popular in an era when it was socially acceptable to throw rotten tomatoes at the local drunk in the centre of the town, stocks can also be fun and degrading in the bedroom. When your sub’s head and both of their hands are locked into stocks, there isn’t much they can do to resist your torment.


stretcher bar restraint on woman wearing black heels


Spreader bars

Lastly, and perhaps the sexiest form of restraint on this list, spreader bars! Spreader bars are designed to keep a submissive’s legs WIDE OPEN, allowing the Dominant to use their body as and when they desire. In addition to granting all access to the Dom, spreader bars certainly ensure that your submissive won’t be running away any time soon!


That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend xx

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  1. Me
    October 22, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    Restraint’s are also great to stop a girl from pulling your hands/the toy/your tongue away from her clitoris when the pleasure gets too intense so you can really send her over the edge and make her scream.

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