Pleasurably Painful

If you’re into BDSM then you know all too well that pain can be pleasurable, but aside from chains, whips, floggers and spanking paddles, how else can you discipline your submissive to give them the excruciating ecstasy that they so sorely deserve?


Just as we all have a favourite flavour of ice cream, masochists have their own personal preference when it comes to punishment – as do the Dom(me)s who inflict such castigation. So let’s take a look at some pleasurably painful methods of torture in the hope that you discover a new frightening fetish;

Clothes Pins

classic american clothespins #1

Clothes pins, or pegs, are a cheap, simple and easy way to have a lot of fun. These unsuspicious household essentials can be placed just about anywhere on your partner’s or submissive’s body for a delightful pinch without piercing the skin. Generally more ‘fleshy’ areas like the elbows and ear lobes will induce less pain, where as the erogenous zones and genitals will be a lot more sensitive. You could have a lot of fun by tying up your partner with bondage rope, then seeing just how many clothes pins they can take before begging you to stop.

Nipples Clamps



Much like clothes pins but designed for a specific purpose, nipple claps can be a lot of fun and are very popular in the world of fetish and BDSM. Designed in such a way that the amount of pressure can be adjusted, you can gradually increase the intensity to push your partner to the very limit of their pain – and pleasure – threshold. As the nipples are very sensitive the use of nipple clamps can be rather intense; some people are even able to orgasm from nipple stimulation alone! In addition to nipple clamps, nipple weights can also be used to tease and torture your sub.

Electric Sex Toys


We all know not to put a fork in the toaster or a finger in the plug socket, but sometimes a little electric shock can be fun! Electric sex toys are the safe and exciting way to have some tingly stimulation without ending up in A&E. When you use an electric toy, what you’re feeling is an electric current, at a safe voltage, which will give you a tingling sensation for an experience like nothing you’d get from a vibrating toy. Additionally, when used on the genitals the electric current will cause your muscles to contract for more powerful orgasms. Here at Bondara we have a wide range of electric toys including dildos, anal toys, nipple clamps and cock rings for pleasure more thrilling than anything you’ve experienced before.

Cattle Prod


Looking to turn things up a notch? Well the cattle prod may be just what you need. Similar to an electric toy, a cattle prod will deliver a sting of electricity, but this time with a little more of a kick! If you’ve got an especially disobedient sub who really needs to be punished then the cattle prod if an ideal instrument of torture. Make sure you’re both familiar with the product before hand – use of a cattle prod is considered to be edge play.

Biting and Scratching


Biting (odaxelagnia) and scratching (amychophilia) are perhaps two of the most primal and carnal ways of inflicting pain on another person. If biting and scratching sounds a little too animalistic for your more refined tastes, perhaps consider said behaviour in a sexual context; the biting of an earlobe, scraping your fingernails down his or her back in the heat of sex…


Depending on how much pain you’d like to inflict, scratching and biting could become a part of blood play and inevitably scarification. Much like branding through any other means, you could even scratch your name into the flesh of your sub to show ownership.

Well I hope this week’s blog has given you a few ideas to try with your partner, Dom(me) or sub to make your weekend a little more interesting.

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