Medical Role Play

Medical role play is a huge sub-genre of the fetish world. You may be terrified at the very notion of going under the knife or being surrounded by cold metallic objects, but to some the white walls, adjustable beds and tight nurse’s uniforms are much more arousing than candles, silk sheets and rose petals.

The environment, the equipment, the costume and the role play are all vital elements to acting out a medical fantasy. So much more than; “oh nurse, I think I need a sponge bath”, those with a medical fetish really take it seriously!


The allure

The allure of medial role play is that it is fetish at its most extreme; when you immerse your mind in the scenario and don the appropriate attire, the physical and psychological elements of your play can really be taken to the extreme.

Medical role playing can be painful or pleasurable, embarrassing and humiliating, or light-hearted and cheeky, depending on what direction you want to go with it. If you’re especially hardcore, you may find yourself wearing nothing more than a rubber mask with your legs up in stirrups, ready and willing to be examined.

Another attraction to medical role play is that it can trigger memories, maybe of a strict matron at public school, or a terrifying dentist as a child (fear can be arousing, after all). Or perhaps some distant, subconscious memory of being in a hospital in a time gone by, which now stirs something deep down inside of you.

Often the standard Dom(me)/ sub element of a BDSM relationship remains; the white doctor’s coat, nurse’s uniform or surgeon’s scrubs give him or her an air of authority, and the patient is then theirs to do with as he or she pleases.

The attire

Sure, if you walk into a hospital nowadays the uniforms you see nurses wearing are far from sexy; often nothing more exciting than a pair of scrubs, but this wasn’t always the case. In a time gone by the uniform of a nurse was most certainly a little sexy; there were no trousers covering the legs of these ladies, rather stockings or tights clung to the calves of nurses below their white dresses – an attire which was finished off with a cute white headpiece.

medical 1

Costume for medical fetish role play, such as naughty nurse outfits, are almost always tight and revealing, and whilst such a costume can be ‘cute’ enough to wear to a Halloween party, for those a little more hardcore, costumes are often latex, rubber or PVC, sometimes comprising of a facial mask and even a wartime gas mask!


Men too can wear anything from an authoritative white doctor’s coat to something a lot more hardcore… but never underestimate the effectiveness of a pair of white rubber gloves.medical 2



medical 3Bedroom, sitting room, bathroom… the emptier, whiter and more ‘sterile’ the better, so if you have white tiles in your bathroom you’re onto a winner. However, if you’re really into medical role play, you may even decide to have a room dedicated to your fetish, complete with hospital bed, sink, a moveable cart laden with instruments, and even a place to hang the clipboard. Depending on what turns you on, it may also be an idea to have a toilet in the room!


If you’d like to take your fetish out of the house to a more authentic setting, there are medical fetish clinics around the country where, for a fee, you can enjoy a physical examination and more. Fetish clinics can offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to; colonic irrigation, prostate examination, temperature taking (oral and rectal), bladder washes, genitalia stretching with forceps, penis or pussy pumping, genital shaving, ball stretching, nipple or genital piercing, catheter play, and even dental examinations.

These clinics pride themselves on being professional, clean and discreet whilst providing an erotic service which you would struggle to get on the NHS.

medical 4


The huge variety of ‘toys’ and devices used in medical fetish play which can make the experience much more exciting and provide you with many options for role play scenarios. If you’d like an oral examination you could use the mouth gag to force their mouth open, then try a pair of tongue forceps for a very thorough inspection.

When examining a female patient you may want to try a vaginal speculum to really get a good look inside as she enjoys the feeling of her vagina being stretched. For him or her, an anal speculum works in much the same way and is a fantastic device for any patient who enjoys anal stimulation and anal stretching.

Enema play, which we looked at in a previous Fetish Friday blog post, can also be a huge part of medical role play. The procedure is embarrassing and exposing and provides a lot of physical stimulation without being painful. The anticipation of release, and the release itself can be very pleasurable – not to mention that you’ll have a nice clean colon afterwards!




So if you were turned on by anything you read about in this post why not give it a try? Order some medical toys online, book into a medical fetish clinic or even go to a fetish party where you’re sure to encounter your fair share on rubber clad nurses!

Have a great weekend xx


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