Enema Play and Douching Fetish

Primarily a medical procedure, an enema fills the rectum with water and cleans out the bowels. This is usually performed as a treatment for constipation. However, some spas now offer the treatment to leave you feeling fully cleansed and refreshed – inside and out!

In the sex industry, we like to fulfil every object’s kinky potential. Enemas or douches are most commonly used to clear the way for anal sex. However, the sensation of douching can be a massive turn on in itself.

Also known as ‘klismaphilia’, enema fetishists derive sexual pleasure from the procedure. The sensation of water entering and leaving the body, as well as the fullness, can be hugely erotic. If you’re into anal play, you may very well enjoy receiving an enema.

Enema play is enjoyed by men and women, but the majority are homosexual and heterosexual men. While douching can be a solo event, a klismaphiliac may prefer to have someone else administer it.

Enemas within Erotic Play

Enemas can be a central part of medical role play. With the patient bent over, the doctor or nurse (dressed in full costume, of course!) can then fill their bowel with water.

Sometimes, it is the suspense which is most stimulating. With a full rectum, try clenching to hold the liquid in before release.

A fun BDSM twist can involve the Dom(me) having control over the person receiving the enema. Forbid them from “going to the toilet” until they have been given permission. This practice is somewhat similar to orgasm control.

As the sub is taken to their sexual limits, they are told to wait before tipping over into sweet release.

Experiment with temperature play during your next enema! Swap the standard, lukewarm temperature for ice cold or hot water. Just make sure it’s not boiling!

Performing an Enema

  1. Take your lubricant, jug of water and anal douche into the bathroom. Ideally, you want to do this procedure over the toilet or in the shower (for obvious reasons).
  2. Fill your douche with water and have the lubricant to hand.
  3. Apply some lubricant to your anus and to the nozzle of the douche. Slowly insert the nozzle into your anus. You shouldn’t experience any pain, so stop if you do.
  4. Squeeze the bulb to expel the water into your rectum. Ordinarily, you would then release the water and repeat the procedure. However, for sexual stimulation, try refilling the douche a couple of times until you reach the limit of how much liquid you can comfortably hold at once.
  5. Release your bowels when you feel ready (or are permitted!) to do so.

For fun or functionality, I hope the anal douche becomes a handy addition to your toy drawer!

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