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Enema Play

An enema is most commonly thought of as a medical procedure which involves filling the rectum with water for the purpose of cleaning out the bowels, usually because the patient is constipated; you can also receive an enema in some spas as a form of internal cleansing. In our industry however anal douches are most commonly used to clear the way for clean and mess-free anal sex, but there is in fact a third use; the pleasure of douching in itself.

Yes enema play is a sexual fetish, also known as klismaphilia, this fetish describes those who derive sexual pleasure from receiving an enema, including the feeling of water entering and leaving the body, and the sensation of ‘fullness’.

If you’re into anal play then you may very well enjoy receiving an enema. The experience of undergoing an enema is stimulating from the outset; the sensation of having lubricant applied to your anus, then the feeling of a douche sliding into your body and injecting you with liquid…


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Enema play can be enjoyed by men and women, but most often the fetishists are men, both homosexual and heterosexual.  While an enema is something which can be performed alone, usually a klismaphiliacs will prefer to have someone else administer the enema, so when a willing partner isn’t available, off to the doctors they go with bold claims of constipation.

Yes as a doctor slipping on rubber gloves it may be worth baring in mind that your patient could actually be there for no medical reason, but in fact is finding the entire procedure to be sexually arousing, courtesy of the NHS.

Therefore, enemas can be a central part of medical role play; the doctor or nurse may be dressed in sexy medical wear as the patent is bent over, eagerly awaiting a bowel full of water.


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Sometimes with enema play it is the waiting for release which is sexually stimulating. When the rectum has been filled with water and the receiver is clenching tight to hold the liquid in, it may be an enjoyable experiencing holding the water in.

A fun BDSM twist to this fetish can involve the Dom(me) having control over the person receiving the enema, and forbid them from “going to the toilet” until they have been given permission to do so.

This practice is somewhat similar to orgasm control; the sub is taken to the limits of sexual pleasure, then told to wait, savour it, before tipping over the edge into sweet release.

Having an enema is a great time to experiment with temperature play also, as you can try anything from icy cold to piping hot (not boiling) water. You can also try experimenting with different substances and liquids, such as soapy water, or using milk.

Enema play can of course be a spectator sport; voyeurism if you prefer. Indeed you can find many a dirty movie online showing, in graphic detail, liquids entering and leaving the body – a great watch for anyone who likes a bit of anal porn.

Douching before anal sex

As I said at the beginning of this blog post, douching can also be a practical and a very much appreciated act to perform before anal sex or prior to any kind of anal play.

Indeed, if tonight is the night that you’re finally fisting your boyfriend’s anus, you don’t want to be met with any unpleasantness, nor do you want anything to follow through when you pull out, so douching is definitely a good idea!

If you’ve never performed an enema at home before it may be worth following the steps below for a squeaky clean guide to anal sex preparation.

How to perform an enema;

  1. Take your lubricant, jug of water and anal douche into the bathroom, as you don’t want to be too far from the toilet once you’ve filled your rectum with fluids.
  2. Fill your douche with water and have the lubricant to hand.
  3. Lie on your back either in the bath tub, or on some towels on the floor, with your knees tucked up at your chest.
  4. Now apply some lubricant to your anus and to the nozzle of the douche and slowly insert into your anus. Make you’re the douche slides in comfortably; you shouldn’t experience any pain.
  5. Now fill your rectum with water, perhaps refilling the douche a couple of times until you reach the limit of how much liquid you can comfortably hold.
  6. Make your way to the toilet and release your bowels when you feel ready to do so.

If you’re looking to perform a cleansing enema, you may want to add some chamomile tea or lemon juice to the solution. For a enema to relive constipation, try adding coffee or wheat grass, then holding the solution in your rectum for 5 to 15 minutes to make it more effective.

So whether for fun or functionality I hope the anal douche becomes a handy addition to your toy drawer.

Have a great weekend!

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