Top Ten Uni Sex Toys


Guest writer Jon, freelance writer and 3rd year Uni student reveals his top 10 picks for taking away to Uni.

The uni year is about to start and students everywhere are stocking up on mountains of products to survive the autumn term, whether it’s carloads of baked beans and pasta, or enough pants to avoid the dreaded washing machine for an entire year.

One of the most important areas of uni life is unfortunately missing from most student pre-packing lists – you guessed it – SEX!

You might not want Mum or Dad trying to find you a French tickler while out buying soup, so here are ten items you can get discreetly delivered to home. These are the top ten sex toys every student needs – whether a fresher or on masters course – they are the safe, essential, even a little special and won’t break your budget before the loans come in.


  1. Bondage Tape

Perfect for experimenting with dominance and submission, tape can be used to enhance your sexual experiences with a partner, and is the perfect erotic accessory for every bedroom.

Bondage tape comes in a variety of colours and can is very discreet in black or white. The tape binds to itself and not your skin so can be reused to save you some extra change.

Student life hack: Tape can also be used for binding papers, books and files without damaging them!


  1. Clit Stims

Clitoral stimulators are an essential for everyone’s bag or sock drawer. They are compact and subtle and come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. You can even get them shaped like bullets or a handbag friendly lipstick.

Not only are they great for solo-play but can also be great to have fun with a friend. And best of all you can get them for under a tenner.        

  1. USB Vibes

Batteries are a costly essential for every student, but you can save on your toys by going rechargeable, either through mains or USB.

Not only is this a great way to make the most of your laptop, but also it means that some bigger more costly toys will be cheap in the long run, so don’t worry about spending a decent amount on something that will last your entire degree.



  1. Condoms

You must remember to stay safe at uni, but safe can now be exciting with a banquet of flavours, textures and colours. Some heat up or cool down, some tingle and some glow in the dark.

You can now even get condoms where one partner is soothed by a cool delay lotion to last longer, while stimulating ribs and dots pleasures the other.

Even if you don’t think you need them, just remember you might find a flat mate banging on your door at 3am in desperate need for condoms – you don’t want to let them down.

Find your favourite with this mixed pack of 20 condoms!

  1. Cock ring


Cock rings are a great way to improve bedroom performance and vibrating cock rings are incredibly fun for couples.

Some use a clitoral vibrator that can be removed and replaced and you can even use your own.

The best thing about cock rings is that they are ridiculously cheap – under £5 – reusable and can come with multiple accessories for all kinds of stimulation.



  1. Eye mask


Blindfolds and eye masks are an interesting way to explore various kinks. They can also be used for dominance and submission, fancy dress or even actual sleep!

They vary from the studded leathers and PVC’s to plush padded eyewear. They are very discreet because of their alternative functions and it can be a nice accessory to own just in case the mood ever takes you.

  1. Candles


You might have to check that your halls of residence trusts you with fire, but a candle is a great way to have some erotic fun in the bedroom, whether it is through wax play or a candle which warms massage oil.

Deliciously fragrant, they will not only help you remove the lingering student smell from last years tenant, but will even help ignite some fiery passion.



  1. Furniture


Sex furniture is probably one of the last things to come to mind when you think of student sex. But with creaking beds and uncomfortable chairs, it can be a welcome change.

This seat for example offers room for multiple positions and is particularly good for those struggling on top.

Student Life Hack: A seat can change your student studying habits adding the comforts of a leg rest, second seat, lap or bedside table.




  1. Masturbators


A modern classic of the sex toy industry and essential for anyone with a penis, the masturbator will change those nights in alone or can be used for fun with a friend.

They come in various sizes and colours but are often very discreet with subtle packaging or designs. With only a quick squirt of lube, these can be an exciting way to pull an all-nighter.


         10.  Love Balls


The final toy to make it onto the list is the well-known Love Balls that are essential training for Kegel exercises.

Not only can they be fun to wear indoors you can take your solo sex life outside and enjoy them on a private trip to the library.

The great thing about them is that they never need replacing, you can have erotic adventures while toning muscles your thought you didn’t have – definitely the best kind of exercise.


Now don’t forget to update those uni lists and start collecting the real essentials of student life!


Share our list with anyone that needs some student satisfaction and comment with any great sex toys you think should have made the list.

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