Spitting, Snot and Saliva!

0205aAt any other time, in any other place, spitting is rude, unhygienic and pretty disgusting, but in the bedroom it can be hot.

Jenna Jameson is famously quoted for saying “don’t use lube, use spit”, and if you’re into porn you’ll have seen gallons of spit pass from one naked person to another; spitting on cocks, pussies, assholes, but when does spitting move away from being a cheap and convenient lubrication and become a fetish?

It seems that any bodily fluid can be sexy; piss, cum, faeces… so spit was sure to cause a stir in someone’s loins. It could be said that a spitting fetish is simply an extension of kissing, as when we kiss passionately we exchange saliva, making it a very warm, wet and erotic act. Similarly with oral sex, saliva is a big part of the experience, making it slippery and more enjoyable.

So what exactly does a spit or saliva fetish entail? Well, some men like to watch or record women spitting, even if in a non sexual context, and other men like to collect the spit of women to use as lubricant when masturbating, or even to enjoy as a slobbery beverage!

Indeed the desire for slimy mucus isn’t limited to ‘saliva’, some guys will like anything that comes out of your body when you’ve got a cold or the flu; phlegm, ‘snot’…  in fact, ‘snot’ is a fetish in its self! Just as a person may want to drink your saliva or have you spit in their mouth, a guy with a snot fetish may want to eat your snot, either by asking you to blow your nose into his mouth, or picking your nose and eating it, just like a Gorilla! This primate grooming behaviour may be ‘natural’ but it’s certainly not sexy foreplay for the majority.


Just like with saliva, snot can be used as a lubricant or as a part of foreplay or oral sex. I once read about a girl’s concern over ‘snot cunnilingus’, saying that her boyfriend wanted to eat snot from her pussy and whether this was normal. To that I say, what is normal? Honestly I’ve almost forgotten.

But moving away from the soft stuff, spitting can be a very effective domination and humiliation technique as a part of BDSM. When you’re flogging your sub a little spit can be very degrading and act as a simple reminder that they’re lowly and worthless. Similarly, when you’re fucking a submissive partner, perhaps you have a hand around their throat and they’re chained to the bed in handcuffs, spitting in their face can be a huge shock and really remind them whose boss.

There is even a word for this type of play; ‘spit domination’. If the Dom(me) desires, the sub may have to swallow the Dom(me)’s spit, or receive a ‘facial’, much like with when a guy ejaculates onto a girl’s face. Spitting on the breasts and other body parts may also be a part of the play.

If you think you’d like to add spitting to your bedroom games, you may want to check with your partner that they’re okay with it first (though this of course does remove the element of surprise). Face spitting, much like face slapping, can be pretty brutal – even more so if you take a mouthful to the eye!

Spit, snot and saliva play can be a cheap and easy thrill if your partner is willing, just make sure that neither one of you has a cold or you’ll both be on the Lemsip before long!

Happy Fetish Friday.



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