Zettai Ryōiki- Short Skirts and Thigh-High Socks

You may not have heard of zettai ryōiki, but this trend is one which has surrounded you for years in the form of fashion, animation, cinema, pornography and even day to day life.

Zettai ryōiki is a Japanese phrase which literally means “absolute territory” and is used to describe the portion of a woman’s thigh which is exposed when wearing thigh high socks and a very short skirt.


As simple and insignificant as this fashion statement may seem, zettai ryōiki is a hugely popular fetish, particularly amongst Japanese men, and is supposedly a top ranking fetish amongst men age 30 to 40.

So what is so sexy about this particular style of dress?

I’ve often pondered this question myself; if there were two smoking hot girls, each wearing a mini skirt, but one was wearing thigh-high socks, or stockings, and the other simply had bare legs, it would be the girl in the socks that looked the sexier of the two, despite the fact that she’s showing a lot less flesh.



So why is this?

To some extent it’s an optical illusion, you’re made to believe that you’re seeing more than you actually are; a cheeky glimpse at a very private and erotic part of a women body, when in actuality girls show off their upper thighs and a whole lot more all the time in good weather and hot countries.

There is also something very sexy about the contrast of the girl’s flesh against the socks or stockings, particularly if the stockings are black.



Pulling off this look isn’t as simple as you may think however, with different grades of “sock height” and even specific sock to thigh ratios!

As you can see in the photo, women’s socks can be ankle, crew, three quarter, high, over-knee and thigh-heigh, but only the latter two would be considered zettai ryōiki. Furthermore it has been suggested that there is an ideal sock:flesh:skirt ratio of 4:1:2.5 with a tolerance of 25%. How complicated!


As so often depicted in anime and manga, thigh-high socks are a vital element of a sexy school girl uniform, or even a naughty nurse outfit. This is because the uniform has a look of being smart and professional, with the legs and feet covered, but then there is a flirtatious flash of skin at the top of the socks, making such an outfit a huge turn on.

This look, particularly when achieved with socks, creates somewhat a look of innocence, naivety and youth, as these socks were a common component of actual school uniform for girls, giving this style the added appeal of being taboo.


This look is so popular in Japan that girls can purchase a special glue to hold their socks in place, and there is even a ‘Zettai Ryōiki’ shop in Tokyo which sells a huge variety of thigh-high socks.

As well as thigh-high socks, the zettai ryōiki look can also be achieved with tights or traditional stockings and suspenders. In Britain in recent years many High Street shops including H&M, Top Shop and Primark have sold thousands of pairs of tights designed to look like stockings or thigh-high socks, with a very sheer or flesh coloured panel at the top of the tights to create the illusion of exposed thighs. This has meant that increasingly in nice weather we’re seeing girls walking around town in shorts or miniskirts in what at first glance appears to be bordering on lingerie; a very eye catching and risqué fashion statement.

Similarly the term zettai ryōiki can be applied to thigh high boots, a look you’ve probably seen a lot of in porn and fetish movies, as well as the Hollywood classic ‘Pretty Woman’… and unfortunately the character ‘HIM’ in the cartoon The Powerpuff Girls (I didn’t get it either).


If you think the zettai ryōiki look is sexy, we’ve got everything you need to achieve it at Bondara! Whether you’re looking for thigh-high socks, stockings or sexy fantasy outfits for naughty school girl role play, we’ve got it covered. Check out our gallery below for some of our favourites.

So enjoy showing off your gorgeous legs and have a very naughty Fetish Friday 😉




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