Crutch and Cast Fetish

 The crutch and cast fetish may at first seem and little odd , as there isn’t anything immediately sexual about it, but that’s the beauty of fetishes, right? They’re unique, unusual and only tickle the pickle of a select few…

A person can be described as having a cast or crutch fetish if they enjoy wearing a cast, walking on crutches, or seeing others do so.

So what’s the difference?

Well some fetishists long for the feeling of wearing a cast; “the swelling, the tightness” and often the feeling of pain. Such fetishists will fantasise about wearing casts on their arms or legs and sometimes even break a bone just to fulfil their fantasy of wearing a cast.

To delve a little deeper into this fetish, a liking for casts may have come about in childhood (as do so many of our adult behaviours and quirky traits). Perhaps the person broke a leg in early childhood and suddenly became the centre of attention; time off school, a special helper to get around, people holding open doors, friends signing the cast, chocolates and presents from parents. Now as an adult casts are associated with all those positive memories and emotions… and as is so soften the case, these feelings and associations are then transferred into a sexual fetish.

An anonymous poster at shared his memory of a cast in high school which helps to explain how and why a person my like casts;

In high school I was on crutches for several months after a hip injury. I got a lot of attention from cute girls that I never would have. Since I couldn’t take gym, I spent it in the library. I got to spend several weeks with a very cute girl in a cast with a walking iron attached. She broke her ankle. I got to sign her cast, and we talked about our injuries. I hope she never caught me staring at her perfect toes. Now, whenever I see someone with a cast, especially female, I get aroused.”

Elements of this fetish can be linked to the “damsel in distress” appeal; the girl is temporarily handicapped, she can’t do things for herself. All the things she used to be able to do she now needs your help for, thus you become a knight in shining armour. In this sense a fetish for casts and crutches has it’s ties to abasiophilia, a fetish in which a person is attracted to a person whose mobility is impaired and wears a leg brace, orthopaedic appliance or use a wheel chair.

Another explanation for an interest in casts is its ties with foot fetishism. Often when a person wears a leg cast their toes will be exposed, cheekily poking of the bottom of the cast, subject to the cool air and free for everyone to stare at.

Online you can find hundreds of images and videos of girls wearing fake casts and limping around town on crutches. Often the girls are clothed, and to the average bystander on the street it wouldn’t seem like the photos were being taken for a fetish website, just a sunny day out in the park.

So, as they say in show business “break a leg!” and have a great weekend.

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