Show me your pits! Armpit Fetishism.

armpit1Certainly in the UK armpits aren’t considered sexy by the majority, but there are some people out there who, given the opportunity, would love to sniff and lick your delicious pits.


So what’s sexy about underarms?

Firstly, the odour.  Like with many fetishes, an admiration of armpits is more common in men than women. Indeed some men like nothing more than the smell of your sweaty underarms (and this man would probably quite like a sniff of your knickers too!)

Whether its the pheromones or just the raw stench of the human body, there is something arousing about the unmasked scent of the opposite sex… or same sex, if you’re that way inclined.

Scent can play a huge part in sexual attraction; some men may like to sniff your socks after the gym, others may buy your dirty underwear online, but the armpit fetishists would be more interested in your vest, or just sticking his nose pit-deep into your underarms.

So is this fetish just about smell?

Nope! Some men like a bit, or a lot, of hair there too!

Armpit fetishist tend to admire the ‘au naturel’ look, meaning no shaving, no deodorant and no shame! Erotic photography and artistic nudes have long depicted women lying on satin sheets, armpit hair proudly showing; a tribute to their untamed feminine beauty.

So if your partner is fond of a furry underarm (to match your full public bush) he may stroke and caress said hair, and put his face under your arms to take in every bit of your womanliness.

But his admiration of your underarms may not end at a gentle caress… ever heard of axilism?

Axilism is the practice of fucking someone in the underarms, and often cumming on said armpit and maybe even licking the spunk from the armpit hair afterwards.


To avoid any kind of chafing or discomfort, it is highly recommended that you lube up before thrusting your dick under someone’s arm; though sweat is sometimes lube enough! If the pits aren’t sodden however, any kind of lubricant (water, silicone, oil based) will work just fine here.

In armpit fetish porn a woman may just be lucky enough to have one cock under each arm- a completely different type of Double Penetration.


A ‘pit wank’ is considered by some as nothing more than masturbating with a partner, where as others experience this act as an intimate, shared moment.

So if you’d like to try something new this weekend, why not give underarm sex a try?

Have a great weekend!

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